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Neighbours Episode 2286 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2286
Australian airdate: 21/11/94
UK airdate: 18/08/95
UK Gold: 06/08/01
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Rupert Sprod: Tobi Webster
Stonefish: Anthony Engleman
Squirrel: Brooke Howden
Packo: Verity McIntyre
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
- Cheryl and Helen on their way to buy Suede Tess
- Ric being slightly surly at work
- Lou and Phil realising they can't tell the girls they bought the wrong dog
- Ric presenting the tickets to Cody - and her accusing him of manipulation
Number 30
Cody chases after Ric and says it's a lovely gesture but the other guys are depending on her. Ric says it's a free trip to Darwin to see her family and she accepts. Stonie comes in to see what's going on and Cody says she's off to Darwin instead. Mal and the others come in and get the news and, unlike Stonie, are excited for her.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl watches from the window as the bus pulls out of the street and Lou comments that they're alone. Well, except for Lolly but she won't mind if mum and dad have a bit of a kiss and cuddle. Cheryl comments that it'll be nice to have some bonding time alone with their daughter, but Lou's more interested in bonding time of his own...
Number 30
Mark's up to speed with Cody's change in plans, she's finally excited about it. She races off to call her parents and repack but Mark stops Ric from heading off to do his own packing. He asks what Ric's going to do about work. Ric's confident that he'll be able to work something out and tells Mark not to worry.
Cody gets off the phone to her parents having told them the good news about her trip. Helen says it was a wonderful gift even though she felt obligated to go to the beach, but Pam managed to convince her it was the right thing to do! Cody jumps to her feet, she's got to call a cab, so Helen offers to do that as Cody bounces excitedly out to repack.
Phil comes in with Tess, Helen's still enamoured with her friendly nature. Phil says champion greyhounds are supposed to have killer instinct but Helen's not really listening.
Stonie's off taking a "call of nature" and the guys are yelling at him to hurry up. All except one - the wonderfully nicknamed Squirrel - who isn't feeling too well. Brett tries to keep the peace between his sister and Louise when Stonie finally comes back and they're on the road again.
Lou and Cheryl's
The quiet time is interrupted by a knock on the door - Phil turns up with Tess and wants to work out some training strategies. Cheryl makes a tactful exit while the boys get down to it. They're going to work with what they've got.
Number 30
Mark is ranting to Ren about Ric upping and leaving over the holiday period. When Ric turns up Mark wants to know what he's done to provide cover. Ric says he's made some changes which are going to given them a fresh new image. He's got more staff in, younger ones too. Younger people = lower wages. So he's got rid of the older, stuffy ones.
*pin drops*
MARK: You fired the staff?
Ric's plan of younger and cheaper comes at the cost of experience, Mark doesn't have time to train them as the restaurant is fully booked for the next few weeks. Ric's convinced they'll pick it up quickly. Mark can't believe he's done it, but the kids are keen... He and Cody race out to catch the cab which probably saves Mark from throttling Ric with his bare hands.
Beach Track
The van pulls up on the road - a tree branch has fallen. Sam dispatches Stonie and Mal to shift it while the others take the chance to stretch their legs. Louise bemoans the fact that they're miles from anywhere, how is she supposed to meet a spunk? Danni asks Sam if they're on the right track as they've not seen anything for ages but Mal's certain they're right. Brett loves the peacefulness, Louise isn't so thrilled. Packo points out that there are no olds around so they should make the most of it.
Danni is a little worried that the nearest main town is an age away - Brett quickly makes sure that Danni's got enough insulin - and Mal says there's a General Store about ten ks away that has a phone as none of them brought their mobiles. Plus Mal's mate is coming down the next day with all their food so what's to worry about?
Let's recap. They're miles from anywhere, no mobiles, mentions of Danni's insulin, and they have no food beyond what they need for one night. Really. What could go wrong?
