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Neighbours Episode 1926 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1926
Australian airdate: 31/05/93
UK airdate: 01/04/94
UK Gold: 20/03/00
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Brendan Maher
Guests: Russell Butler: Stephen Whittaker
Harvey Johnson Damian Foley
Summary/Images by: Clare
- Rick tells the chef he doesn't want to return to his job.
- Julie accuses her family of ganging up on her.
- Russell taunts Stephen and Stephen knocks Russell to the ground. Russell laughs.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe goes into the kitchen and Stephen follows her. Phoebe gets angry at Stephen for reacting exactly how Russell wanted him to react. Stephen still thinks he is in the right and Russell was bluffing. In another two weeks they can legally evict Russell as he is two weeks late with his rent. A Police Officer arrives and asks Stephen to come down to the station.
Lassiters Office
Philip is annoyed when Annalise has not followed the right filing system. She is annoyed when she thinks he is calling her dumb. Annalise asks if there is a chance she can stay on when Gaby comes back. Philip is unsure but he says he will thinking about it.
Lassiter's Lake
Rick and Debbie are walking to school. Rick is just shrugging the matter off. Harvey bumps into them. Harvey invites them to the Diving Cannon which has music and dancing and hot chicks. Rick is keen but Debbie says they are busy that night. Harvey says they can both come and Rick agrees. Harvey goes to chat up Annalise. Rick is keen but Debbie thinks Harvey is a creep.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is stressed out and it is just her running the busy Coffee Shop. She takes an order to a table and the lady points out a baby is crying. Phoebe says there is nothing she can do about it. The lady is disapproving
WOMAN: Young women today. They think they can have it all but in the end it is the children who always suffer.
Stephen returns and follows Phoebe to the kitchen. Stephen says he was charged with assault and is up before the magistrate tomorrow. Phoebe wants to know if things can get any worse. Stephen offers to handle things at the Coffee Shop so Phoebe can take Hope back to Lou's.
Lassiters Office Reception
Helen comes in and asks Annalise if Philip is available. Annalise says Philip is busy so Helen leaves the books for the Home James company. Annalise asks if there are any jobs with Home James and Helen tells her it is a very small firm. Annalise says she hasn't got anywhere with Philip. Helen says she is sure if Annalise puts her mind to it she can get a job there.
No32 Kitchen
Julie is doing her homework whilst Hannah is doing her homework which is spread out over the table. She asks a question about the endangered species and Julie says she is too busy. Hannah says Julie used to help her. Julie says she hasn't got time now. Philip arrives and Julie says he is home early. Julie says she will start dinner and Philip says there is no rush as he has to go and see Russell. Russell has overcharged Philip on a bill for fixing the computer.
JULIE: How long will it take?
PHILIP: As long as it takes.
No32 Hallway
Hannah asks Philip for help with her project as Julie is too busy. Philip asks her if it can wait till after dinner Philip will. Julie says Hannah is meant to do it on her own. Philip says it doesn't matter but Hannah walks off saying she will do it on her own. Julie and Philip look at each other. Philip says he has to go and walks off. Julie goes back to her homework.
Ramsay Street
Russell is going through the post with a smug grin on his face. He takes a piece of Stephen's post and puts it in his pocket. He spots Phoebe pushing Hope in her pram and runs after her, calling her name. Phoebe tells Russell to leave her alone. Russell tells Phoebe he just came to give her her mail. Phoebe looks at Russell warily. Russell stoops down to the pram and greets Hope. (The pram is probably empty as Hope is not shown in her pram). Phoebe abruptly tells Russell to give her the mail.
RUSSELL: Look - no hard feelings about this morning, huh?
PHOEBE: You got Stephen arrested and you're saying no hard feelings?
RUSSELL: Yeah I'm - I'm not angry anymore but I'm worried about you. What if he gets violent with you? Or Hope?
PHOEBE: You're unbelievable.
RUSSELL: You'll be safer with me. I'll look after you. We'll be happy.
Philip comes across calling Russell's name. Phoebe takes the chance to escape. Russell asks Philip if there have been any more problems. Philip says not unless you count the bill he is holding of his. It's ridiculous for five minutes work. (Though in 1993 it probably took five minutes to switch on the computer). Russell says Philip is paying for his expertise, not time. Philip says he will give Russell two hundred dollars and that is probably too much. Philip tells Russell that if he doesn't like it, sue him.
Phoebe has Hope against her shoulder and is looking out of the window onto Ramsay Street. Hope starts crying. Phoebe reassures Hope telling her she is ok. Phoebe is backing away from the window whilst still watching warily. Phoebe puts Hope in her Moses basket and Hope continues to cry. Phoebe rings Mim (I think Dorothy?) and says she wasn't sure if she would have been home yet. Phoebe reassures Mim that everything is fine and she just wanted to hear a friendly voice. Phoebe says Hope is teething and has been screaming her lungs out all day. Phoebe - whilst crying tells Mim that Stephen is up on an assault charge and they're being terrorised by the housemate from hell. Apart from that, everything is fine. Phoebe is breaking down in tears.
