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Neighbours Episode 2295 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<2294 - 2296>>
Episode title: 2295
Australian airdate: 06/01/95
UK airdate: 31/08/95
UK Gold: 17/08/01
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Ling Mai Chan: Khym Lam
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise invites Sam out to dinner with her, but he doesn't want to.
- Helen tells Rick that Rosemary has decided to sack him.
- Squirrel tells Sam that he'll get used to the idea of being a dad.
Youth Centre
Squirrel comes to see Sam to see if he's got over the shock of being a father. He tells her he's made an appointment for her with the doctor to get things checked out. She agrees, as long as Sam goes with her.
Rick is ranting to Cody about being sacked. She advises him to change his attitude - she reckons he's had a big head ever since he got back from Montana. She tells him straight that he'd better convince Crowley that he'll pull his head in.
Youth Centre
Sam and Lou are eating takeout and chatting. He tells Sam that Ling Mai is his daughter, but he didn't know until recently. Sam doesn't tell Lou about Squirrel. Lou suggests that they need a distraction - they could make a go- kart. Sam likes the idea and agrees.
Annalise is sitting in the living room depressed when Cheryl comes in. She bursts into tears and pours out all her woes about Mark becoming a priest. Cheryl tells her that if either of them were having second thoughts, it's best they didn't get married. Annalise feels humiliated that he ran out on her in front of everyone. Cheryl comforts her.
Cody pops round to see Karl and Susan. She's been reading University guides and has come to tell Karl that she's going into medicine - perhaps at the local University. He says a doctor he knows has some friends in the Faculty - he'll find out about the course from her. Karl asks Cody if she'll be looking for part- time work and then offers her work as his receptionist. Cody is delighted.
Lou is cuddling Louse and talking to Ling Mai on the phone. Apparently she's going to come round for a visit tomorrow. He is a bit nervous about meeting a daughter as a grown- up woman.
(The following morning)
Ling Mai comes round and finds Cheryl in her dressing- gown and her hair in a towel. Cheryl welcomes her, and says they'll have a cup of tea after she's dressed.
Karl is showing Cody around the surgery at the start of her first shift. Rick comes in and annoys her while she's on the phone to a patient! Rick is on his way to grovel to Mr Crowley.
Ling Mai is folding washing when Lou comes in singing. He's surprised to see Ling Mai there and she explains that Cheryl is getting dressed. Lou tells Cheryl off for not being a good host to Ling Mai but she tells him to relax.
Sam and Squirrel come in for Squirrel's appointment. They're surprised to see Cody there.
Squirrel goes in to see Karl and Cody asks Sam what's going on. He looks very awkward and asks Cody to go for a coffee as her break is due.
Outside the Pub
Cody and Sam are having a coffee and Sam has explained that he didn't sleep with Squirrel, yet she's convinced he's the father of her child. Cody sympathises.
Ling Mai is just leaving. When she's gone, Lou apologises for being paranoid about Ling Mai fitting in. He wonders if he should just visit Ling Mai at her place for a while.
Cody sees Rick emptying the bins - he got his job back, but he's been demoted to bin man!
Karl asks Squirrel if she knows how far along the pregnancy is - she thinks about eight weeks. He wants to book her in for an ultrasound, and also refer her to a counsellor. Squirrel says there's no need - she's decided to keep the baby. She lets slip that Sam is the father, much to Karl's surprise.
Squirrel tells Sam that everything is OK with the baby and asks him to come to the ultrasound with her.
As Squirrel is leaving, Annalise comes over and invites Sam to have a coffee. He declines.
Elsewhere, Cody is telling Rick that Crowley will give him his job back properly, he's just teaching him a lesson.
Libby has rung her friend Rachel at home about the Tennis Tournament. She suggests that Susan rings some of her old friends, but Susan says it just makes her feel more homesick. She suggests that Susan finds some new friends in Erinsborough - she has to move on.
Outside the Pub
Annalise sees Sam having a beer and goes over to talk to him. She wants to know why he's got a problem with her.
ANNALISE: You've been avoiding me, so don't deny it!
SAM: OK, I won't. I *have* been avoiding you.
ANNALISE: But why?! Look, if I've said something to upset you...
SAM: It's nothing you've said. Look...I've just got a few problems right now. It makes it hard for me to be around that's all.
ANNALISE: I don't get it. Why avoid me?
SAM: Alright, I'll spell it out for you. I love you, Annalise.
She looks shocked.
<<2294 - 2296>>
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