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Neighbours Episode 2247 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2247
Australian airdate: 27/09/94
UK airdate: 26/06/95
UK Gold: 12/06/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Philip East
Guests: Karl Kennedy: Alan Fletcher
Billy Kennedy: Jesse Spencer
Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Victoria Smith: Mary-Rose Cuskelly
Auctioneer: Ian Sprake
Prim Woman: Christine Bridge
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl hires a nanny to look after Lolly, but doesn't check her references.
- Sam tells Mark he's going to be his own boss from now on.
- Colin offers to work for free at the newsagency.
COLIN: I've never forgotten the kindness you showed me on that little holiday when we first met. I don't suppose you remember much about it, but you and your wife...
PHIL: I remember it fairly clearly(!)
Colin tells Phil that he is just repaying Phil for his kindness - a friend in need, is a friend indeed. Hannah comes in and Phil introduces her to Colin. Colin tells Phil that he'll lock up. He thanks Colin for his help.
COLIN: I'll drop the keys over later if you like. We can have a good, long natter. I hear Dougie Willis has moved to Darwin! Lucky him!
PHIL: Yeah, lucky him(!)
He explains that it's not a good night tonight, and asks Colin to drop the keys off to Vikram instead.
Victoria sprays air freshener to get rid of the cigarette fumes and totally ignores Lolly. She hears Cheryl and Lou coming and quickly picks up a storybook and pretends to be reading it to Lolly. Cheryl is pleased and tells Victoria she'll see her tomorrow.
Ren has come round to commiserate with Sam about his job. Ren tells him she's been sacked. Sam is cutting up flyers for his new business - Handy Sam's. Ren offers to help him distribute his flyers.
Lou and Cheryl are getting a bit fruity (yuk) but suddenly Lolly starts crying. Cheryl goes over to her and observes that Lolly is very restless tonight. She wants Lolly to sleep with them. Lou rolls his eyes.
Annalise asks Mark if he's spoken to Ren and Rick about her moving back into No.30. He is evasive and eventually says that neither really wants her to because of the stories going round about her and Mark's spectacular fights(!) Annalise is not pleased. She asks Mark to move in with her instead, but he doesn't think it's a good idea.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
No.28 is up for auction today.
Lou has been forced to sleep on the sofa. He is feeling particularly fruity this morning (yuk) but has to go off and see Mark about the variety Club Bash. But after that, he'll get someone to look after the car yard for him and they can spend the rest of the day together.
Victoria arrives to mind Lolly for the day.
Lou asks Mark to help out with the Variety Club bash. He agrees enthusiastically.
Ramsay Street
A steady stream of people are viewing No.28 and Karl Kennedy is chatting to the auctioneer. Colin appears and says he's planning to bid! He tells the auctioneer that if he wants to bid he'll raise his right hand!
Karl tells Billy that he's nervous about the auction. Meanwhile, Colin is telling the auctioneer that he doesn't want to scratch his nose and accidentally bid!
Billy goes over and introduces himself to Hannah. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Marlene are checking out the prospective buyers!
Hannah invites Billy to come and see her horse. Meanwhile, Marlene is detailing her list of undesirable neighbours to Cheryl (eg religious nutters!)
Victoria is eating chocolates and ignoring Lolly. Ren pops round and Victoria reprimands her for walking straight in. Ren explains that she used to work for Cheryl and is hoping for a reference from Lou.
Ren smells cigarette smoke and also that Lolly's nappy needs to be changed. Victoria ushers her out.
Cody is upset about No.28 being sold. She is finding it hard to think of it as someone else's house. Sam tries to comfort her. Ren comes round and tells them that the new nanny next door is hopeless. Sam advises Cody to tell the new owner how important Zak's tree is. Ren says that the house remains the Willises until it's sold. Cody could dig up the tree and put it in a pot!
Cody is digging up Zak's tree. Karl Kennedy goes over and demands to know what she's doing. Colin also comes over and introduces himself. He admires the tree and advises Cody not to transplant it at this time of year. Karl promises Cody that he'll keep the tree if he becomes the new owner. Cody says she's taking the tree anyway. Colin tells Karl that he looks forward to bidding against him!
Hannah is showing Billy her horse. Billy tells her his mother is a champion horse rider, and about the huge horse shows they have in the country. Billy suggests they go and catch some tadpoles in Lassiter's Lake to pass the time.
Ramsay Street
The No.28 auction is about to start. It is billed as a "4 bedroom suburban house". Colin starts the bidding at $150,000. Karl ups it to $170,000. Lou and Mark chat, and Annalise isn't pleased to hear that Mark is going with Lou to the Variety Club bash. The bidding is now at $200,000, then Karl bids up to $210,000.
Annalise has dragged Mark inside to talk about the Variety Club Bash. She tells him off for not talking to her about it first. He didn't think it was a big deal, and he'll only be gone a week. She apologises for getting cross and tell him she'll miss him.
Ramsay Street
The bidding is now up to $230,000. Lou is very much supporting Karl as he doesn't want Colin as a neighbour(!) Karl and Colin are the only bidders left in now.
Ren approaches Cheryl and tells her she thinks Victoria is bad news.
Victoria is reading a magazine and smoking when Cheryl comes in quietly. She isn't pleased and tells Victoria she has 5 seconds to get out - without pay.
Ramsay Street
The bidding is up to $241,500 and Karl is very cross. He bids $242,000. Phil is also watching them. Colin is now up to $243,020(!). Karl bids $250,000 and everyone gasps. Colin is out, and the house is sold to Karl Kennedy. Everyone claps, except Cody, who rolls her eyes.
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