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Neighbours Episode 2049 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2049
Australian airdate: 18/11/93
UK airdate: 21/09/94
UK Gold: 07/09/00
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Alex Slater: Nigel Bradshaw
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise is confronting Mark about the girl with red hair. Mark laughs that Annalise is jealous, but she is in no mood to laugh. Mark admits that the girl (Bernadette) is his from his past, but he says he doesn't have to explain himself. Annalise rants at him that he's a cheat.
Coffee Shop
Brad offers to cover the Coffee Shop with Rick so he can go to the triathlon meeting. Beth comes in to get her handbag which she left behind. She tells him about her lunch with Wayne, which turned into a discussion about the counselling service. Beth knows it's a worthy cause, but she does feel a bit pushed out. Brad invites Beth for a drink at the Waterhole so they can talk some more.
Annalise is still ranting at Mark. He says there is nothing going on with Bernadette, and there never has been. Annalise pours out the stuff that Madame Zolga said and Mark is stunned, saying Annalise must have talked to Stephen. He says he doesn't like being spied on. Annalise says she doesn't like being cheated on!
Rick is trying to convince Craig to join their triathlon team. Debbie thinks it's a good idea, but Craig says he's still resting after his breakdown. Also, he's off to stay with his dad tomorrow for two weeks - his dad making a big effort at the moment.
Coffee Shop
Rick asks if Ally is going to see their father too and she says she is. Ally has got some new swimwear and says she'll send Rick an picture of her in it.
Mrs Slater comes in and says that Ally and Sean can't go with Craig to see their father. It's not the school holidays. Craig needs the break, and they don't. Ally says she'll ring their father to tell him.
Beth tells Mark to tell Annalise the truth about Bernadette. Mark stubbornly says he doesn't want to cave in, as Annalise has got to learn to trust him. Apparently Bernadette has asked Mark to go to Sydney with her - and he might, if Annalise doesn't calm down!
Lou is trying to recruit Brad as a swimmer for the triathlon. Doug comes out and accuses Lou of poaching Brad(!) Lou says it's up to Brad to choose. He says he'll think about it(!)
Sean tells Rick and Debbie that he'd like to join their triathlon team. They are a bit doubtful, but say he can be the swimmer. Sean says he's making an unbeatable bike, so he should do the cycling. Rick isn't happy as he wanted to do the cycling leg.
Mark is drinking Doug's energy smoothie(!) They proceed to borrow Beth's workout video(!) Mark wonders where Brad has got to and then they admire the leotards of the women in the video(!) Beth comes back and says that at least the video got their hearts going(!)
Rick asks Sean what's so special about his new bike, but he won't say. Ally has rung her father and apparently he's going to pick them up straight from school. Sean is surprised that their mother is letting them go.
Ally admits to Rick that she lied about having her mother's permission. She reckons Rick will miss her.
Coffee Shop
Lou is badgering Brad to tell him if he's going to join his triathlon team. Beth comes in and tell Brad that she's seen Doug's team and they're rubbish. Brad goes off to find Lou to tell him he'll join his team.
Slater House
The kids are getting ready to leave with their father. Mrs Slater comes in unexpectedly and catches them (apparently Ally and Sean are supposed to be twins - ha ha ha really?!) Mr Slater says he thought she'd be pleased that he's making an effort, but she explains that they need to attend school and help at the newsagency. Mr Slater says perhaps they'd better stay and they can do something in the holidays together. Ally is apoplectic with rage and runs out shouting she hates them.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is ranting about Mark and "Bernie the bimbo". Beth tells her to talk to Mark about it. She tells Annalise she's not too happy in her relationship with Wayne at the moment. Brad passes by and mentions their dinner last night. Annalise is interested and says that she knows Beth and Brad want to be more than friends.
Slater House
Ally has come back and is still in a bad mood. She says some awful things to her mother and then goes to her room.
Annalise asks Brad if there is some chemistry between him and Beth. Brad is pleased, but is distracted by Lou, who is pleased that Brad is joining his triathlon team. He goes over to Annalise again, who tells him that she thinks Beth is still in love with him - and Brad is still in love with her.
ANNALISE: Just go for it, Brad!
Doug is having a beer, but hides it when Lou comes round. He tells him that Brad is joining Lou and Wayne, and Doug is not pleased. Lou says that Doug doesn't have the willpower or the stamina!
Mark tells Annalise that he's thinking of going to Sydney - Bernadette has offered him a job at her restaurant in Sydney. He finally admits that Bernadette is his cousin. Annalise explains about the clairvoyant, but Mark tells her to just ring Stephen to check. She relents and apologises to him. They kiss and make up.
Ally tells Rick that her mother won't let her go to her father's, so she's decided to hitch a lift there anyway(!)
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