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Neighbours Episode 2317 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2317
Australian airdate: 07/02/95
UK airdate: 02/10/95
UK Gold: 18/09/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Packo: Verity McIntyre
Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Robert Dong: Nelson Leongue
Connie Mathios: Michelle Fitzmaurice
Photographer: Colin McKinnon
- "Monkey And The Turtle" by Christine Anu
- "Dots On The Shells" by Yothu Yindi
- "Cant Help It" by The Truth
- "Worlds Away" by Ian Moss
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody tells Rick that she wants to go on holiday with him.
Phil makes excuses to Robert for Hannah.
Marlene puts an ad in the paper to try to get Bianca to contact them. Sam tells her not to get her hopes up.
Billy tells Leanne he loves her and she laughs.
Coffee Shop
Billy is very hurt by the laughing but Leanne apologises. They sit at a table. Leanne says she does like him but only as a friend - she goes out with guys who are a lot older than him. He's disappointed but still wants her to keep the necklace.
Ramsay Street
Cody and Rick are packed up and ready to go. Mark and Ren wave them off as they depart for a weekend away.
Billy walks up the street, very depressed.
Only Malcolm is at home when Billy comes in. Malcolm demands to know if Billy has been messing with his exercise equipment but he says he hasn't. Billy tells Malcolm that he's sick of him hassling him and goes off to his room.
Youth Centre
Sam thinks they should have a quiet opening ceremony with just some food and a dartboard. Brett and Sam start sweepgin the floor.
Sam tells Brett that Marlene can't accept that Bianca is gone for good - he doesn't think they'll ever find her (live in hope).
Mountain Hotel
Rick and Cody have arrived and are very happy, enjoying each other's company. They go in to see about a room.
Billy is sitting for Helen to paint him but he can't seem to crack a smile. Phil answers the phone to Robert and makes excuses for Hannah again. He invites him over instead! He tells Hannah that she'll just have to sort out her problem with Robert
A room at the Mountain Hotel
Rick carries Cody across the threshold, but trips and they both fall to the floor. Rick hurts his back.
Leanne tells Malcolm that Billy has declared his love to her. He is surprised to hear this and goes off to find Billy.
Malcolm is acting rather out-of-character in being sensitive to Billy's needs and asking him if he wants to talk about the Leanne (Packo) situation. He says he knows how unrequited love feels. Malcolm says it won't be long until babes are beating a path to his door, but Billy points out that Malcolm is older and he doesn't have babes beating a path to his(!)
Robert has arrived to see Hannah. She isn't very chuffed to see him. He asks Hannah why she hasn't been returning his calls and she says she's been busy. But she finally admits that she was using him to make someone else jealous. Robert gets mad and accuses Hannah of using him. He storms off home.
Mountain Hotel
Rick is lying flat out on the bed while Cody brings him some painkillers. He can't believe what's happened. Nothing seems to be able to spoil Cody's mood though.
Phil is flipping pancakes for breakfast. Hannah says she's sick and wants to stay home from school, but Phil says she's just trying to avoid Robert. There's a knock on the door and it's Malcolm looking for Helen. He's come to sit for the portrait.
Youth Centre
The Youth Centre is all cleaned up and Ren and Mark are blowing up balloons while Brett puts glasses out. Marlene says wistfully that she wishes Bianca were there. Sam tells her not to dwell on it. Marlene says that without the Bianca, the youth centre wouldn't have happened at all.
Outside the Robinsons
Robert is waiting for Hannah when Billy comes out. He says things will work out with Hannah and invites him to the Coffee Shop for a milkshake.
Mountain Hotel
Cody and Rick are sitting outside on a gazebo and drinking juice. They talk about how much they love each other. Cody goes off for a walk leaving Rick to rest his back.
Youth Centre
The leader of the local council makes a speech about the youth centre - why hasn't it happened before? She says that they haven't had Marlene's vision and commitment before now and they all owe her a debt of gratitude. The youth centre is declared open. Everyone tucks in to food and drink (there are only about 8 people there though, mostly from Ramsay Street!)
Hannah comes round to see Billy and suggests they watch a video of New York that her Aunty Rosemary sent over. But Billy doesn't want to, he's got a violin lesson later. He suggests she asks Robert instead. She says she doesn't like Robert as a boyfriend - she likes older boys. Billy can't see what ages has to do with it.
Leanne arrives for Billy's violin lesson at that moment and there is a bit of an awkward silence.
Mountain Hotel
Cody has fallen asleep in the sun and burnt herself. Rick's back has improved a bit though!
Youth Centre
Marlene is making a speech - that she's just one of many people who have made the Youth Centre a reality. She says that the centre is particularly indebted to Bianca Zanotti - she's the one that made Marlene realise that kids out there on the streets needed a home. They raise a toast to the helpers. At that moment, Bianca comes in and says she's back to stay. Marlene hugs her emotionally. (I am crying too, but for a different reason)
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