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Neighbours Episode 2423 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2423
Australian airdate: 05/07/95
UK airdate: 27/02/96
UK Gold: 13/02/02
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Philip East
Guests: Joel Supple: Bruce Hughes
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Graham
Marlene accuses Sam of trying to send her mad. She tells him to move out of the house.
A guy called Joel arrives to see Rosemary.
Lucy tells Mark she's leaving for New York - to take a job with Rosemary.
The table collapses during Danni and Mal's dinner for the Kennedys.
Lucy tells Mark that he shut her out once too often, and now it's too late. Mark says he's made his choice now.
LUCY: You chose to marry Annalise, and then you chose to be a priest, and now you're making another choice. I just don't know if I can convince myself that you won't wake up tomorrow or next week and change tack completely all over again. I can't bear that kind of hurt, Mark, not again.
MARK: I love you, Lucy.
LUCY: I love you, too, but...
MARK: Then stay with me.
He tries to kiss her but she recoils.
LUCY: No, I'm going. I have to.
MARK: New York's so far away!
LUCY: It's only as far as the nearest airport. Why don't you come with me?
MARK: What? You mean...you mean we can be together, but only if I...?
LUCY: I'm saying, 'Why not?'
MARK: Why not?
LUCY: Yes, if that's what you really want.
Mark is silent.
LUCY: See. You just don't know.
She walks away.
Lucy comes in and tells Helen and Rosemary that she's said all her goodbyes. She tells Helen that she feels sad to leave, but is looking forward to New York.
Billy tells Susan that he's ged up of Olivia while Karl is standing on the doorstep trying to see what Danni and Mal are doing. Susan drags him in.
KARL: Do they look hungry to you?
BILLY: Sure, I mean, they're kissing a lot.
Karl is worried about Malcolm passing year 12 but allows that there's not much they can do about it.
No.26, the following morning
Lucy has packed and is saying goodbye to Helen.
HELEN: I'm so glad you came home when you did.
LUCY: Me too. Otherwise I would have been a real mess.
HELEN: Let's not think about it.
LUCY: You saved my life.
HELEN: Oh, I don't think so, darling, it was you, you made up your mind to help yourself.
LUCY: Yeah, with a lot of help from my friends.
A taxi toots outside.
HELEN: I shan't come down. It'd be better if you have a moment alone with him.
LUCY: Bye Gran. Thank you for everything.
HELEN: Look after yourself, we'll keep in touch.
LUCY: I promise.
HELEN: Love you.
LUCY: Love you too.
Ramsay Street
Mark helps Lucy with her suitcases and gives her a teddy bear as a present. Mark says he'll follow her "soon".
LUCY: Mark, you're the most indecisive man I've ever met, but I love you.
MARK: I love you too.
They kiss.
LUCY: I'm sorry for what could have been.
She gets into the taxi.
MARK: Maybe it still will be.
LUCY: I won't hold my breath.
The taxi drives off.
Marlene is watching Lucy's departure through the window. She is frosty towards Annalise at first, but tells her she doesn't really want them to move out. Annalise assures Marlene that they're not playing tricks on her - they love her and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. They don't think she's going mad either, Sam just thinks Marlene is working too hard. Marlene starts to cry and says she doesn't know how they're going to work it out - she knows that the cat exists and moving the garden gnome too. But she can't convince Sam.
The Pub
Joel comes in to talk to Rosemary. He tells her he need to know where he stands with her. Rosemary says he's invaluable as an assistant and a friend, but Joel says he feels hidden away like a dirty secret. Rosemary says he's finding it hard to "bring up the subject" with Helen. Joel smiles and takes her hand, but just then Rosemary's mobile phone rings and she answers it.
Doctor's Surgery
Cody is doing some filing while Stonie hangs around feeling bored. He starts messing about with a banana. Karl comes out and isn't amused at his antics.
Golf Course
Brett and Billy are playing golf but Brett has lost his golf ball. Billy finds a different ball and picks it up. He wonders if it would be worth anything.
The Pub
Mal and Danni are kissing at the bar. Stonie comes over to order a lemon squash and says he's ready for the party tonight. Annalise comes in and Stonie asks him if she's coming along - it's only $5. Annalise wants to know where the money is going and Danni and Mal are forced to admit they'll be spending it on bills.
ANNALISE: Well I'd say this has proven Karl's little experiment right.
DANNI: What's that supposed to mean?
ANNALISE: Um...nothing.
MAL: Annalise, come on. What experiment?
ANNALISE: Well, he actually let you move out to make a point. That while you may be acting like adults in the bedroom, you can't really cut it in the adult world. I'd say he's proven right!
