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Neighbours Episode 2441 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2441
Australian airdate: 31/07/1995
UK airdate: 22/03/1996
UK Gold: 11/03/2002
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby teases Billy about Melissa.
Mark spouts religious nonsense on the radio.
Ren writes into a dream analysis show. They tell her to go get her man!
Hannah runs away from Mark. She walks into the road and Mark gets hit by Susan's car.
Ramsay Street
Susan gets out of the car and tells Billy to run and get his father and an ambulance.
Jim, Phil and Helen rush up. Mark says he's OK, but everyone tells him to lie still. They tell Mark he was very brave for saving Hannah, but Mark says he was only risking his body, not his soul(!)
Youth Centre
Annalise tells Sam and Luke that her father is recovering (the fire was caused by too much hairspray in his wig!)
Sam is sneezing and isn't pleased to hear that he has back-to-back jobs for the next two weeks. Sam asks if Luke will help him and he agrees.
Ramsay Street
Karl shines a light in Mark's eyes and asks him who the Prime Minister is. He says that Mark seems to be OK. Mark says the sort of care he's getting doesn't come with prescriptions. Phil thanks him for saving Hannah's life. Mark limps off.
Helen notices that Hannah's arm is bleeding and Karl takes her back to the Kennedys to clean her up. Susan is a bit shocked.
Billy asks Susan to take him to meet Melissa but she's too upset - she tells him he'll have to find alternative transport.
Number 30
Mark comes in and tells Ren that there was a minor accident in the street but doesn't tell her what. Ren is doing tarot cards to forsee the future. Mark tells her angrily that he doesn't want the cards in the house - the cards are evil. He takes the cards and shouts at her for dabbling in the occult. Ren shouts at Mark and says he's making a fool of himself. She throws the card on the floor and one of them lands face up - "The Fool"!
Ren tells Mark he used to be tolerant and fun and loving but now she can't stand to be in the same room as him.
Meeting Place
Melissa is waiting for Billy. She is about to leave when he races up on his bike. They've missed the movie, but Billy invites her out to lunch tomorrow instead.
Karl is patching up Hannah's arm while Phil and Jen look on. Karl asks Phil if Hannah has had a run-in with Mark. Phil admits that she has. Karl thought that Hannah seemed frightened of Mark - he thinks she was trying to avoid Mark when the accident happened.
Number 30
Mark is ceremonially burning Ren's tarot cards. Ren comes in and shouts at him but he says serenely that it's for her own good.
MARK: Knives cut flesh. These cut minds.
Ren calms down and tells Mark that he's going too far - she thinks he's on the edge. Mark just says that she has to give up the black arts and that God has put him there to guide her. Ren starts to look scared and asks Mark if it's possible he's looking in the wrong direction. Mark says God has put him there to restore her soul, but Ren would rather he restore her brother's sanity.
Ren's dream
Ren is tied to a chair while Mark drops some CDs in a cauldron.
MARK: Jesus never listened to CDs.
Then Mark starts dropping crystals in the cauldron, followed by Ren's makeup.
Just then, a white knight shows up.
(I can't take much more)
The white knight turns out to be Luke in chainmail and a helmet. Mark is in a black shroud. Luke spears Mark with his sword (hooray!!) and the shroud drops to the ground, empty.
Ren wakes up.
Number 24
Sam is on the sofa with some tissues with Annalise looking after him. She comforts him as best she can and strokes his hair. She is a bit put off when he blows his nose loudly though.
Youth Centre
Hannah has brought Phil and Jen to the Youth Centre instead of the Coffee Shop. Hannah said she panicked trying to get away from Mark - that's why she ran in front of the car. Phil thinks Mark is having a crisis. He says he'll give talking to Mark another go.
Number 30
Annalise asks Ren how he is - she seems a bit on edge. She admits that she had a run-in with Mark. She tells Annalise all about her strange dreams - no matter what the dream is about, Luke always shows up. Ren says the dream analyst thinks she's in love with Luke. She thinks the analyst might be right. Annalise says maybe the analyst is telling Ren what she wants to hear. Ren isn't sure.
Garden of the Kennedys
Karl and Susan are gardening (ooh look, there's Cassie in the background!) Billy asks them for an advance on his pocket money - to take Melissa out to lunch. Susan says they'll just give him a gift. Karl suggests making it a family lunch. Billy looks horrified. So does Susan!
Coffee Shop
Phil comes in and tells Mark that all the kids are avoiding him. Mark says he doesn't care - he's not there to win a popularity contest. Phil asks what Mark is there for - to upset people, hurt them, put them at risk? Mark says that there's no risk in his message.
Phil tells him that Hannah ran into the road to get away from him but Mark says she was running away from God!
PHIL: You leave my daughter alone. She's had enough. I know you mean well, but she's had enough. So have I - we all have.
MARK: Why are you persecuting me Philip?
Phil says he's trying to help Mark before he alienates every person who's ever cared for him.
MARK: God cares for me. God helps me. Why would I need anyone else?
PHIL: You're going to be a very lonely man, Mark. You're also going to put yourself out of business.
MARK: Only in this lifetime, Philip. Not in the next.
He shows Phil a pizza box in which he has glued a message "Blessed at the pure in heart". Phil says it's what every pizza eater's been waiting for!
A restaurant
Susan, Karl, Billy and Melissa are having a very awkward lunch. Susan warns Karl against tasting the food in the buffet. Billy apologises to Melissa for his parent's presence. She doesn't look pleased.
Number 24
Mark has brought Sam a pizza. Annalise tries to get rid of Mark quickly, but Mark invites them to lunch tomorrow. Annalise tries to get out of it, but in his sick state Sam says that they'll be there! Annalise jokes that Sam's appetite is the only thing still functioning but Mark looks at her sternly and says her remark was unnecessary.
When Mark has gone, Annalise asks Sam why he said yes. Sam says it was a free feed offer, but Annalise hopes that the only thing they'll get for free(!) Sam says that Mark won't mention religion over lunch and says he'll put $10 on it. Annalise asks him if she can make it $20! She points at the "Blessed are the pure in heart" label in the pizza box!
A restaurant
Susan is cross with Karl for over-eating but Karl says that's the point of all-you-can-eat. Karl asks Melissa why she isn't speaking and Susan and Billy tell him off. Melissa starts to cry and tells Billy that she's going home.
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