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Neighbours Episode 2311 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2311
Australian airdate: 30/01/95
UK airdate: 22/09/95
UK Gold: 10/09/01
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Father Michael Graham: Greg Scealy
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Detective Illich: Rod Densley
Constable Day: Michael Harrop
- "Voodoo" by Zoo
- "English Country Garden" by Jesse Spencer
- "You Cant Make Love Without A Soul" by Jimmy Barnes
- "Drop In The Ocean" by Hunters And Collectors
- "You Understand" by Fiona Lee Maynard
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bianca gets a second valuation on the jewellery and it's worth $4000.
Billy is pleased that Leanne is teaching him violin.
Annalise rants at Mark and tells him she doesn't want to be a preacher's wife.
The police come looking for Bianca.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Bianca comes in at that moment and the police tell her off for hiding from them. They ask her about the jewellery and Marlene admits that they found it and points out the sign in the window. The police think that Bianca stole the jewellery and Marlene tries to show them the book. Bianca is very hostile to the police.
Billy is practising his violin in the living room (why he can't use his bedroom is beyond me)
Cody, Karl and Mal head out to play cricket in the park. Libby starts ranting about the state of the bathroom. Susan and Annalise try to keep calm as Libby continues to rant about her brothers.
Annalise and Susan have a chat. Billy is still playing scales.
Number 30
Mark is telling Father Michael that he's really surprised at Annalise's reaction. (He really IS thick!) Father Michael tells him he can't do everything. Mark says he'd make a lousy priest, but Father Michael tells him to let God be his judge.
Karl is batting while Cody bowls and Malcolm fields. Karl is bowled out and says that Cody is as good as Shane Warne! Mal goes in to bat next.
Number 24
Bianca is unreasonably ranting about the police (I am really starting to hate her!) Sam inexplicably sides with her and tells Marlene to get off her back!
Cody has bowled Mal out too, much to his displeasure. He insists on another innings, but he look worried(!)
Susan is inexplicably letting Billy continue to squeak out "In An English Country Garden" while she has a chat with Annalise (send him to his room, Susan!) Annalise suggests that Susan gets dressed up and does her makeup etc. Billy stops playing and tells them off for being vain. He goes off to his room. (Finally!!!)
Lassiter's Lake
Father Michael tells Mark that it's hard to avoid your biology. Mark says he always thought he'd have kids one day, but it's a cop-out becoming a lay preacher. Father Michael says they'll go for a beer soon, after Mark has had time to think.
Number 24
Marlene suggests that they all go out to the pub for dinner. Bianca doesn't want to come because she is seriously pouting (I feel like slapping her) Marlene says she'll bring her some food back but Bianca growls angrily that she's not hungry. (ooooh please let me slap her!)
Karl and Mal come in. Annalise makes him sit down as she introduces their "model for the night". Susan is dressed up in an orange dress with her hair and makeup done. Karl tells her she looks ravishing and gives her a pash! (Mind the lipstick!) Annalise leaves them to it! Karl says he's going to take Susan out to dinner to show her off!
The kids run in and Libby moans about Billy's violin practising again. Billy plays a chord to torment her!
The Pub
Sam and Marlene see Karl and Susan. They try to get away but fail. Marlene invites them to join her and Sam. Karl says he's booked a private table, but Marlene insists. They reluctantly agree.
Billy is having a violin lesson and admiring Leanne at the same time. Mal and Libby look on and giggle.
Number 24
Annalise and Bianca are hanging out. They talk about Bianca's life on the street a bit and Bianca asks if she thinks Ramsay Street is home to her. Annalise says she supposes it is. Mark comes round at that moment.
Annalise: Great.
Mark wants to talk to Annalise so Bianca makes herself scarce. Annalise keeps him on the doorstep as Mark apologises for being arrogant. He says he's still going to be a priest. Annalise says it's nothing to do with her and tells him she'll be polite to him for a while. She doesn't know if they can be friends.
Libby has made dinner. She and Mal tease Billy about Leanne and they all start playfighting on the floor. Billy finally admits under tickle torture that he likes Leanne!
Number 24
Bianca and Annalise talk about how complicated their lives are. Bianca says that Number 24 is "a bit" better than living on the streets (ungrateful cow) She says that she's never had a proper home. Annalise says they'll both find their proper home one day.
Kennedys, the following morning
Libby and Mal are still tormenting Billy about Leanne. Karl tells them off for being so caring and sensitive(!) Susan reminds Libby about her own crush on her teacher before and she didn't like being teased.
Cody comes to the door.
KARL: It's Cody Bradman!
Cody tells Karl that she's trying out for the cricket team so might be a bit late for work.
Susan reminds Mal of a crush he had too and he says he's got the point - he'll stop tormenting Billy.
Number 30
Mark tells Father Michael that he "definitely" wants to be a priest now (make up your mind, man!) Father Michael has arranged for Mark to do some social work and Mark is pleased. Father Michael says that it's not easy being a priest - the doubts never go away.
Cody didn't get into the team - the coach laughed at her just because she's a girl. She's very angry.
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