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Neighbours Episode 2327 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2327
Australian airdate: 21/02/1995
UK airdate: 16/10/1995
UK Gold: 02/10/2001
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou is worried about his business.
Phil is trying to lose weight by jogging.
Susan begs Cheryl to stand in for Angie in the play.
Sam tells Lou that there's been a fire at the car yard - Lou's office has been burnt down.
Carpenters Cars
Lou's office has been completely ruined. His accountant tells him that the books were inside. He implies that Alex the mechanic might have been involved. Lou says he's going to find out who's responsible and then win the election.
Lou and Cheryl's
Ren has brought the rest of Lolly's stuff back. Cheryl tells her about the fire in the car yard. She gives Ren some time off this week because she wants to spend some time with Lolly.
Lou comes in and tells her that the office has gone, but most of the stock is OK. He has to go to the police station to make a statement.
Susan says that the Theatre Company director will close down the play unless they can get some replacement cast. Malcolm suggests and advert in the paper or on the community noticeboard, but Susan's already tried that.
Number 30
Ren is making massage oil during her week off. Mark opens a window(!) Ren says she's glad to have a day off, looking after kids is very repetitive. Mark says there's so much more to be done in Erinsborough, as well as the Youth Centre. Ren suggests getting help from his friend.
Number 24
Lou tells Cheryl and Marlene that it was definitely arson at the car yard. The police always suspect the owner, but Marlene says his snoring gives him an alibi! Lou is pleased to hear this(!) but thinks he will lose the election.
Alex the mechanic comes round - he managed to make photocopies of the books before the fire - he was suspicious that they'd been left in the office. He says that the accountant is shonky - he's been forging Lou's signature. Now he's trying to pin it on Alex.
Malcolm and Phil are out jogging. Phil is knackered and Malcolm offers to set up a training schedule for him.
Hospital Room
Susan is visiting Annalise and chatting about the play. Annalise says she feels awful for letting them down - she wishes she could get out of hospital.
Phil is keen to work out a training schedule. Malcolm suggests a professional, but Phil says it's too expensive.
Number 24
Cheryl tells Susan that she can't do the play - she's got too much on at the moment with her family.
Helen tells Susan that she can't do the head-in-a-box, her hip is too bad. Marlene is also there, but she can't do the part either. Susan tries to persuade Helen and she eventually agrees, since she'll only have to sit down.
Rhythmic Gymnastic Club
Phil has come to see how Hannah is doing. The teacher tries to tells her kindly that not everyone has the talent required, but they'll teach anyone who's interested.
The Pub
Lou says he's been an idiot - the accountant has been swindling him for months - selling on cars that were unsafe.
Carpenters Cars
The cops are taking the accountant away in a panda car! Lou and Alex are glad to see him go. Now they have to patch everything up - the office, his election campaign and his relationship with Alex. Lou apologises to Alex for suspecting him and they shake hands.
Lou and Cheryl's
Marlene has brough Lolly a late half-birthday card. They chat about the damage done to Lou's election campaign and Marlene suggests doing some ads to patch up Lou's reputation. Marlene says they could do something on the radio.
Phil has rung for Mal but he tells Susan to say he's not home. Mal says he can't get rid of Phil(!) Mal says he doesn't want to train with Phil - he's too slow. Susan suggests getting other "old" people involved to take the heat off Malcolm.
Hannah is practising with her ribbon and her ball in the living room. She says she wants to try out for the competition next week!
Marlene comes round with some paintings for Helen so she can get started on stuff for the market. Helen isn't impressed but says she'll give it a go.
Number 24
Lou is watching telly (still in quarantine!) He tells Marlene that he's thinking of pulling out of the election.Marlene puts the telly off saying it's all sex and violence! She turns on the radio and there's a piece about Lou - it's Cheryl on the community radio talking about Lou! She says he should have a fair go at being elected and explains the situation with the car yard. Cheryl says that there is no finer, honest or conscientious candidate running for election that Lou. Lou looks very touched.
Hospital Room
Susan is visiting Annalise and tells her that she's managed to get Helen to take over the head-in-a-box part. Annalise tells Susan that she's realised how mortal she is - she's going to make the most of her life from now on. There's loads of things she wants to do and place she wants to go. She says she's going to blow all her money on a trip around the world. She'll sort something out with the Coffee Shop. Susan asks her tactfully about Sam and Annalise admits that Sam is a problem.
<<2326 - 2328>>
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