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Neighbours Episode 2410 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2410
Australian airdate: 16/06/95
UK airdate: 08/02/96
UK Gold: 25/01/02
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Jen giving back the gift to Phil thinking that he's bought her a ring - but they're earrings
Annalise's dad telling her he's going away with Jo for a few days - she should think about what kind of dad she wants
Number 24
Marlene is concerned at her gnome turning up in the strangest places, but Annalise thinks it's just someone's lame attempt at humour. She's distressed as to why they're picking on her but Annalise says this is just what they want so Marlene should ignore them.
Marlene asks if Annalise has heard from her dad - she hasn't. She's been trying to write a poem about her dad to get her negative feelings on paper, but she's just feeling lost. Marlene suggests calling him instead, she can make the first move to patch things up.
Number 26
Jen loves her earrings, but Phil's twigged her initial reaction meant that she was expecting something else. She tries to cover by saying she thought it was too expensive, but eventually admits she thought it was an engagement ring. Phil reassures her that the house-buying is for an investment, advises that she should never listen to Marlene, and they would talk about it first.
Coffee Shop
Susan's all for following Cheryl's lead; if they give Mal and Danni their blessing to stay over then they know where they are. Karl's not impressed and thinks Danni is a bad influence on Mal. Susan points out that Mal is in love with Danni - which Karl wishes he wasn't - and tries to stop him from going to talk to Cheryl.
Jo and her dad, Tony, are talking about Annalise. Jo introduces Susan to her father and mentions that Susan did some AmDram work. Luke invites them to the opening of "Doobee's Pizza" and Susan asks if she can tag along as Karl is grounded. Jo's intrigued that Susan's punishing her husband, Tony can't wait to hear about it.
Cheryl tells Karl she's planning on monitoring things, and corrects his assumption that if they don't allow them this freedom it'll stop - in fact they'll move out of home, give up school, and ruin their lives. She wants more for Danni but Karl thinks she's being irresponsible and because of that he's having to match her.
Number 24 - poolside
Tony meets with Annalise, she called him and asked to meet. She admits she was avoiding him because she felt ashamed; not of him, but of how she treated him. He forgives her and understands why she said the things she did. She asks if they can go out that night, and he invites her to the pizza opening. She suggests he should cancel and when he says he promised Jo and Susan they'd go she stomps off.
Number 22
Cheryl needs a break from "gloom and doom" finances, but Lou knows they need to talk about the arcade. He knows they need to give up otherwise it'll ruin them. She agrees - which shocks Lou somewhat! - and asks him to put it on the market. Cheryl initially wants to sell for 10% above what she paid, but she'll drop to 5% if need be. Lou points out they won't break even, let alone make a profit, to which Cheryl says she's not selling.
Susan's all glammed up for her night on the tiles, and Karl's not happy with his wife going out with a superstar! He quips about inviting married women out and she teases him about being immature. When Tony arrives Susan takes great delight in winding him up; complimenting Tony on his appearance before seemingly forgetting Karl's name. Tony's only too happy to play along!
Doobee's Pizza
Tony is charming Lou, Cheryl, Susan and Jo with some story, while Luke has to deal with a rowdy customer. He gives Jen a pizza with a candle in it and when she makes a wish, Phil quips about it being about them getting hitched.
Tony frets to Jo that he's letting Annalise down but Jo says he's done his bit and Annalise will come around. Tony will believe it if Annalise turns up.
Number 24
Annalise rants to Marlene about Tony not cancelling his plans for her - she deserves some special attention, doesn't she? NO! Gah. Marlene says she needs to learn to forgive him his mistakes.
Doobee's Pizza
Tony and Susan are tearing up the dance floor before Tony spins her into Lou's lap. Susan, still sitting on Lou's lap, talks to Cheryl about Karl and his attitude to the kids. Cheryl asks where Susan got her alcohol from - Chez Chez bottle shop is doing a roaring trade because of this pizza place. Lou is realistic that it's not going to save them.
Lucy tries to cheer Ren up but she's not having it.
Annalise and Marlene come in, and Tony goes over and thanks her for coming.
Luke thanks Jen, Phil and Jo for helping to clear up so sends them on their way. Jen gives him a bag that was left - Ren's - and Luke says he'll bring it home with him. Luke tries to evict the rowdy customer from earlier. Before he goes he threatens Luke and wants the rest of his drink - despite the fact he drank it all and then some.
Susan thanks Tony for taking her out, and quips about being dumped for his daughter. Annalise responds by saying that next time Tony is all hers, but Susan's not sure Karl will be up for that. He protests that he's not jealous! Tony and Annalise go to leave, and Susan thanks Tony again; she doesn't know how his wife keeps up with him as she's exhausted.
KARL: Be all that dancing and jumping into people's laps.
SUSAN: How do you know about that?
After Tony and Annalise have gone, Susan orders him onto the couch. Sprung.
Doobee's Pizza
The rowdy guy is tearing up the place, looking for his drink. Ren comes back looking for her case and intervenes. She recognises the guy as the son of one of her clients. He's suddenly all meek and scared that Ren is going to tell on him to his mum and leaves after admitting he may have drunk it all. Luke grabs Ren and spins her 'round.
Number 24
Tony wonders when or if Annalise is going to start calling him "dad" but she's holding back until she's sure if the father/daughter thing is going to work.
ANNALISE: So I'll let you know. Dad.
Doobee's Pizza
Luke and Ren talk about why she's so desperate to change. She admits that being with Kingston brought out a part of her that she doesn't like and even though he's gone that part is still there. Luke says that she's still a good person and lists a number of good attributes about her... which leads to a kiss.
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