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Neighbours Episode 2254 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2254
Australian airdate: 06/10/94
UK airdate: 05/07/95
UK Gold: 21/06/01
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Officer McKinnon: Androo Allen
Police Person: Brendan Hickey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Annalise wants Mark to pose nude for a competition.
- There is a gun debate at school.
- Mal accidentally shoots Lou.
No.28 (Garage)
Susan runs out of the house and finds Lou clutching his leg. She sends Danni off to call an ambulance. She also sends Malcolm to get the first aid box, but he is rooted to the spot in shock.
Susan tends to Lou, elevating his leg. She cuts his jeans up the leg and sets Danni and Malcolm to folding narrow bandages to strap the wound.
Coffee Shop
Debbie and Hannah are talking about the court case - Debbie might be called as a witness. Hannah wishes that Debbie wasn't going to New York. She can't go too because she "can't leave Phil".
Cody comes in and gives Debbie a present - it's Drew's jacket and she wants Debbie to be able to blend in in America. They hug goodbye.
Ramsay Street
Lou is being stretchered on to an ambulance. Mal is looking very guilty indeed, and almost traumatised. As the ambulance is driving off, Karl drives up.
KARL: What's going on?!
SUSAN: Malcolm accidentally fired your rifle!
KARL: What?!
SUSAN: The bullet hit Lou Carpenter in the thigh.
KARL: My God!
SUSAN:(angrily) I hold you responsible for this, Karl!
KARL: Me?!
SUSAN: How could you leave a rifle lying around, it should have been locked away! I've never liked you owning a gun, now you know why, Lou could have been killed!
KARL: Alright, alright, I take your point, it *should* have been locked away. But it was unloaded.
MALCOLM: I loaded it.
KARL: Why?! Why would you load the gun, Malcolm?! How many times have I...
But just then, the police arrive to investigate the incident. They suggest that Karl and Malcolm come down to the station to answer a few questions.
Annalise tells Mark that he looks fantastic in the photos, and she's entering them into the competition! He isn't pleased.
Cheryl rushes in. Danni is sitting on Lou's bed. Lou is still unconscious, having been operated on to remove the bullet. Danni feels it was her fault for making Malcolm show them the gun.
Lou starts to wake up and says he had a nightmare about being shot, then remembers it's actually true. He's worried about missing the Variety Club Bash. Cheryl says that's the least of his worries!
Debbie and Hannah show Helen the Jack that Cody gave Debbie. Debbie still hasn't finished packing. Helen has put some frozen meals in the freezer for Hannah and Phil. Hannah is looking rather depressed. Helen tells her she'll be wonderful housekeeper while they're away, and it won't be too long before they're home again.
Phil is stunned to see Colin's "new staff uniform" and the aquarium in the shop. They've already heard about Lou being shot, and Colin says he could fill in for Lou at the Variety Club bash. He decides to ask Mark about it.
Susan has come over to get an update on Lou and give her grovelling apologies to Cheryl. Cheryl is not happy. Susan explains that Karl used to go rabbit- shooting in the country, that's why he had the gun. But she tells Cheryl she hates guns too. Cheryl doesn't think that Lou will press charges, then softens and thanks Susan for tending to Lou. Susan says they're getting off to a terrible start with their neighbours.
Mark is sulking about the competition. Colin comes round to ask him about the Variety Club Bash and offer his services as a replacement! Mark looks rather horrified and tells Colin that he's already got a replacement - Annalise! Colin is disappointed and Annalise rather surprised!
Brett has come over to say goodbye to Helen. He also tells Debbie that he'll miss her. She says they'll be in the same class next year. They hug goodbye.
Mark and Annalise agree to call a truce, although Mark is horrified to hear his picture will be in the local newspaper if he wins.
Debbie tells Phil that he hopes he doesn't feel she's deserting him. She hugs him and tells him she loves him.
Cheryl tells Danni that Lou is much better tonight, and the police have been questioning him. Danni is still very upset about the whole business. Cheryl thinks Mal needs punishing for the incident. Danni says shooting Lou was enough of a lesson in itself.
Lou is on the phone to Mark saying that he can't lend him his car to go to the variety Club bash - if he doesn't go, neither does the car. Colin comes in to visit and says Lou has commitments to the car sponsors - then talks Lou into changing his mind. Lou rings Mark back and tells him he and Annalise can go.
Phil and Hannah are back from seeing Helen and Debbie off. Hannah is concerned that Phil is having another drink.
Mal and Karl finally get home. Susan practically beside herself. Karl has been charged with failing to properly secure a firearm, which means a hefty fine. Mal has been charged with assault and occasioning bodily harm. He'll have to go to the Children's Court.
SUSAN: What's likely to happen? Another fine?
MALCOLM:(shouts) I could be sent to a Youth Training Centre!
Susan is shocked.
<<2253 - 2255>>
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