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Neighbours Episode 2053 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2053
Australian airdate: 24/11/93
UK airdate: 27/09/94
UK Gold: 13/09/00
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Kendal Flanagan
Guests: Cheryl Stark: Caroline Gillmer
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Ruth Stoner: Donna Woodhouse
Damien Easton: Brett Cartwright
Removalist: Peter Schofield
Kev: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl is the new neighbour! Pam is pleased, but Julie less so. Cheryl invites them in for a cup of tea.
Debbie and Rick are rehearsing the school play. Rick is not doing very well and keeps forgetting his lines. He's very nervous about the performance - he hasn't had time to put the time in to learn his lines with competing in the triathlon and everything. Debbie tells him he'll look like a dork if he doesn't do something.
Doug asks Hannah (as his spy) for the latest news on Pam's triathlon team. She says it's not going very well.
Just then, the phone rings and apparently Gaby has flown to Tasmania with Jack, and she won't be back for the triathlon.
DOUG: Another one bites the dust!
Cheryl tells Julie and Pam that she likes Ramsay Street - she never liked living in the pub after she moved back there. Also, her daughter Janine is putting in for a transfer (she's in the navy) so she'll be moving in too.
Pam and Cheryl talk about Cheryl's cruise and apparently it was like a romance novel(!) with a holiday fling called Gary. Julie decides to head off(!) Cheryl tells Pam that Julie looks down her nose at everyone, but she'll give her a run for her money.
Julie is telling Lou that Cheryl has moved in to No.22. He insists that it's all over between him and Cheryl. At least, he hopes so(!)
Doug gives Hannah $5 to continue spying for him. Pam comes in and offers Hannah a drink and some biscuits. Doug tells Pam that Gaby is in Tasmania at a casino. Pam is unconcerned - she's got some reserves to compete in the triathlon. Doug goes off for a strategy meeting at the Coffee Shop.
When Doug has gone, Pam asks Hannah for spy news about Doug's team. Hannah asks for $5.
Rick still can't remember his lines for the play (Othello). Debbie is totally exasperated with him. She thinks the teacher will give Rick's part to Damien.
Hannah comes in with a toy and tells Debbie that she earned the money to pay for it.
Outside No.24
Lou is getting his paper in when Cheryl calls over to him. He says hello, but then goes back into the house saying he has lots of business to attend to.
Julie is off training, and Hannah is taking Holly for a walk.
Pam comes in and tells Julie that Gaby has dropped out of the triathlon. Annalise is now going to be their swimmer. Pam admits that she's planted a spy in Doug's camp, but Debbie laughs and says that Hannah is a double- agent.
Coffee Shop
Doug admits to Rick that he's paid Hannah to spy for him. Rick tells him that Hannah is a double- agent. Rick tells Doug that the young ones will win, but Doug says the oldies will come through!
Julie tells Pam and Lauren that she's enjoying the triathlon training even if the rest of the team are not(!) Brad has apparently gone off with Swampy. Julie thinks Lou's team will come last now that Cheryl is back on the street to distract him. Lauren isn't happy to hear that Cheryl is back on the scene.
DOUG: Cheryl doesn't do anything without a reason. Buying in to Ramsay Street only says one thing to me.
No.24 (evening)
Lou tells Lauren that he's not bothered if Cheryl wants to live next door to him. If she still wants him, that's her problem.
School Play Rehearsal
Rick is still struggling with his lines. The teacher and eventually tells him that Damian will have to take his part. Rick tells Debbie and Ally that he doesn't mind. Anyway, Damian really fancies Ally. Ally says they need a real man playing Othello, not a nerd(!)
Hannah doesn't want to tell Julie where she got the money for the toy from, but she assures her that it's above board.
Phil tells Julie that she should welcome Cheryl, and definitely not start any new feuds. Julie says that she might invite Cheryl to dinner. Phil is suspicious(!)
School Play Rehearsal
Rick has been demoted to understudy. He protests against the teacher feebly, and eventually complies. He tells Debbie and Ally that all actors have knock- backs(!) Ally vows to do something about the situation - she goes off to talk to Damian to "congratulate" him.
No.22, the following morning
Cheryl is still unpacking when Julie comes round.
JULIE: I was wondering if you'd like to come to dinner tonight?
CHERYL:(stunned) Dinner? Me?
Julie explains that Cheryl is unpacking, so wouldn't have time to cook. Cheryl says that Julie hasn't given her the time of day since Darren got her kids into trouble. Julie says they should let bygones be bygones. Cheryl accepts.
Apparently Janine's transfer from the Navy didn't come through.
Slater House
Ally has brought Damian around to practise his lines. Sean starts talking to Damian about computer programming, but Ally sends Sean off.
Ally suggests that she and Damian go into her bedroom. He looks doubtful, but she drags him off.
Pam and Julie are having lunch. Lou overhears them talking about Cheryl and Janine's transfer not coming through. Lou wonders if Cheryl was telling the truth about that in the first place.
Julie invites Lou to dinner tonight to talk about some "business things"
School Play Rehearsal
Damian is nowhere to be found, and Ally tells the teacher she hasn't seen him. The teacher rushes off to ring Damian, telling Rick that he'll have to go on if Damian can't be found!
Slater House
Sean finds Damian tied up in Ally's bedroom!
School Play Rehearsal
Rick does everything he can to get out of playing Othello, but the teacher won't hear of it - the show must go on!
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