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Neighbours Episode 2322 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2322
Australian airdate: 14/02/95
UK airdate: 09/10/95
UK Gold: 25/09/01
Writer: Chris Philips
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Jen Handley: Alyce Platt
Vince Hayworth: David Strudwick
Hamish Dwyer: Stuart Fenton
Jim Ryan: Peter Costigan
- "Cruise Control" by Headless Chickens
- "Monkey And The Turtle" by Christine Anu
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl thinks that Marlene has disappeared on purpose, so that Cheryl will feel guilty.
Karl tells Cody that the transition from school to med school gave him the shock of his life, and he wants her to be prepared for it.
Shane leaves Marlene and Helen stranded. Marlene rants at Helen for causing the situation!
Phil mentions that it's Rick's birthday. Cody laughs - Rick loves it as he reckons that he gets some birthday cards but heaps of Valentine's cards! Cody has got her first anatomy class tomorrow. Phil says everything he's washed this week has shrunk, but Cody thinks he's put on weight!
Coffee Shop
Mark comes in and orders and orange juice. He asks Sam to come with him to the Whitsundays, but he isn't very keen!
Number 24
Lou comes round for a chat with Bianca about Cheryl. He apologises for what Cheryl said to her about the robbery. Lou says that Cheryl doesn't suspect Bianca anymore - now she suspects Marlene(!)
A road
Helen and Marlene are still stranded with the car. Marlene says that Shane is a victim of his environment(!) Marlene wants to try to walk into town to get help, but Helen doesn't want her to get lost in the bush.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is filling in an insurance form and chatting to Lou about Marlene. Lou says that if Marlene is the thief - why would Helen co-operate. Marlene admits that this is true - maybe she was wrong.
Mark comes round and asks Lou to go to the Whitsundays with him, but he says he's too busy, unfortunately.
Marlene and Helen are sitting under a tree. They open some wine that they bought at the market (luckily they brought a corkscrew!) Marlene says they should look on their predicament as an adventure - after all, they've got food and shelter in the car. Marlene says it's a great opportunity for them to get to know each other. They chat about people they've taken in over the years, Marlene with Bianca and Helen with Nick. Marlene says that Bianca has made her realise what it was like for Cheryl, growing up without a mother.
Cody is getting worried about Helen. Mark comes round and asks Phil if he wants to go to the Whitsundays but he doesn't want to in case Mark drags him around churches(!) Lou comes round too - he's called the police, but they won't do anything until 24 hours has gone by.
Number 24
Bianca tells Sam that she's got a bad feeling about Marlene. Sam suggests that they could have had car trouble, but thinks they're just shopping and will be back soon. Bianca goes off to bed.
A road, the following morning
Marlene and Helen have slept in the car - well, Helen has, she kept Marlene awake with her snoring! They start to bicker with each other.
Cody runs in to buy a newspaper and asks Phil if there's any news on Helen - there isn't. Lou comes in and says that Sam and Bianca have gone to look for Helen and Marlene on the back roads.
Coffee Shop
Cody is talking to a couple of classmates about Anatomy. A bloke called Hamish comes in and joins them. One of the other blokes think that Cody looks very familiar to him, but he can't think how.
A road
Helen and Marlene have made up from their bickering. Helen suggests she could track down some bush tucker for them and the signs say that there's water around there, in case they are stuck out there a few days. Marlene suggests setting up some shade. At that moment, a motorbike arrives - it's Sam and Bianca. Marlene and Helen hug each other.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is on the phone to Sam who's telling them that Marlene and Helen have been found. He and Cheryl are very relieved. Also, Sam told him that Shane Rebecchi is responsible for the robberies in Ramsay Street. Lou teases Cheryl for thinking the worst about Marlene.
Anatomy Class
Cody and her friends are looking at X-rays while they wait for their lecturer to turn up. Suddenly the bloke remembers who Cody reminds him of - a bloke on the cricket team called Willis Kennedy!
Number 24
Marlene and Helen are welcomed home by Annalise, Mark, Lou and Phil. They sit down to a god meal. Also, there's news that the police have apprehended Shane.
Mark asks Sam again to go to the Whitsundays. Sam tells him to go with a priest friend - he'd want a wild time, beaches, bars and babes - not the sort of thing Mark would like.
Number 24
Cheryl is apologising to Marlene for her behaviour. They make up, but on the condition that Cheryl apologises to Bianca as well. Cheryl does so, rather awkwardly.
Anatomy Class
The lecturer (Jim Ryan) comes in and starts the class. He tells them they'll be in assigned groups for the whole year. Then he shows them "Herman" - a cadaver. They gather round to have a look. Cody faints.
<<2321 - 2323>>
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