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Neighbours Episode 2372 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2372
Australian airdate: 25/04/1995
UK airdate: 18/12/1995
UK Gold: 04/12/2001
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brett wants to go overseas and Cheryl is not pleased about it.
Jen stays over at the Martins.
Sam wants to know why Annalise won't stay in Erinsborough with him.
Stonie organises a band to serenade Cody at a winery. Stonie himself is on the drums!
The band strikes up a song called "Yesterday" and Cody sits down on the grass, impressed.
Hannah is practising her ballet and telling Phil that Therese is going away to boarding school. Jen arrives and they both greet her happily.
Marlene is amazed to find the new bedding and Annalise explains that it's a present from Sam. She feels bad for hurting him but she wants to keep on travelling. Marlene is stunned to hear that she invited Sam but seems quite glad that he said no!
Sam comes out at that moment, so Marlene goes out to prune a tree that doesn't exist(!)
Sam and Annalise apologise to each other. Annalise says they can try the sheets and blankets on the bed anyway, just to see what they look like!
The band take a break and Cody hugs Stonie - she's amazed at his drumming prowess. He confesses he's been playing with the band for about 10 months but to keep it quiet because it doesn't suit his image(!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is wearing what looks like cling film on her head(!) and painting her nails. She is going on about modern-day pirates, bad weather, getting lost at sea etc. Lou laughs and tells Cheryl that most people come home from the high seas in one piece! He says that Cheryl doesn't have the right to stop Brett going, and anyway, he's not leaving for months. Cheryl says he won't go at all if she has anything to do with it.
The band are playing again and dedicate a song to Cody.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is highlighting things in a paper when Brett comes in. She pooh-poohs the mushrooms he has picked. She starts going on about incidents at sea that she's cut out of papers. She rants and raves until Brett says that more people die in household accidents that die at sea! Cheryl shouts that Brett isn't goign. Brett says once he's 18 and has the money she won't be able to stop him.
Marlene comes in from pruning the non-existent tree and is pleased to see that Sam and Annalise have made up. They head off to the pub.
Just then Brett comes in with some mushrooms for them, despite their protests that Cheryl loves mushrooms!
Marlene invites Brett to stay for tea with her. She tells him gently that he can tell her all about it.
Phil, Jen and Hannah are washing up. Hannah is pleased to have Jen around. Jen invites Hannah to go shopping with her tomorrow for bras. Phil and Hannah look a bit uncertain given Jen's past form, but they agree.
Brett has told Marlene the whole story. Marlene says that Cheryl doesn't like things she can't control. Brett is upset o be fighting with Cheryl, but Marlene thinks Cheryl will come round. She suggests Brett takes the rest of the mushrooms home.
Outside No.24
Stonie is dropping Cody off at the door and they agree to have another date. Cody kisses Stonie on the cheek and tells him he was great today. Stonie is chuffed to bits!
The Pub
Sam and Annalise are trying to arrange a date, but Sam has to work. He suggests that Annalise assists him!
Stonie comes up all smiles and tells them he's had the best date with Cody, and thinks he might have a chance now. He thanks Sam for encouraging him in being "plain old Stonie".
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is sitting in the kitchen, depressed. Lou tells him that Cheryl is over-protective but things will turn out OK. Lou asks Brett not to tell Cheryl about Lou giving him money for his birthday!
Martins, the following morning
Hannah wants to know why Jen didn't stay over again last night. Phil says he doesn't want to push Jen. He tells Hannah to behave on the shopping trip today.
Outside Lassiters
Analise is talking about the places she wants to go on her trip. He isn't very excited but says he does want her to be happy. Cheryl comes up and asks Sam if he's heard about Lassiters' being sold - she thinks the rumour must be true, especially with Sam being employed to landscape the place.
Bra Shop
Jen doesn't want to go into the shop because the assistant looks like her old headmistress(!) but Hannah drags her in.
Hannah tries on several bras to musical accompaniment and Jen tries on some slips as well(!) The assistant turns out to be very nice!
The Pub
Marlene is telling Cheryl that she might give Brett some money for his birthday. Cheryl says she'd rather she didn't. Marlene tells Cheryl to be careful - if she tries to hold him back she might lose him forever. Marlene still doesn't know what to get Brett for his birthday.
MARLENE: Silver-plated leg irons?!
Coffee Shop
Sam and Annalise bump into Cody in the Coffee Shop and ask her about her date with Stonie. She tells them there's no romance involved they were just having a good time.
The Pub
Marlene has suggested a surprise birthday party for Brett.
Brett comes up and asks Cheryl to give him a job, but she won't. Brett says if she doesn't he'll get one somewhere else. He lets slip about the money from Lou and Cheryl isn't at all pleased.
CHERYL: I think we need to have a talk, don't you, Louis?
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