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Neighbours Episode 2046 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2046
Australian airdate: 15/11/93
UK airdate: 16/09/94
UK Gold: 04/09/00
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Judith John-Story
Guests: Wendy Slater: Jennifer Jarman-Walker
Alex Slater: Nigel Bradshaw
Craig Slater: Daniel Tobias
Ally Slater: Bryony Price
Sean Slater: Ben Thomas
Monty Danvers: David Watson
Vincent Roland: Bob Brown
Kristy: Jodi Haigh
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Ally, Craig and Sean are meeting their father at Lou's house.
- Mrs Slater tells Lou that she wishes she could turn back the clock.
- The Headmaster tells Debbie that she can't set up the Youth Line - counselling should be left to the professionals.
- Pam vows to set up a female triathlon all- girl team.
Julie tells Debbie that she's going to talk to the headmaster about the Youth Line today. Debbie isn't sure Julie will be able to talk him round.
Pam pops round and says she's got a counsellor on board for the Youth Line. She asks Julie if she'd like to join her all- girl triathlon team. Phil and Debbie scoff, but Julie obstinately says she'd love to!
Coffee Shop
Rick brings Mrs Slater a cup of tea and asks how Craig is. Lou comes in with Rick's assignment that he's left behind. Lou says hello to Mrs Slater (Wendy) and she tells him she didn't appreciate Lou setting her and Alex up at his house the other day. It seems that Lou got hold of the wrong end of the stick - Wendy doesn't want Alex back.
Sean and Ally see Julie and they wish her luck in convincing the headmaster about the Youth Line. On her way, Julie bumps into a man with long hair who is rather charming.
Coffee Shop
Craig comes in and Rick and Debbie greet him. Rick is a bit awkward with him, not really knowing what to say. Craig says it's like he's got the plague(!) Debbie assures him that everyone will forget about his breakdown in time.
Doug has arrived home and Pam offers him a home- cooked breakfast.
Headmaster's Office
Julie has explained to the headmaster that she has everything arranged for the Youth Line. He is very pessimistic and says the Youth Line is completely unnecessary. Julie stands up to him and says it's very important for the kids.
HEADMASTER: It's a waste of resources.
JULIE: That is nonsense!
HEADMASTER: We clearly have different points of view, Mrs Martin. We do not have the money, and I'm not going to give it to you. Apart from that, I'm perfectly within my rights to withhold my support.
JULIE: Alright, I'll get the money. Then you'll have no excuse.
Rick is worried that he can't talk to Craig properly. Debbie tells him not to worry about it. Julie comes along and tells them that the Headmaster won't allow the Youth Line, but she's not giving up. She is going to talk to Phil about sponsorship. Rick says quietly that maybe there's something else they can do.
Doug is eating his breakfast. Pam is rushing off to work when Lou pops round, having seen Doug's ute outside. Doug tells Lou that it is the worst job he's ever had, and he doesn't know how he's going to stick it.
Phil is talking to the rather charming man who bumped into Julie at the school earlier. It turns out he's a business associate. Julie comes in and Phil introduces him as Monty Danvers. He recognises Julie from the school - it turns out he's using Lassiter's for a vintage car convention. Apparently he's got a really good deal out of Phil(!)
Julie tells Mr Danvers about the Youth Line, and she needs some sponsorship. Phil tells her that she shouldn't bother Mr Danvers with this - he doesn't even live in Erinsborough.
Julie waits until Phil has gone and then accosts Mr Danvers again. He offers to buy her a drink. Julie says perhaps he could come to her house a bit later (after he's picked up his car from the mechanic)
Slater House
Ally, Craig and Sean want their mother to talk to them about the divorce, so they can clear the air. She says it's not easy for her to talk about. Just then, their father arrives and she sends the kids off to school. On the way out, Craig says that he's sick of his parents arguing. Alex says that he's come to talk - civilly, this time.
Ramsay Street
Pam is on her bike training for the triathlon. They do a bit of sledging and Lou says his team are bound to win!
Julie is putting on some makeup to meet Mr Danvers and Debbie laughs at her. There's a knock at the door and Debbie leaves through the back door, still laughing.
Mr Danvers arrives with some flowers for Julie, and tells her to call him Monty. She pours him a brandy and he invites her to sit down next to him. Julie looks a bit uneasy.
Sean has got some "stuff that Rick requested" from the newsagency. He tells them that he has a plan - on the pedestrian overpass.
Julie tells Monty that she's feeling a bit uncomfortable, but he reassures her. She explains about the Youth Line and how important it is, but the headmaster doesn't want it. Monty asks if getting the finance would really irritate the headmaster. Julie says that it definitely would.
Coffee Shop
Wendy and Alex are having lunch. Apparently they've had a good talk and are going to try to be friends for the kids sake if nothing else. Craig comes in and is pleased to hear that they're going to try to get along from now on.
When they've gone, Craig tells Debbie that he's going to try to think about other people more. Ally comes in and asks if they know what's up with Rick - he got Sean to get him some cans of spray paint. Debbie worries that Rick will do something stupid regarding the Youth Line campaign. Craig says he'll try to stop him.
Julie introduces Mr Danvers to the Headmaster. She explains that he's made a donation to allow them to start the Youth Line. The headmaster is forced to relent. Julie is surprised. It turns out the headmaster is Monty's nephew - and he's always found him a vacuous bore(!)
Pedestrian Overpass
Rick gets his spray paint out.
Pam is knackered after her bike ride. She asks Doug how his job is, and she can tell that he's not happy. She eventually drags out of him that he hates the job - he's just not the salesman type. She tells him she's very sorry, as she got the job for him. He says he's going to stick with it until something better comes along.
Julie arrives home. Phil has found an empty brandy glass and berates Julie for seeing Mr Danvers again against his wishes. She tells him that actually, he told her to tell Phil that he wants to take out a five year contract with Lassiter's for all his club and business functions. Phil looks shocked, so Julie offers him a brandy(!)
Pedestrian Overpass
Rick is spraying paint and loses his balance. He ends up hanging from the bridge with traffic passing underneath!
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