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Neighbours Episode 2265 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<2264 - 2266>>
Episode title: 2265
Australian airdate: 21/10/94
UK airdate: 20/07/95
UK Gold: 06/07/01
Writer: Uncredited
Director: Uncredited
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Chip Kelly: Martin Crewes
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl tells the family that he has good news.
- Cheryl is trying to pick a winner for the 'Name the Pub' name. She likes Sam's suggestion, Chez Chez.
- Mark and Annalise tell Gaby they're engaged.
Karl and Malcom are playing chess. Susan is very pleased with his news - he's managed to get the space for a medical practice at Lassiter's after all. The rent will only be $150 a week, but he'll have to stay open 24 hours. Therefore he will need some partners - reliable ones.
SUSAN: I don't care if the phone rings all night as long as you're here, and not in Belmont!
Susan is delighted to be staying in Erinsborough. She picks up a chess piece and makes a check- mate!
Lou and Phil are having a cup of tea and a chat. Phil admits that he's finding nights very difficult without Julie there.
LOU: It's a tricky time. Bloke can make a mistake. I mean, just reaching out for just anyone to fill the gap.
PHIL: Yeah, I'm aware of that.
Cody arrives at that moment with some CDs for Hannah and heads off to Hannah's room. Phil tells Lou that Cody has been a terrific help with Hannah.
Brett is blowing up balloons and is feeling a bit breathless. Lou tries to give him some tips. Cheryl is worried about the re- opening of the pub and hopes it will go well. There's even going to be a trampolining demonstration!
Phil thanks Cody for helping out with Hannah. He explains that the house is a bit empty at the moment, not just with Julie gone, but Helen and the rest, too. Phil and Cody admit to each other that they're both lonely. Cody is missing Rick (who is in the USA).
Cody tells Phil that Hannah has been talking to Julie again - as if Julie is a real person. Phil tells her that he thinks it'll stop in time.
Colin calls round to see Marlene - late. Apparently his brother has called him with a fantastic piece of news that Annalise and Mark are engaged! Marlene is delighted, but Sam is staggered.
MARLENE: Oh, now isn't that marvellous news! Sam!
SAM: You've got to be joking. I mean, she's too young. Why would anyone want to tie themselves down, eh?
He stalks out.
(The following morning)
Sam is still sulking and tells Marlene that Annalise and Mark's marriage won't last. He insists she is too young, and anyway, their relationship has been very turbulent. Marlene asks if Sam is jealous and he admits that he is.
SAM: I just thought...one day...she's finally give him the shove, that's all.
MARLENE: And you'd be there to step in?
Sam just looks at her.
MARLENE: Come on darling, there are lots of other fish in the sea.
She suggests Ren, but Sam says she's enamoured with Chip. Marlene advises him to stop moping while she goes next door to tell them the news.
Cheryl, Ren, Danni, Brett and Lou are very pleased to hear the news about the engagement. Ren says they could play a little trick and pretend not to be bothered when Annalise and Mark get back - then they can surprise them at the pub party. Sounds like a stupid idea to me, but everyone goes for it.
When they've gone, Danni offers to design a pub medallion for Cheryl. Cheryl says she'll think about it when things are slightly less busy.
Colin tells Phil about Annalise and Mark's engagement, but he already knows. Colin starts banging on about the joys of marriage but Phil tells him that he has a headache and wants a bit of quiet. Colin starts singing and an exasperated Phil corrects his lyrics.
Cheryl is hanging up streamers. Chip is looking forward to the aerobic trampolining demonstration, which seems just the thing for a pub opening(!) Cheryl asks Lou to pick Annalise and Mark up at the airport, but his leg is bad, so he decides to ask Sam to do it.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Marlene and Colin are singing and dancing, much to Sam's disgust. Lou comes in to ask Sam to pick Mark and Annalise up from the airport. He looks horrified, but reluctantly agrees.
LOU: And don't forget, we're supposed to kid them that we're bored to death with the whole idea of them getting married, so don't be too happy when they tell you the good news.
SAM: Yeah, not a problem(!)
Danni and Brett are talking about Brett's love potion. Danni tells Brett to be a bit more cool - girls like the quiet, mysterious type. Brett vows to be more mysterious - maybe he'll grow a beard(!)
Cheryl is pleased to hear from Karl and Susan about the new medical practice. Susan has also joined the Erinsborough Players - Cheryl says she'd like to join too.
Ren and Chip come in. Ren asks Cheryl if a few of her friends can set up a stall for Amnesty. She agrees.
Sam comes in for Cheryl's keys so he can drive her car to the airport. Cheryl wants Sam to finish the sign for the pub, so sends Ren to the airport instead (who promptly invites Chip to join her). Sam rolls his eyes.
Back of the Bric- a- brac Shop
Danni and Sam are painting the sign with the new pub name. They chat vaguely about Ren and Chip.
SAM:(suddenly) Danni, is there something wrong with me?
DANNI:(jokingly) Where do you want me to start?!
SAM: I just want to know why I'm always the loser with women. Maybe I'm too ordinary, or something.
DANNI:(surprised) Sam, you're a dead- set spunk!
SAM: Yeah, give it a rest, Danni.
DANNI: It's true! All the girls think so.
SAM: So why am I always alone?
DANNI: Cos...you know how to attract a girl, but you don't know how to treat them once they're interested.
SAM:(offended) Hang on, I have had a few girlfriends in my time!
DANNI: Yeah, and it never lasted though, has it? You don't know how to talk to a girl for starters. I've watched you.
SAM: I talk to them like I talk to blokes, what's the difference?
DANNI: See, you're hopeless!
Annalise and Mark arrives home with Ren and Chip. Cody greets them and acts all cool about their engagement. Annalise and Mark are a bit surprised at everyone's reaction and look rather disappointed. Ren invites them down to the pub.
MARK: What is wrong with everyone?!
Annalise and Mark tells Cody and Ren that they want to get their own place now. Brett comes over and brushes their engagement news off. They are not pleased.
ANNALISE: Doesn't anybody care?
Karl and Susan are feeling part of the neighbourhood now. Sam and Danni comes in having finished erecting the new pub sign - "Chez Chez". Lou asks Sam to sign a card for Annalise and Mark and he forces himself to do so(!)
Outside the Pub
Marlene and Colin are doing their singing and dancing routine on the bridge with a crowd of onlookers. Nobody wants to know about Annalise and Mark's engagement and they look a bit upset.
CHERYL: Hello, can I have you're attention everybody, please? Thank you! Welcome to you all and thank you all so much for turning up for the new opening of Chez Chez. As you can see, the name has changed, however the good company and the good cheer will always remain the same whenever I have anything to do with it!
The crowd claps.
CHERYL: Before I can declare the place officially open, I have to share with you something that is far more important than anything that's happening here today. A little bird told me that while they were up North bushwhacking, Mark and Annalise have made the big decision. They are officially engaged to be married!
Everyone cheers and Cheryl reveals a "Congratulations" banner. Mark and Annalise are very pleased.
CHERYL: Congratulations to the two of you, and from this point on, this party is all for you!
Cheryl has one more surprise - she leads the crowd off.
Lou and Phil congratulate Annalise and Mark and they all head off to watch Chip's trampolining demonstration.
Annalise and Mark walk away arm in arm.
Annalise and Mark are walking along to romantic music, and stop for a kiss.
<<2264 - 2266>>
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