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Neighbours Episode 2297 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2297
Australian airdate: 10/01/95
UK airdate: 04/09/95
UK Gold: 21/08/01
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Bianca Zanotti: Annie Gagliardi
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Billy telling Hannah that if the other guys at school saw him talking to her, they'd start hassling him.
- Marlene revealing to Annalise that Sam is going to be a father.
- Lou telling Cheryl that he's paranoid about Ling Mai fitting in there. He suggests that maybe it would be best for all if he visited Mai at her place for a while.
- Bianca clumping Mal after he tries it on with her.
No. 24
Danni is ranting at Brett that Lou has turned into a completely different person since Ling Mai turned up. Bianca storms in, muttering that Mal is a typical male sleazebag pig. She explains about how he invited her around and jumped her. Marlene snaps that she's got a good mind to march over there and tell him where he can put his grimy hands. Bianca, however, says she's sorted him out; he won't be hitting on *anyone* for a while. Danni asks her what she did. Bianca replies:
BIANCA: Does Dr. Kennedy do nose jobs?!
No. 28
Mal is staring at his nose in a hand- mirror when the other Kennedys arrive home, enthusing about the musical. Susan and Karl spot Mal's nose suddenly and ask in concern what happened. Mal tells them that he and Bianca were on the way home when these three guys jumped out from behind some bushes. Karl asks if he called the police, but Mal insists quickly that he didn't even get a good look at the blokes; it all happened so fast. Karl says he'll get his kit and assess the damage.
No. 26
The next morning, Hannah asks Helen how she looks in her school uniform. Helen smiles that she looks wonderful. Hannah thanks her for turning up the hem. She then comments that Helen looks tired and Helen explains that Molly had only just left when Hannah arrived home from the theatre last night. Hannah doesn't look impressed. Helen asks how the theatre *was* and Hannah beams that it was great; the Kennedys are really cool. She adds that she wishes Billy was friends with her at school, though.
No. 22
Danni and Brett run downstairs, Danni pleading with Brett to help her get elected for School Captain. Brett tells her that she can write her *own* speeches. Lou comes downstairs as well and Cheryl asks him if he wants some breakfast. Lou, however, tells her that he's got a bit of a queasy tum. He then apologises for flying off the handle last night, adding that it's his fault things are awkward with Mai. He tells Cheryl that he's interviewing prospective salesmen this morning, then going over to Mai's for a bite to eat. He adds:
LOU: Cheryl, I am so churned up. I... I just want Mai and I to bond like fathers and daughters should, you know?
Cheryl suggests that he take Louise this afternoon; it'll give *her* a break and it might help break the tension with Mai.
Rear of the Bric- a- Brac Store
Bianca and Marlene come in and Bianca tells Sam that she's got an interview at the Personnel Agency, so she can't help him. She heads back out. Sam then snaps at Marlene for opening her big mouth to Annalise about Squirrel telling people he got her pregnant. Marlene insists that Annalise knows he hasn't done anything wrong. She adds that she can only say she's sorry. She pauses before telling Sam that she misses him, so why doesn't he come home and keep an eye on her big mouth? Sam, however, insists that there's no way he can come home with the situation with Annalise.
Grounds of Erinsborough High
Danni, Brett, Packo and Stonefish are walking along a path in the school grounds, talking about Squirrel getting pregnant. Danni sighs that she can't hack exams this year.
Across the way, Hannah says hi to Billy and starts enthusing about the play last night. Billy, however, tells her bluntly that he's got to bail, and he walks off, leaving Hannah looking put out.
Mal rocks up and Stonie admires his black eye. Mal tells everyone that six guys - including one who had a knife - jumped him from behind on the way home from the shops! Danni, however, grins and asks him why he doesn't tell them what *really* happened. She explains about how a girl half his size clocked him one!
No. 28
Susan tells Karl that after what happened to Mal last night, she's in two minds about letting the kids out after dark. Karl points out that at least Mal proved he can look after himself. Susan starts to say that it would never have happened in the country, but Karl says he has to get to his waiting room full of patients. Susan asks for a lift to the school so she can see if her teaching job is still going this year; then she's going to go and see the local theatre company, explaining that after that show last night, she's got a real itch to get involved.
Erinsborough High
