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Neighbours Episode 2008 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<2007 - 2009>>
Episode title: 2008
Australian airdate: 22/09/93
UK airdate: 26/07/94
UK Gold: 12/07/00
Writer: John Upton
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Jeffrey Hockney: Jeff Keogh
Louise Barker: Katrina McEwan
Shannen Emerson: Andrea Swifte
Lindy Chatsworth: Dale Stevens
Gina: Verity McIntyre
Kev: Brad Wade
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ramsay Street
Brad is cleaning his car with a hose. Beth is insulting his car, then grabs his hose and soaks him! Debbie comes over and says she's glad they're back together. They tell her they aren't, they're just messing around. Debbie smiles knowingly.
Coffee Shop
A girl comes in and tells Rick that the Coffee Shop is really good now that he's running it. She tries to walk off without paying, saying she's a friend and advertising the Coffee Shop for free. He reluctantly agrees.
Annalise's Office
Jeffrey is telling Annalise a few things about her typing. When he's gone, the older secretary snipes at her and says Annalise has got the promotion she's worked years for. Annalise says that's not her fault, and anyway, all she wants to do is improve herself, not get it on with Jeffrey.
OLDER SECRETARY: You'll be coming down to earth with a great big thud.
Brad is helping Mark to move his stuff in. Beth comes out (she's had a shower because she's been soaked by the hose) and looks doubtfully at Mark's cactus. Brad starts drying her hair and Mark says that he's glad to see they're back together. They tell him they're just good friends.
When he's gone, Brad tells Beth that maybe they should do something about all the comments they've been having.
Coffee Shop
Another girl is asking for free food from Rick. She insists she knows him, but Rick says he's never seen her before. He reluctantly brings her a free cappuccino.
Beth tells Brad that she needs to go shopping for a new outfit. Gaby comes in and says it's good to see them back together(!) When she's gone, Brad says they should just see other people, and then everyone will get off their backs.
Wayne pops in. Brad tells Beth she should make a move on him! Beth says she doesn't want to use him as a fake boyfriend. Brad says he'll ask Wayne out for her(!)
Annalise tells Mark that she has to go out tonight for business. He asks her out on the weekend, but she says she's too busy getting to grips with her job. He slinks off.
Wayne asks Annalise about her job and she snaps at him that everyone thinks she's a bimbo. Wayne suggests asking Jeffrey about it straight out.
Brad pops in to tell Wayne to ask Beth out(!) He explains about the need to quash the rumours about himself and Beth. Wayne agrees to go on a date with her.
Annalise and Jeffrey are having a drink. She asks him about the previous secretary and why she left. Jeffrey says she had a crush on him, and left when he turned her down.
The Office
Gaby is working late when Mark comes in. He invites her for a drink and a meal at the Waterhole. She says she thought he was after Annalise, but Mark says Gaby has more intelligent conversation(!)
Annalise introduces Jeffrey to Gaby and Mark. Gaby knows Jeffrey's name from her work at Lassiter's.
When they've gone, Gaby tells Mark that Jeffrey is quite a high- flyer. Mark thinks he and Annalise are a weird combination.
Coffee Shop
Loads of girls are demanding free food and drink from Rick. Wayne comes in and asks if Rick can do a picnic basket for him. The girls are being very rude to Rick, telling him to hurry up. Wayne gets involved and tells them all to get out. Rick runs after the girls and tells them to ignore Wayne.
Debbie comes along and the girls snipe at her. She stands up to them and tells them that she made a mistake and that knows that Louise and her mates are all trouble and she will be keeping her distance from them in future. They strop off and Rick is impressed.
Annalise's Office
Annalise and the older secretary are chatting. She points out that the lady who has just come out of Jeffrey's office is Jeffrey's fiance...but of course, he's told Annalise all about her, hasn't he? Annalise looks a bit worried.
Coffee Shop
Rick tells Debbie that he's finding it hard working at the shop. He's worried that the Coffee Shop is a bit empty, and also that he has no social life. Debbie has convinced him to stand up to Louise and co though.
Wayne comes in to pick up his picnic basket. He tells Debbie that he hopes she'll be coming back to school after the holidays. Debbie says she can't go back ever - she can't face it. Wayne pays for his picnic basket.
Beth is dressed up for her date with Wayne. Brad asks why she's so dressed up and acts a bit worried. Then he starts saying that Wayne might not be a good guy(!) to put her off. He implores her to put some baggy clothes on, but she won't. Then he starts going on about Beth staying in public places(!)
Coffee Shop
Louise comes in and apologises for giving Rick a hard time. He accepts her apology. She still wants free food though(!) He says no and she turns nasty. Rick throws her out.
Lassiter's Lake
Mark sees Annalise sitting crying on the steps. He asks her what's happened. She tells him they all hate her at her job, and they're all saying that Jeffrey wants her for her body - and she thinks they're right.
Wayne has arrived and is getting on well with Beth. Brad tells Wayne to make sure as many people as possible see them. Beth and Wayne leave and Brad looks worried.
<<2007 - 2009>>
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