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Neighbours Episode 2256 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2256
Australian airdate: 10/10/94
UK airdate: 07/07/95
UK Gold: 25/06/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Grant Fenn
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Lizzy Bryant: Marilyn Chestnut
Truck Driver: Malcolm Sim
Police Officer 1: Peter Alchin
Police Officer 2: Melanie Coote
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Mark is shocked to see his picture in the newspaper.
- Susan is upset that Malcolm has shot Lou.
- Phil gets drunk at the Kennedy barbecue.
- Lou is in hospital and is upset he's going to miss the Variety Club event.
Susan is worried about Hannah looking after Phil on her own. Karl suggests she goes over and check on her. Susan says she'd feel like she was intruding, so Karl suggests that she takes some leftovers to them as an excuse to go over there.
Danni asks Brett is he and Libby are an item now. He says she's starting to come round. Danni asks if Brett could get Libby to swap roles with her in the school play - she doesn't want to do love scenes with her brother(!)
Colin comes over and Danni and Brett ask him for a video suitable for Lou. Colin and Brett agree that they are strongly anti- gun. Colin is pleased, and asks Brett what he thinks about The Republic.
Phil tells Hannah that he's OK this morning, and pours himself a glass of red wine(!)
HANNAH: Maybe you shouldn't drink so much.
PHIL: Don't worry about me, Hannah. This will perk me up!
Hannah goes to answer the door to Susan. She gives Hannah the leftovers and asks if she and Phil are OK.
SUSAN: Hannah, if you need anything, you'll let me know, won't you?
SUSAN: No, I mean that. It doesn't matter what time it is. If you want me, you just come on over or give me a call.
SUSAN: Now, will you do that?
HANNAH: Yeah. Thanks for the food.
She closes the door. Susan still looks worried.
Lou is home. Brett and Danni have got him some activities to do while he's recuperating, like computer games(!) Another public service announcement about guns ensues, but Lou tells them to forget it.
Mark comes over.
LOU: Well, if it isn't the great Aussie beefcake himself(!)
Mark is embarrassed and says he's come to talk about charity fundraiser.
Karl advises Susan to leave the Martins alone now - they've done as much as they can for now. Mal is wondering if he should go over and apologise to Lou. Karl thinks that's a good idea and tells Mal he's proud of him.
Mark is concerned that everyone is laughing at his photo in the newspaper(!) Lou tells Mark that the transport people are coming to pick up the car to go to Darwin first thing in the morning. Mark says he'll take the video camera to film it all for Lou.
There's a knock at the door and it's Mal.
CHERYL: Well, if it isn't the Ramsay Street rifle man(!) Come on in.
Mal awkwardly comes in.
MAL: Mr Carpenter, I'm sorry. I just wish there was something more I could say.
LOU:(generously) Forget it mate, it's over.
MAL: Look, if there's anything I can do until you're back on your feet again, just let me know, will you?
LOU:(laughing) Haven't you done enough already?!
Hannah tries to give some food but he doesn't want to eat. He's drinking another glass of wine.
HANNAH: Dad, I miss her too.
PHIL: Oh, sweetheart, I know you do.
Mal tells Karl and Susan that Lou was OK when he went over.
The phone rings - it's a reporter from the Erinsborough News wanting to talk to Mal about the shooting. Karl rants that they came to Melbourne to get away from the small- town mentality. Susan tells him not to over- react - it's just one phone- call.
Lou is getting into the computer games(!) and is playing with Mark. Danni is still nagging Brett to asks Libby about the school play.
The phone rings and it's someone from the Erinsborough News ringing about the shooting. Lou tells him to hang up. Lou says the less they say to the press the better. Brett says that the media is everyone's business.
Lizzy Bryant from the Erinsborough News pops round to see Colin. She asks him about the shooting and Colin says it's not his place to say anything as he wasn't directly involved. She says she's just trying to gauge the feeling in the community. Colin invites her for a drink!
Hannah is ironing her school uniform for the photos tomorrow. Phil spills wine on the carpet and Hannah cleans it up. She puts salt on the stain, saying Julie taught her how to do it. Unfortunately she's left the iron on her top and it's burnt.
HANNAH: Oh no, it's burnt! It's wrecked! Everything's wrecked.
Lizzy is just leaving and says Colin has given her everything she needs.
Mark comes in and Colin calls him over, saying he's still available for the Bash. Mark asks who the woman with Colin was. Colin says he didn't say too much, and then observes that the Kennedys moved in very quickly, like they were running away from something. Mark looks worried.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
The car is loaded on to a transport wagon and is driven off. Lou watches them go. He then opens the morning newspaper and sees the headline:
Hannah has overslept, and wakes up Phil, who is sleeping on the sofa. She asks if he can drive her to school in a panic. Phil helps her brush her hair. Hannah says her photo is going to be a disaster.
Karl is ranting about the newspaper headline, saying he is trying to build a reputation in the community. They wonder who talks to the newspaper - Karl thinks he knows who it was.
Phil drops Hannah at school, but he still looks a bit worse for wear. Phil has forgotten his wallet, but he finds some change in the car for Hannah's lunch money.
Danni is still moaning on about the school play. Lou is still playing computer games(!)
Danni says that she might get a detention on purpose so she doesn't have to do a love scene with Brett.
Cheryl has read the article in the paper and wonders who wrote it. Just then, Karl storms in.
KARL: Just had to do it, didn't you.
CHERYL: Do what?
KARL: Shoot your mouth off to the press!
LOU: Now, just a minute.
KARL: Even after Malcolm came over here to apologise, you just had to stick the knife in.
CHERYL: Your son could have killed Lou, I wouldn't go getting on my high horse if I were you.
KARL: Yes, well, obviously we are sorry about that but...
CHERYL: Well, why don't you check your facts first before you put your foot in your mouth even further.
LOU: I never even spoke to the woman.
KARL: Where did she get these quotes from?
LOU: I've no idea, and as I told Malcolm, as far as I'm concerned the whole matter's over. And I meant it.
KARL: Well, someone's blabbed to them. And when I find out who it is, there will be hell to pay.
A road
The police have pulled Phil over for not signalling. He doesn't have his wallet with him (and therefore not his licence), so they take his name and address. They asks him if he's been drinking. He says he had a few glasses of wine last night and the police give him a breath test.
POLICE OFFICER: You've tested positive, sir.
PHIL: That's impossible!
POLICE OFFICER: The test indicates there is alcohol present in your blood. You're required to accompany to the Erinsborough Police Station for the purpose of a breath test.
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