Packo stops Brett in the corridor and tells him that she's running for School President this year and wants him to write her campaign speeches. Brett tells her that there's no way. Packo tells him to think about all the things she'll do to him if he refuses! She suddenly spots Hannah at her locker and she runs over to her, grabs her ponytail and closes the locker door with the ponytail trapped in it!
Rear of the Bric- a- Brac Store
Bianca walks in looking glum and Marlene comments that she's back early. Bianca murmurs that it doesn't take long to tell her they don't have a job for her. She adds that apparently she doesn't have experience. Marlene suggests to her that she could gain some sales experience in the Bric- a- Brac shop. Bianca, however, mutters that if the best she can get is a sympathy job, she might as well give up now. Marlene insists that when she talks about business, she doesn't pretend. Bianca smiles that it looks like Marlene has got herself a shop assistant then!
Hungry Bite
Susan - holding a plate containing a large slice of cake! - joins Helen and Cheryl at a table and tells them that she's celebrating her part- time teaching job continuing this year and being offered a job in the teaching pool; and she's going to spend some time with the local theatre company too. Cheryl comments that that sounds like *her* idea of fun! Susan invites her to come with her, but Cheryl laughs that she's flat out playing *herself*, let alone anybody else!
Erinsborough High
In the corridor, Danni and Packo tease Mal about becoming a punching bag for the under- 10 girls' boxing team at the gym! Mal snaps that they may think they're funny now, but wait until they're both grovelling for his vote in the election! Billy follows them up the stairs - but suddenly hears Hannah calling to him. He walks over to her and reminds her coolly that they had a deal. Hannah indicates her trapped hair and points out the keys on the floor. Billy picks them up and releases her. He warns her that this is High School: she needs to grow up and watch her back; next time he might not be around to rescue her.
No. 22
Brett is telling his mother that the problem with Packo is that she just doesn't give him a choice. Cheryl suggests to him unsympathetically that he'd better get back to school! He heads out as Lou arrives home and tells Cheryl that he's found the perfect bloke to be his offsider at the car yard: his name's Peter Hill and he can start tomorrow. Cheryl puts Lolly's things together for him and then tells Lou that if he runs out of things to talk about with Mai, Susan's joined this really fabulous little theatre company and she thought Mai might be interested in joining. Lou, however, retorts:
LOU: Cheryl, I am perfectly capable of holding a conversation with my own daughter; and I think I can find far more interesting subjects than theatre. See you later.
He marches out, pushing Lolly in her pram.
Hungry Bite
Bianca and Sam are sitting at a table when Karl comes in and asks Bianca in concern how she's feeling after last night. Bianca comments:
BIANCA: Malcolm told you what happened, huh?
KARL: Yes. Well, when I saw his blood nose, I certainly got quite a shock - but when he told me how he got it, I couldn't help feeling proud of him.
BIANCA (taken aback): Excuse me? *Proud*?
KARL: Well, yeah, he certainly proved himself to be chivalrous, didn't he?
BIANCA: Yeah, well, if he tries to prove it again, I'll not only give him a blood nose, but two black eyes to match.
Karl sighs and comments that Mal told *him* he was attacked by two thugs on the way back from the shops.
Grounds of Erinsborough High
As she heads out of the school, Hannah is knocked by a passing boy and she drops her schoolbooks. Billy quickly helps her pick them up and then dashes off. Another boy hits Hannah as *he* walks past and she drops them again! Danni and Stonie catch up with Mal and start asking him if he's going to pass the shops on the way home, as they heard there were muggers there! Meanwhile, Packo grabs Brett to say that Danni's been telling her about this deadset speechwriter she's got lined up, so Brett had better make *hers* a deadset winner or else the next thing he'll be writing will be his obituary. She dashes off. Brett bumps into Libby, coming the other way, and he asks her if she wants to come to his locker with him, as he forgot his calculator. Libby asks him what that was about with Packo. Brett explains about how both Danni and Packo are running for School Captain and about how both expect him to write the speeches. Libby smiles and says she might have something up her sleeve.
No. 26
Hannah has arrived home and she tells Helen glumly that the only good thing that happened to her today was that she got in the same class as Miranda - but otherwise, High School sucks. She adds that Billy didn't talk to her all day except when he was pulling her hair out of the locker. Helen asks in horror how on earth she got her hair in the locker. Hannah explains about Packo, and Helen says she'll have to have a word with Anne Teschendorf about it. Hannah, looking horrified, exclaims:
