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Neighbours Episode 2319 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2319
Australian airdate: 09/02/95
UK airdate: 04/10/95
UK Gold: 20/09/01
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan advises Annalise to get her mole checked out.
Rick and Cody go away for the weekend, but he hurts his back and she gets sunburnt!
Libby wants to leave school - she's embarrassed about the stories.
Lou decides to organise a protest against the freeway plan.
Libby hears an intruder in the darkened Kennedy house and picks up a plant to defend herself with.
Libby hears another noise, but it turns out to be Karl going to the fridge. She drops the plant in shock.
Mountain Hotel
Rick has got takeaway while Cody has a bubble bath. He rubs aftersun into Cody's back. They agree that the weekend has been a disaster, but they're still had a great time.
Libby is sweeping up the plant. As they talk, Libby thinks that there really was an intruder - she's got a bad feeling about it. Karl sends her off to do her homework, but Libby says there's no point - she's not going back to school.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni, Brett and Lou are watching Lou's promotional video. cheryl comes out in a Queen Elizabeth I outfit (*boggles*) which she's going to wear to the fancy dress party at the pub. They ask Cheryl to come to the protest, but she says she's too busy at the pub.
Helen is painting when Annalise calls round. She tells Helen that at least the play is taking her mind off things - meaning Mark. Helen offers to take her out for a cheer-up lunch. Annalise says it would have to be a short one because she's got an appointment to see Karl about her mole.
The phone rings and it's Gabby. She wants to talk to Cody, but Helen says that she's gone away for the weekend. She gives Helen a message to tell Rick. She says she'll break it to him gently.
Ramsay Street
Rick and Cody have arrived home and Annalise greets them. Helen comes up as they are having a pash (Rick and Cody that is) She tells Rick that Gabby wants Rick in Darwin train in the bar - as quickly as possible, preferably this week.
Lou and Cheryl's
Libby tells Brett that Karl went mental about her leaving school. Cheryl says she's not surprised! She tells them about the intruder - she heard a noise. Apparently Karl doesn't believe her though. Cheryl suggests that there are a lot of dodgy people hanging round - Bianca for one.
Lou comes out dressed in a suit and wearing a rosette. He's got a megaphone as well and Brett and Danni have got placards!
Ramsay Street
Cody says that Rick must take the promotion with Lassiters because he might not get another chance. Rick's back is still playing him up. Karl comes over and tells him to drop by the surgery later.
Cody says that it isn't a drama that Rick is going to Darwin. She says it could be a good thing, it'll give her time to study. Cody tells Helen about a painter she saw up in the mountains - some of his paintings were in a sale. Helen knows the artist and is surprised to hear about his sale.
Karl tells Cheryl that there was no intruder - Libby has an overactive imagination. Karl says he's surprised there isn't a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Cheryl says that Jim Robinson used to run one - they should get it going again.
Helen is painting when Annalise comes in. Annalise thinks the portrait is coming along well but Helen isn't so sure. Annalise is still depressed about Mark, but Helen thinks she'll come through OK. They hug.
A load of people are protesting against the freeway with banners. Lou is leading them. Karl sees Libby with them and sends her off to do her homework. Libby insists that she isn't going back to school. Karl sends her home.
The Pub
Cheryl is announcing the fancy dress party at the pub. She tells the protestors to come along too! Brett is filming Lou has he talks about saving the park from the freeway.
Coffee Shop
Cody and Karl are having a chat. He asks if she can fit everything in - uni, her job with Karl and the cricket team as well. She says she thinks she can handle it.
The Pub
Lou, Danni and Brett are having lunch. Everyone is impressed at the campaign against the freeway. Everyone except Cheryl that is, who seems quite exasperated that he's taking the limelight away from her fancy dress party. Lou suggests different way people can help - like writing to their MP and coming on the next protest.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett and Danni come in and find the video has been stolen. Then Danni finds that the back door has been smashed in. They call the police.
The Pub
Lou is spreading the word about the fancy dress party.
At the bar, Annalise talks to Helen.
Annalise: It is a melanoma.
HELEN: Oh, my poor darling!
Apparently Karl has removed it and sent it for tests. Annalise tells Helen worriedly that she doesn't want to get skin cancer.
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