Danni and Mal are speechless.
Verandah of No.22
Cheryl is brooding about failing at the arcade business. Brett comforts her and tells her things go wrong for a lot of people. Brett thinks Cheryl should just cut her losses, take Rosemary's offer and get a smile back on her face.
Mal and Danni come to see Karl. They're very angry with him and tell him they know Karl wanted them to stuff up. Karl says he did say that in the heat of the moment, but anyway, they *are* finding it hard. He suggests they both come and live at No.28 instead. Mal doesn't want to do that - he says it's a matter of principle now. They'll manage with or without Karl's approval.
SUSAN:(to Karl) Congratulations.
Cheryl comes to see Rosemary to ask her for a fair price for the arcade. But Rosemary is adamant, so Cheryl agrees to sell at the lower price. Helen comes in and invites Cheryl and Lou to dinner tomorrow night, and Joel too. Rosemary tells Helen that Joel will be busy tomorrow night. He looks very put-out.
Susan and Billy are watching television while Karl spies on No.32 through the window. Susan tells him off, but Karl reckons he was just "taking in the night air"(!) He does tell Susan that he's surprised that Danni and Mal have lasted so long in No.32 and then decides to take "a stroll". Susan follows him at a distance.
Ramsay Street
Susan sees Karl creeping up to No.24 and stealing Marlene's garden gnome!
SUSAN: Karl Kennedy!
Karl jumps a mile, dropping the gnome on his foot.
SUSAN: What the hell do you think you're doing.
KARL: Hello, darling. Owww!
Mal and Dani's party is in full swing and people are dancing and having fun. Stonie suggest hooking up some extra speakers.
MAL: Lucky we have no furniture to wreck!
Susan is telling Karl off about the gnome which has been driving Marlene around the twist.
KARL: I looked in the mirror and I realised how boring I've become.
SUSAN: Boring?
KARL: Yes! Don't you remmeber Uni days? Remember the Mystic Gnomers club? We used to kidnap gnomes, hold them for ransom, it was a hoot!
SUSAN: I don't believe I'm hearing this!
Susan rants at Karl that Marlene is very distressed - she thinks she's getting Alzheimer's and Sam is talking about psychiatrists!
KARL: I just wanted to have a bit of fun. Heaven knows life isn't full of it at the moment.
SUSAN: No, Karl, it's not. And let me tell you something - you're not the only one who'd like to go back. Who wouldn't? Life was one big party. And all that freedom! You think I wouldn't like to be young and free again? You have no idea how much! But it's not going to happen, Karl. It's gone and finished and middle-age is creeping up and you had better get used to it! So I think it's about time you went on your knees to Marlene with a suitable apology, don't you?
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Lucy Robinson, Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2423
Lucy Robinson, Mark Gottlieb

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 2423
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2423
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2423
Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Mark Gottlieb, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 2423
Mark Gottlieb, Lucy Robinson

Mark Gottlieb, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 2423
Mark Gottlieb, Lucy Robinson

Marlene Kratz, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2423
Marlene Kratz, Annalise Hartman

Joel Supple, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2423
Joel Supple, Rosemary Daniels

Stonie Rebecchi, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2423
Stonie Rebecchi, Cody Willis

Billy Kennedy, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2423
Billy Kennedy, Brett Stark

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2423
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark, Stonie Rebecchi

Annalise Hartman, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2423
Annalise Hartman, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2423
Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2423
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark

Rosemary Daniels, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2423
Rosemary Daniels, Cheryl Stark

Rosemary Daniels, Joel Supple, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2423
Rosemary Daniels, Joel Supple, Helen Daniels

Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2423
Billy Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2423
Karl Kennedy

Danni Stark, Leanne
Danni Stark, Leanne 'Packo' Packington, Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2423
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2423
Karl Kennedy

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