HANNAH: Oh no, gran, don't do that - it's *death* to dobbers there. And actually, I think I can pretty much handle it myself.
No. 28
Karl and Susan smile at each other as Billy and Mal arrive home. Susan says to the boys that she hopes they stayed well away from the shops on the way home from school, as she'd hate them to run into those muggers again! Karl asks Mal if he can just clarify with him how many muggers there were. Mal replies that there were at least six. Karl remarks that last night he could have sworn Mal said there were three. Mal replies that it was dark - but not dark enough that he didn't see the knives. Karl raises his eyebrows and comments that he didn't mention *that* last night. He goes on:
KARL: In fact, you were very unclear about a *lot* of things last night, so I took the liberty of asking Bianca what happened.
BILLY (gleefully): Oh yes - sprung!
Susan asks Billy to leave Malcolm alone with her and his dad for a while. Karl tells Mal:
KARL: We're just going to have a little chat about why one should respect women and why one shouldn't lie to one's parents...!
No. 22
Danni is staring at a folder of school papers, sighing to her mother that there's just too many topics and subjects to study. She adds that when she's elected School Captain, the first thing she's going to do is abolish final exams; there's just too much pressure. She then asks her mother what she's reading. Cheryl tells her that Susan gave them to her: they're old theatre programmes. Danni grins and asks her what Lou thinks about her becoming a big stage star. Cheryl murmurs darkly that she's not sure: Lou isn't *interested* in theatre these days...
Outside the Coffee Shop
Libby and Brett sit down at a table and Libby says:
LIBBY: Now, let me get this straight: Danni's asked you to be her campaign manager, and you can't say no because she's your sister.
BRETT (nods): Right.
LIBBY: And Danni doesn't know it yet, but Packo's *also* asked you to be her campaign manager.
BRETT: Yeah - and I can't say no to her, otherwise she'll kill me.
LIBBY (muses): I suppose you can't blame them. I mean, you could probably get *anyone* elected, right?
BRETT (shrugs): Well...
LIBBY: Even the biggest, dumbest dork in the school?
BRETT: What are you getting at?
LIBBY: Why not pick a *third* candidate? Someone who doesn't stand a chance. Become *their* campaign manager and get *them* elected. That'll show Danni and Packo *and* prove that there are flaws in the system.
BRETT (thoughtfully): You know, that's not such a bad idea. Now all we've got to do is find the biggest, dumbest dork in the school.
At that moment, Stonie approaches them, eating, and says:
STONIE: Ever wondered why they're called doughnuts when they don't actually contain any nuts?
Brett and Libby grin at each other in delight!
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Danni Stark, Bianca Zanotti, Marlene Kratz, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2297
Danni Stark, Bianca Zanotti, Marlene Kratz, Brett Stark

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2297
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2297
Helen Daniels, Hannah Martin

Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2297
Danni Stark, Cheryl Stark, Brett Stark

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2297
Lou Carpenter

Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2297
Sam Kratz, Marlene Kratz

Libby Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy, Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Leanne
Libby Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy, Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2297
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Brett Stark, Leanne
Brett Stark, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

Hannah Martin, Leanne
Hannah Martin, Leanne 'Packo' Packington

Marlene Kratz, Bianca Zanotti in Neighbours Episode 2297
Marlene Kratz, Bianca Zanotti

Susan Kennedy, Helen Daniels, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2297
Susan Kennedy, Helen Daniels, Cheryl Stark

Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2297
Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy

Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2297
Brett Stark, Cheryl Stark

Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2297
Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark

Bianca Zanotti, Karl Kennedy, Sam Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2297
Bianca Zanotti, Karl Kennedy, Sam Kratz

Brett Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2297
Brett Stark, Libby Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2297
Hannah Martin, Helen Daniels

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2297
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2297
Cheryl Stark, Danni Stark

Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2297
Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Libby Kennedy

<<2296 - 2298>>
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