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Neighbours Episode 2343 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2343
Australian airdate: 15/03/95
UK airdate: 07/11/95
UK Gold: 24/10/01
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby tells Hannah not to give up.
Susan doesn't want to have another baby.
Reuben and Helen meet in the bric-a-brac shop. Reuben is very taken with her.
Phil offers Karl relationship advice and get a mouthful of abuse in return.
Phil comes in, very upset. He tells Helen what happened with Karl. Helen says that maybe he caught Karl at the wrong time. She warns Phil to stay out of his business though.
PHIL: If I'm not careful, I could turn out like Colin Taylor!
He bemoans his lack of interests.
Karl is ranting to Susan about Phil. Susan says that Phil was trying to help, and actually, the article is very good (she is reading it).
Karl tells Susan he's planned a surprise day out for her. When Susan has gone to change, Karl picks up the article(!)
Ramsay Street
Luke has arrived with some more stuff, and Lou and Cheryl go over to introduce themselves. Lou give Luke a leaflet about "Parkwatch". Luke is pleased and says he'll help them out.
By A River
Karl, Susan and all three kids are having a picnic by a river. Karl has ordered a really nice picnic for them. He's still a bit grouchy though. He's annoyed that there's nothing non-alcoholic in the picnic.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Marlene has got Reuben's phone number for Helen - she taunts Helen with it, saying she'll have to tell Marlene all the details. Helen is worried about making a fool of herself, but Marlene points out that Reuben was the one who left his number.
By A River
Everyone is having their picnic, but Karl says they have to head off, he's organised a boat to take them out for a row. He pushes the boat out, but manages to fall in. Everyone cracks up laughing, including Karl.
Coffee Shop
Helen has rung Reuben, and Marlene is wringing the details out of her. The conversation went well - they talked about art and travel. Marlene wants to know when the big date is! Helen says they're just going to meet at the gallery. Marlene says she has a real feeling about Helen and Reuben. She offers Helen a dress from the shop(!) but Helen politely refuses!
The River
Karl has got back in the boat and Billy and Mal are rowing. Karl apologises to Susan for all the tenseness lately. They have a little pash. Just then, Mal loses an oar. Despite being wooden, it somehow sinks. Everyone ends up falling in trying to retrieve the oar!
Garden of the Martins
Phil is running around with Suede Tess. Just then a woman comes over to see Lou - she's the trainer. She looks the dog over and then watches her walk. Then she gets a toy hare out. Phil lets Tess off the lead, but she isn't interested in the hare(!)
Hannah wants to work on her gymnastics routine again. Helen thinks she should rest and eat properly - she doesn't think Hannah can fit gymnastics in. Hannah wants to give up her other interests to do gymnastics, even though she is rubbish(!)
Bric-a-brac Shop
Marlene tells Sam that she's quite envious of Helen going on a nice date! Luke comes in. He asks Sam to help him screw a big pizza on his car for work. They head off to get on with it.
When the boys have gone, Marlene calls to her cat. The cat doesn't appear.
Garden of the Martins
The trainer doesn't think Suede Tess is much good for racing. But she'll take her on anyway - she likes a challenge!
By A River
The kids are sitting by the river while Karl and Susan snog on a bridge(!) They agree to go out tonight to let Karl and Susan have some time alone to sort things out.
Lou and Cheryl's
Phil is depressed that the dog is not very good. He says that it gave him a proper interest(!) He is taking Karl's words very much to heart.
All the kids are heading out - to "the library". Karl wants to talk about the baby thing again. He tells Susan that he read Phil's magazine and it was quite good. Karl says that he thinks he just wanted to feel young again. He's decide that he doesn't want another baby after all - he's got all the family he needs. Susan hugs him in relief.
Hannah is practising her gymnastics routine in her pyjamas(!) Just then, Karl comes round to see Phil. He apologises for what he said to Phil and shakes his hand. Phil says he was probably right - he does need to get a life. He thinks his life is empty. Karl thanks Phil for his good advice with the magazine.
The Park
Luke is out running when he sees a bulldozer has moved in. He runs up and challenges the workmen. He says they have no authorisation to start work - he'll tell Lou about it.
<<2342 - 2344>>
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