Outside Lassiters Office
Annalise is locking the door. Russell bumps into Annalise as she turns around and she drops her handbag. Russell swoops down to pick it up. Annalise tells Russell that if anything came out it has to go back in. Russell gives the handbag back to Annalise and Annalise walks off. Russell tells Annalise he's glad he ran into her. Russell gives Annalise the two hundred dollars he owes her for the rent. Annalise says it's not before time. Russell walks away swinging his car keys in the air.
RUSSELL: My pleasure Annalise.
Coffee Shop
It is now the evening. Stephen serves Harvey at the counter. Harvey pays and tells Stephen he can keep the change. Harvey takes the milkshake over to Annalise. Stephen sarcastically thanks him.
Harvey says the best chef in the Southern Hemisphere is here with the hottest barmaid. What a pairing. Annalise says she's not on the market for love right now. She's just here to have fun. Rick and Debbie walk in. Rick asks if they're going to sit around all night - let's rage. Harvey says they're going to rage but first he offers them a party starter (in a tin) to get everyone in the mood. Debbie says not on his life. Harvey says to suit herself but calls her Mary Poppins. Rick says it's not his scene. Harvey says not to worry about Stephen. Rick says he can party under his own steam. Harvey says there will be more for him and Annalise. Annalise worries that if Mark walks in they will both be out of a job. Harvey says it's a good point and puts the tin away. Harvey asks who's ready and everyone gets ready to go. Harvey tells Stephen they will have a drink for him.
No.32 Hallway
Philip is on the phone to Helen. He says he will go over them (the books) tomorrow. He says he spoke to Paul this afternoon. Philip told Paul he has a number of potential tenants for No.22. Paul seemed pretty happy that Philip has a handle on it.
No.32 Kitchen
Julie has walked past Philip and into the kitchen. She is not happy and is heavily chopping the vegetables for dinner. When Philip comes off the phone Julie tells Philip she didn't know that he was talking to Paul today. Philip says he speaks to Paul nearly every day and he doesn't see it's a big deal. Julie points out that Paul is her brother and it'd be nice to know what he's up to. Philip says they don't discuss their personal lives - they talk business. Julie says they were talking about the house and that's family, not business. Julie asks Philip why he doesn't include her in these things. Philip apologises and says he didn't realise she had such an avid interest in real estate. Julie accuses Philip of deliberately shutting her out. Philip says she is being ridiculous and Julie says he doesn't communicate anymore. Philip says he shouldn't bother as Julie isn't interested. Julie says it's not true. Philip says she wasn't interested in Michael. Hannah pops her head round the door and starts watching them. She watches as both Philip and Julie walk off in opposite directions.
Lassiter's Office Reception
A shadowy figure walks in. We don't see whom it is. Music plays and the figure walks into the office. We then see it is Russell - he must have got the keys from Annalise. He puts a floppy disk into the computer (still in the dark).
RUSSELL: Philip - cop this.
Russell types something into the computer.
No.32 Kitchen
Debbie and Rick are sneaking in. Debbie says that there is a light on so they probably waited up for her. Rick can't find anyone under the table. He starts calling around the kitchen for Mr Martin to come out of hiding. Debbie and Rick find a snack in the fridge. Debbie blames Harvey - as Harvey did his impression of a moose in the taxi they had to walk halfway home. Rick says they had a good time. Debbie points out she didn't need any chemical assistance like Rick's mate. Rick shrugs and says that some people are into that and some aren't. Debbie says she doesn't like Harvey and he makes her nervous. Rick says Annalise didn't have a problem with him and they were doing dirty dancing on the dance floor. Debbie says they should have waited till they got home. They carry on eating until Julie calls Debbie's name. Rick scarpers.
Outside No.26
Annalise and Harvey are making out. Harvey says it's getting chilly outside so maybe they should move inside. Annalise says she doesn't think so. Annalise says Harvey is a fun guy but she's got an early morning shift. Harvey says Annalise is missing out. Annalise says they have both got something to look forward to. Annalise says she can't find her keys so Harvey says Annalise can come back to his place. Annalise says another time and they kiss goodbye.
Annalise knocks on the door and Helen answers the door. Helen says it's well after midnight and Annalise does have a key. Annalise says she must have lost them. Helen sighs and says Annalise got out her out of a nice warm bed in the middle of the night. Annalise isn't bothered. Helen says she doesn't know how Annalise is going to make an impression on Philip in the office when she's out partying all night. Annalise tells Helen she doesn't need this and Helen is her landlady not her mother. Helen reminds Annalise that as her landlady she is entitled to courtesy. Annalise says she is going to bed.
