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Neighbours Episode 2353 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2353
Australian airdate: 29/03/95
UK airdate: 21/11/95
UK Gold: 07/11/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Richard Jasek
Guests: Kingston White: Simon Wilton
Sassy: Defah Dattner
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Robert Dong: Nelson Leongue
Toadfish: Ryan Moloney
Fabian Conte: Michael A. King
Teacher: Michael Zdrinis
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cody tells Stonie she's not interested in him because she's with Rick. He does not seem to take it in.
- Ren tells Danni that she can't sign her until she's signed with Kingston. She tells Danni to keep designing in the meantime.
- Danni doesn't want to go to the school sports day.
- Phil tells Helen, Hannah and Cody that he's going on a date with his badminton coach (who has a bit of a "reputation")
Mal is doing some stretches ready for the Sports Day. Billy rolls his eyes. Libby tells Mal that his cartoons are very good and asks if he could do a comic strip for the school magazine.
Danni is doing some designs while Brett sits with Lolly on his knee. Brett says that she should sign them so she keeps the rights to them. They talk over a few names, but Danni doesn't like the sound of Brett's suggestions eg Koala Wear(!)
Ren and Kingston come in, excited about the event they've been to this evening. Mark and Luke aren't too impressed as it was Ren's turn to cook dinner! Apparently Kingston has got a lot of contacts, and seems to be all over Ren as well.
Cody and Jen are studying. Phil is dressed up to go on his date and Jen looks rather sad. Hannah tells Phil about the men Cecily has been out with!
Kingston is just leaving. At the door, Ren asks Kingston how they will manufacture everything if a lot of orders come in. He tells her to let him worry about that, then kisses her goodnight. He offers to stay, but Ren says she's very tired. Mark and Luke grimace in the background.
When he's gone, Mark and Luke have a conversation in funny voices calling everything "fantastic", imitating Kingston and Ren(!)
No.26, the following morning
Phil tells Cody and Hannah that his date went well and he didn't get in until 3am! Hannah is a bit put out.
School - Sports Day
People are running, jumping and throwing javelins. Brett and Libby are stretching. Danni is moaning to Mal about having to be there, but he is really looking forward to it.
Hannah arrives and Robert tells her that they're going to be partners in cross country. Toadie and Billy see Stonie who is wearing jeans(!).
TOADIE: Do you know what you have to do on days like these?
TOADIE: Make your own fun!
Mark asks Luke is they can have a couple of country kids to stay during the holidays - apparently it's a programme where kids from difficult families get away for a couple of weeks. Luke inexplicably says that it sounds good.
Ren is dressed up smartly for Mark. Mark asks her about the country kids and she isn't very keen. She tells him the kids will have to find somewhere else. Mark is not pleased.
School - Sports Day
The hurdles race is in full swing and Mal wins. Stonie is messing about pretending to do the high jump. Libby is taking part in the shotputt. Billy and Toadie are mooching round until Stonie throws Toadie something.
TOADIE: What an excellent man!
Lassiter's Complex
Kingston and Ren's meetings have gone very well this morning, and now he's lined up a meeting with Fabian Conte, the fashion writer, for this afternoon. Ren is extremely excited and says she'll go and get all the drawings together. Kingston says Fabian will drop in on her at home about 4pm. She rushes off to tidy the house.
Mark is ranting to Luke about how much Ren has changed. Luke thinks she's changed too.
Ren rushes in and tells them off for messing up the house. She tells them about the meeting and suggests that Mark and Luke go out(!) They are not pleased.
Cross Country Race
Hannah and Robert are running through the woods. Toadie and Billy are waiting in the bushes having taken a short cut and are waiting to re- join the race. Toadie gives Billy a cigarette which he looks at suspiciously. Toadie lights up a cigarette and says he's having a great day.
Coffee Shop
Jen tells Cody that she's not coming round this afternoon. Cody guesses that she just doesn't want to see Phil. Jen eventually relents as they have a lot of study to do.
Stonie comes in and sits dodwn with them. She introduces him to Jen and says she meant what she said yesterday.
Mark and Luke come in and tell them that Ren is having a meeting with some fashion guru and Ren has kicked them out. Stonie says that he'll tell Danni - she'll be pleased about a top fashion guy looking at her designs.
Cross Country Race
Toadie gives Billy a mint to disguise the smell of the cigarettes. (Do I feel a forest fire coming on here?!)
School - Finish Line
Billy and Toadie finish the race very out of breath. Stonie comes up and tells Danni about Fabian Conte. She rushes off.
Hannah has arrived home, having got 2nd in long jump today. Jen arrives. Phil asks Cody how long he should wait before ringing Cecily.
HANNAH: If you're going to go out with someone, why don't you pick someone decent? Like Jen!
Phil laughs, but then sees the look on Jen's face and realises she has feelings for him.
Fabian Conte is wearing a fez and raving to Ren and Kingston about the designs.
FABIAN: And these are all your work?
REN:(awkwardly) Yes, they're all my work.
But Danni and Mal have come in and overheard this last bit.
DANNI: Your what?!
Ren gets up and hustles Danni and Mal out of the house, saying she'll see them at the Coffee Shop later. Danni looks furious.
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