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Neighbours Episode 2232 from 1994 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2232
Australian airdate: 06/09/94
UK airdate: 05/06/95
UK Gold: 22/05/01
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Grant Brown
Guests: Lata Chatterji: Kamila Webb
Ridge: James McRae
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cody gives Cheryl a book written by Danni in which she has written "everything"
- Danni is worried that she'll be expelled for playing on the basketball team while suspended.
- Sam is on a date with Lata. Rick is surprised.
Rick shows Sam and Lata to a table, although suggests that they might like to go somewhere else(!) He hisses to Lata that Brett is working in the kitchen. Sam and Lata sit at a table and Sam suggests a quiet drink before their meal. Rick rolls his eyes.
Doug and Pam are on the phone to Gaby, who is apparently settling in well. Pam is really missing the kids, and wonders if it's worth maintaining such a big house.
Lou comes round to talk about fundraising - he's got $1000 from Lassiters and $400 from someone else. Doug has got a grocer to donate a load of fruit and veggies for the raffle. Pam does a thinly disguised advert for the charity "Variety". Apparently 93c in every dollar goes direct to the beneficiaries(!)
Pam suggests they could do a murder- mystery weekend - apparently they run them at country hotels. Doug and Lou think it's a great idea.
Danni comes in and Cheryl shows her "The Book of Blame". Danni wants it back. Cheryl moans at her and says it's not surprising Danni was suspended. Cheryl can't be bothered to go to the school, but says she's sick of Danni letting her down.
Rick is pressuring Sam and Lata to give him their orders. In the background, Rick beckon Lata over.
At the front desk, Rick tells Lata off for cheating on Brett. Lata says Brett told her to forget it, but Rick says Brett really likes her! Lata looks concerned and says she'll have to go home.
Sam comes over and Rick covers, saying he was explaining to Lata that the prawns are a little bit off(!)
Marlene is serving and introduces a bloke called Ridge to Pam and Doug. Marlene says she's determined to get the non- yuppie crowd in(!) She hasn't told Cheryl yet, but says Cheryl won't mind once she sees the takings going up(!) Marlene has got a TV on showing the racing(!)
Brett puts his head out of the kitchen and says he wants to see Sam's hot date. Rick pushes him back into the kitchen and puts a plant in front of the door.
At the table, Lata awkwardly starts to tell Sam about Brett, but just then, Brett comes out of the kitchen and sees them. He gets very upset and pushes Sam. A fight ensues and Brett ends up punching Sam!
Pam and Doug have been up late watching TV. They talk about their mundane lives and Pam moans about her job.
DOUG: There are worse jobs than ours.
PAM: Mmm. Like debt collectors.
DOUG: Mortuary attendants.
PAM: Not having a job at all. Still...life's a grind.
Doug suggests that they go to bed early for a bit of passion(!)
For some reason, Sam is apologising to Brett(!). Perhaps he's sorry his face got in the way of his fist. Anyway, Sam explains that he didn't know Lata was with Brett. Brett is very embarrassed about punching Sam and slinks off.
A road
Danni is in a phonebox talking to Michael. He tells her that he's coming home soon, then they get cut off.
DANNI:(upset) I love you.
Brett is ranting at himself for punching Sam, but Cheryl says it just proves that he loves Lata(!) Even Lou says Brett doesn't need to be ashamed of punching Sam(!)
There's a knock at the door and it's Sam and Lata. Cheryl drags Lou off to bed. Sam also heads off.
Rick is having a beer while Marlene cleans up the pub. He tells her about Brett and Lata. Rick is worried that the customers were offended by Brett's punch. Marlene gives Rick some cash to cheer him up as she's won on the horses.
Sam comes in and tells Rick that he hadn't realised that Lata was 16. Marlene says at least it was a bit of excitement in the neighbourhood(!)
Lata tells Brett that she only went out with Sam because she wanted to be accepted, and Brett said to "forget it". Brett said he didn't mean to forget the relationship, just the way he acted. He tells Lata that she's very beautiful. He scoots over to her and takes her hand. He asks her to forgive him and she says there isn't anything to forgive.
Garden of No.30, the following morning
Mark is cleaning leaves out of the pool. Rick is up early to see his boss, who has heard about the punch- up.
Danni's school principal is on the phone. She asks Cheryl to come in this morning, but she says she's busy, and Lou will have to go instead. Cheryl is apparently going to the baby competition.
Lou tells Danni that Brett is looking a lot more chipper this morning.
Pam is late out of bed and is now in a rush. She isn't looking forward to seeing her client this morning. Doug suggests that she calls in sick(!) He takes the phone off the hook and chases her to the bedroom!
Lata and Brett are hanging out. They are rather lovey- dovey.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Rick orders a large breakfast off Mark. Apparently one of the customers has complained to his boss and Rick has been demoted. He's also not the Face of Lassiter's anymore. Mark says he'll give him an extra egg for free(!)
Lou and Danni are back from the school. Apparently Danni has been expelled for not giving a good explanation and playing on the school basketball team while suspended.
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