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Neighbours Episode 2331 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2331
Australian airdate: 27/02/95
UK airdate: 20/10/95
UK Gold: 08/10/01
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl gets a policeman to give Billy a scare.
Susan, Cheryl and Helen take part in "A Nightmare in Erinsborough"
Karl enjoyed babysitting Lolly so much he asks Susan what she thinks about having another baby of their own.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Cheryl are getting a bit fruity(!) Lou is nervous about the election results and Cheryl agrees he can stay the night, as long as he wears a mask. Lou says Karl has told him that Brett is passed the contagious stage anyway. Cheryl needs no further encouragement and drags Lou off to bed. (Yuk!)
Susan and Karl are having a glass of champagne to celebrate the play. Susan is raving about what a good time she had doing the play. Karl brings up the baby topic again - Susan says he can't be serious. Karl says he loves the feeling of family, but Susan says the reality is very different. Anyway, she was the one cleaning up after three kids under five, he only ever saw them when they were bathed and ready for bed! Karl wants her to think about it seriously anyway.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Brett is practising Tai Chi in his front garden. Annalise is also out. She tells him she can't wait to see the big wide world out there.
Karl is making breakfast and telling Billy off again. Billy is fuming about the set up the day before. Karl still wants to know what happened - if Toadie was involved. Billy still isn't saying though.
Karl has made Susan breakfast, much to her confusion. He's clearly trying to prove he is responsible enough to have another baby(!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl, Lou and Danni are having breakfast. Lou suggests that Cheryl could find a creche for Lolly.
Libby comes round to talk see the photos Danni took at the Youth Centre. One of them clearly shows Toadie putting the stolen stuff into Billy's bag.
Billy is very upset with Toadie for letting him take the blame with the stealing stuff. Toadie is unmoved saying it'll blow over(!) Billy says he doesn't want to be Toadie's friend anymore.
Karl is still banging on about having another child - he wants Susan to tell him is it's a viable option. Susan says that at the moment it's the first time in years she's had time to do other things, like work in the Coffee Shop and take part in the play. She's enjoying her life too much at the moment to change it, and besides, they've got enough trouble with the children they've already got. Karl looks a bit sad.
In class, Danni and Mal are sitting at the back. Mal says he's fed up - Bianca has been giving him the cold shoulder. He can't figure out what he did wrong. Danni says maybe it just isn't meant to be.
Coffee Shop
Lou and Cheryl have come to tell Susan that Lou has been elected councillor! Susan is very pleased for him. Cheryl whispers to Susan that she wants to hold a pool party at No.24 to celebrate, and also to celebrate Annalise's birthday/going away.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Annalise is sitting at a table. She criticises some of Susan's efforts such as the slicing the avocado instead of chopping it(!) Susan grits her teeth as she clears the tables.
Billy tells Libby that he's fed up of taking the blame for Toadie. Libby is just taking the photo negatives to the darkroom and tells Billy not to worry - they'll sort things out.
Coffee Shop
Phil comes in to see Susan. She's very irritating by Annalise picking at her. Phil says Susan is doing fine.
Karl comes in to see how Susan is getting on. She says she's really enjoying it.
Mal thanks Danni for her advice about Bianca. He's being philosophical - you have to be able to be yourself in a relationship. Mal invites Danni to go out for a milkshake later(!)
Libby rushes up with the photo of Toadie putting the stuff in Billy's bag - it will exonerate Billy.
Billy nearly gets in a fight with a boy, but Toadie saves him. Billy thanks him.
Coffee Shop
Phil is still hanging out drinking juice because he's on a diet(!) He's starving though!
Danni and Mal have had their milkshake and are enjoying hanging out. Mal says he's got a family meeting tonight - he's not looking forward to it. He asks Danni if he can pop around and see her after the meeting. She readily agrees. Susan smiles knowingly!
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is very pleased that Lou ha been elected and Lou thanks her for her support.
The pool party is set for tomorrow afternoon.
The family meeting is about to start.
Susan wants Billy to be given one more chance to explain himself first. He doesn't, so Libby shows them the photo. Susan can't understand why Billy didn't tell them. Billy says it was a bit stupid not to dob Toadie in in this case.
Karl says the next thing on the agenda is Billy mixing with young criminals(!)
Lou and Cheryl's - balcony
Brett is doing a barbecue for the family. and talking to Lou about local politics! Lou needs to fight the freeway from the inside now.
Mal comes up to see Danni and she invites him to go inside. Cheryl smiles knowingly(!)
Lou and Cheryl's
Mal tells Danni that he wants to tell her something. He can't find the words though, so he just kisses her instead!
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