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Neighbours Episode 2456 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2456
Australian airdate: 21/08/1995
UK airdate: 12/04/1996
UK Gold: 01/04/2002
Writer: Deborah Sheldon
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Colin presents Marlene with flowers and says he's come to court her!
Susan tells Stacey they have to report Blair's disappearance to the police.
Luke proposes to Ren.
Hospital Room
Ren cries in Luke's arms and tells him to be serious. Luke insists he wasn't joking. He didn't mean to say the words, they just came out. They both laugh and say they haven't got enough time together, but Luke says that can change if Ren wants it too. She tells Luke she needs some time to think. How this all hasn't woken Mark up from his coma I just don't know!
Colin and Marlene call round. Colin is speaking Chinese and Marlene translates(!) Helen is in the middle of painting Lou - he is dressed in his mayor's robes. Colin tells them that Marlene is standing for the elections of the Eternal Elders club and Marlene asks Lou to put in a good word for her, being mayor and all! Helen tells Lou to stop frowning - she's trying to paint him!
The Pub
Luke is telling Sam that he's proposed to Ren and he's not sure who was more surprised - Ren or him. Luke says he really did mean it though, he loves Ren. Sam tells him to be sure that it's not just a sympathy thing, but Luke says that there's no point waiting when you've met the love of your life!
Stacey and Susan have made up some posters with Blair's face on it. Stacey is so worried about him - he's been missing for four days now.
Stacey takes the posters out to the car and Karl asks Susan why she's called in sick to school. He reminds her that she has other responsibilities but Susan says finding Blair is very important.
Number 24
Marlene and Annalise talk about the PR business - Annalise has had lots of interest but no customers yet. Annalise is mad with Sam for staying out late with Luke, and also for not telling her what they talked about. Marlene suggests they go to see Mark to improve their karma! Annalise looks thoughtful.
Annalise is visiting Mark(!) She talks to him about her new business a bit. Then she starts to cry a bit and says she wishes he'd wake up.
Ren comes in and joins her. They agree it's strange talking to someone in a coma, but there is a chance that Mark will hear them. Annalise tells Mark that they'll all be there for him when he wakes up.
Annalise persuades Ren to come and get a cup of coffee.
Coffee Shop
Annalise and Ren are sitting at a table. Colin serves them with a cup of coffee and asks them to mind the shop for a while because he has to slip down to the allotment. Ren doesn't mind - Colin has been great to both her and Mark. Annalise says he's been great to Marlene too.
Ren tells Annalise that Luke has proposed! She thinks it's great news but Ren is shell-shocked. She says she does love Luke but doesn't want to rush into anything. Annalise agrees - it's a decision she has to get absolutely right.
ANNALISE: Take it from someone who didn't.
The Pub - outside
Lou is worried about Cheryl's reaction to the advertising campaign - she'll be back soon. Susan thinks he doesn't have a hope of convincing her it's a good thing!
Karl joins Susan at the table and says he's changed his mind about Stacey - he wants them to help her. He's been wondering what would happen to their own kids in such a situation and would like them to have similar help. He'll take over at home while Susan helps Stacey. Susan thanks Karl for his support.
The Pub - inside
Annalise answers a brick-like mobile telephone - it's her first customer for AnnaJo PR company! Annalise thinks it might be the karma after all!
Colin is clearing up some rubbish when he hears someone coughing in a shed. He opens the door and we see it is Blair.
The Pub
Sam is congratulating Annalise on her first job. He says he doesn't believe in karma, but Annalise tells him not to knock things he doesn't understand!
Colin is digging and having a chat with Blair. Blair thinks Colin would go to the police but Colin says he is quite unshockable. Blair tells Colin he's been looking for his dad and explains that his mother is dead. Colin says he must get in touch with his sister - she'll be frantic and Blair is the only family she's got.
Karl is cooking a roast dinner. Even Stacey is tempted! Just then there's a knock at the door and Susan opens it to Blair. Stacey hugs him, hits him, then hugs him again.
Blair explains that he went to the city to look for his father, but he couldn't find him and then he was robbed, so he came back to Erinsborough.
Number 24
Colin calls round with a huge bunch of flowers for Marlene. She sends Sam off to put them in a vase. Marlene invites Colin to dinner with them, much to the horror of Sam and Annalise! Colin kisses Marlene on the cheek and Sam wrinkles his face in disgust.
Luke and Ren are talking quietly at Mark's beside. Ren says that she can't make a decision yet until Mark is better - everything's so up in the air. Just then Luke sees Mark's hand move and then his eyes open.
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