No.26 - Next Morning
Helen is making breakfast in the kitchen. Annalise comes out of her room and heads towards the kitchen. Helen greets Annalise and Annalise answers briefly. Helen hands Annalise her breakfast. Annalise looks rather surprised. Helen questions whether Annalise is hungry. Annalise says she is hungry but surprised at the effort Helen has gone to after last night. Helen says she is not at her best when she is awakened in the middle of the night. Helen says there was no need for her to lecture Annalise and she is sorry. Annalise apologises as well and says if it had been her Mum she wouldn't have spoken to Annalise for a week. Helen says as Annalise 'tactfully' pointed out Helen is not her Mum. Helen doesn't hold grudges. Helen says Annalise shouldn't too. Annalise says she will try and watch what she says as well. Helen says she should remember what she said about impressing Philip. Annalise walks off and Helen watches her.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is coming out of the door to the kitchen. Stephen comes in and says there is good news. Russell left the house with hardly a word about the rent. Phoebe says that's nothing new. Stephen is confident they've got it. Stephen says nothing would make it happier than to serve Russell with an eviction notice. Phoebe says they shouldn't start celebrating yet as the guy always seems to be two steps ahead of them. Stephen says that was when the law was on his side. Russell has slipped up at last. Stephen says now the rent is two weeks overdue it's bye, bye Butler.
Annalise comes in and greets them. Annalise asks them if she left any keys there the night before. Phoebe reaches under the counter and hands them to Annalise. Annalise looks relieved and asks where they were. Phoebe says apparently they were outside the shop. A customer handed them in twenty minutes ago. Annalise asks them not to tell Philip.
No.32 Kitchen
Julie is not happy. She tells Debbie she has certain standards for this family and they do not include Debbie staying out half the night. Julie says also Debbie going to school in that state as Debbie needs to iron her uniform. Debbie rolls her eyes and says she will. Julie says she hasn't heard the last of it. Julie now needs to find her homework and leaves the kitchen.
Debbie comments to Hannah that Julie is foul this morning. Hannah agrees it's for a change. Debbie asks what Hannah is reading. Hannah says it's nothing. Debbie realises it is her diary and asks Hannah how much she has read. Hannah says most of it except for the last few pages. Debbie tells Hannah she shouldn't read her diary as it's private. Hannah says it was lying on Debbie's bed. Hannah doesn't know what Debbie's upset about as she thought it was pretty boring anyway. It's just stuff Debbie does every day. Debbie smiles and says that it might be boring to Hannah but important to Debbie. Debbie also writes down how she's feeling and what she thinks. When Hannah asks why Debbie says it's because sometimes nobody else wants to listen and it makes Debbie feel better. Debbie walks out and Hannah looks contemplative.
Lassiter's Office
Philip is sitting at his computer and it is on the blink. Annalise walks in and says she has brought some doughnuts. Annalise offers a hand and Philip says no Thank you after her recent adventures. Philip says he can't access the payroll file. Annalise offers to have a go and Philip says absolutely not. Philip says he is not paying Russell to fix Annalise's mistakes again and he will wait till Gaby gets back. Annalise asks about a meeting in half an hour and Philip checks the diary. Philip says if he doesn't go now he'll never get there. He goes with a doughnut and Annalise goes on the computer thinking it won't be hard to fix.
Russell has a piece of paper in his hand that Stephen has handed him. He asks what it is. Stephen says he is two weeks behind on his rent. Russell says he paid the rent yesterday straight into Stephen's account. Stephen looks aghast. Russell gives Stephen the receipt.
Stephen is questioning how Russell got their bank account number. Phoebe says she doesn't know. Phoebe says Russell picked up the mail yesterday and the statement could have been there. Stephen is frustrated. Stephen questions whether they have any privacy left. Phoebe breaks down in tears and Stephen comforts her. Stephen says they will sort it out. Stephen suggests Phoebe takes a break and takes Hope to see Dorothy for a few days. Phoebe says she can't with things the way they are. Stephen is going to court and she wants to be there to support him. Stephen says she's being a fat lot of use. Phoebe asks about the shop. Stephen says he can handle it and people will help out. Stephen says they should give Dorothy a call and see what she thinks. Phoebe admits she did just to talk. Stephen asks what she said. Phoebe says Dorothy would love to have them. Stephen says that's settled then.
Lassiter's Office
Annalise is on the computer and Harvey surprises her. Annalise asks what he is doing there. Harvey says he is going to take her out for breakfast. They could take a leisurely stroll round the lake and plan their next date. Annalise says she hasn't got the time, she isn't hungry and who says there's going to be another date? Harvey says she did a few hours ago. Annalise says she doesn't have time for a big relationship discussion now. Harvey says if she waits too long she'll blow it. Annalise tells Harvey to go as she's busy. She wants to have the information ready for Philip when he gets back. She thinks if she does something brilliant she might score a fulltime job. Annalise clicks a few keys and the figures start disappearing off the screen. Harvey asks how she does that. Annalise says something is wrong.
<<1925 - 1927>>
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