Mark's now raving to Helen about Ric's actions and she suggests talking to the old staff and explaining the situation, as well as speaking to the kids he's hired. Then comes the big question - is Ric going to get away with it?
Beach House
The bus pulls up and everyone piles out, heading in. To save arguments Sam has already worked out sleeping arrangements. Packo and Rupert (he'd better not snore!), Danni and Lib, Squirrel and Louise (and she's not thrilled), Brett and Stonie (and Brett's icked on Stonie's lack of hygiene!). Sam puts on the radio just as Danni thanks him for putting her in with Lib. And for anyone listening to the radio you'd have heard mention of the massive storm brewing in the south east.
Really. What could go wrong?
Danni wonders if they should hit the surf but Mal's heard the report so Sam says he made plans and brought some games.
Lou and Cheryl's
Tess is spark out on the chair and the boys are wondering if they've got their work cut out for them. Lou suggests taking Tess off to the track now, Lolly can come along too for the ride. They decide against waking Tess though - hopefully she's dreaming of chasing rabbits!
Chez Chez
Mark catches up with Helen at the pub - she's managed to talk the old staff into coming back and not taking legal action. And the teenagers are dealt with too. Ren comes in and wants to have a quick word about the wedding. The dresses that Annalise wants to hire are awful, Annalise's is brilliant. If they look awful, she'll look better. None of them think she needs to do that and Helen suggests they look at a place in Eden Hills that does some nice gowns. Ren asks Helen to have a word with Annalise.
Lou and Cheryl's
Tess has been busy - she's got into the bin and created a mess. Cheryl puts her out the back as Ren starts to help clear up. She stops when she finds a receipt for $2000, apologising to Cheryl but Cheryl has no idea what it's about or why Lou would need to withdraw that much money.
Beach House
It's raining, it's pouring... The gang are playing Monopoly and bored out of their minds. Mal says the storm looks like it's set in and could last a couple of days. Tempers are frayed and Sam tries to keep the peace. He says that he doesn't know what the weather's like back home but if they hear about this then they'll get worried so he suggests driving into town and calling home. Brett offers to go with him but Sam's happy to go alone. Squirrel seems concerned as Sam heads out.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl and Ren are wondering what Lou could be doing with $2000, Cheryl realises it's nearly her birthday and they figure it has to be a gift for her. The boys come home and Cheryl greets Lou enthusiastically. Ren leaves and Cheryl gushes over what a wonderful partner she has. She mentions her upcoming birthday, and Lou is glad that she reminded him as he'd almost forgotten. Cheryl laughs and says he's more likely to have been planning it for weeks to which Lou agrees... only the look on his face says otherwise.
Number 30
Helen's brought over a brochure of the Eden Hills place and suggests Ren play the line of, 'if the bridesmaids look awful then they will ruin the wedding album, if they are tastefully dressed then the bride will look beautiful'. Mark suggests telling Annalise the truth, leaving Ren bemused. The only way to get Annalise to agree to changes is to make her think it's for her benefit. Mark says it's just pre-wedding jitters, when she's married she'll be fine. Helen points out that marriage doesn't change a woman but Mark loves her the way she is.
Lou is telling Phil that Cheryl's expecting some big present, Phil reckons Cheryl's dropping hints for a big present so he'll oblige.
LOU: But we've got everything we need. Steam iron, microwave, big deep freeze. What else could she want?
Classy Lou. Helen comes in and Lou wants her advice on a present for Cheryl. Helen jokes that she shouldn't be giving out any more advice - she's just told Mark not to expect Annalise to change after the wedding.
Beach House
The storm's still raging and Sam's not back. They guys want to go out and look for him. Stonie and Mal are up for going out but Danni says they should all stay or all go. The argument is cut short when Sam comes in like a drowned rat. The road is washed out and the van got bogged. Squirrel fusses over him as Sam says that the road is just about impassable - they're stranded.
Like I said, what could go wrong?
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