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Neighbours Episode 1913 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1913
Australian airdate: 12/05/93
UK airdate: 15/03/94
UK Gold: 01/03/00
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
LAUREN: It was negative.
BRAD: Can the test be wrong?
LAUREN: The home kits are 99% reliable. I'll go to the doctor's today to find out what *is* wrong with me.
LOU:(to Brad) I'd be grateful for small mercies if I were you, son. (To Lauren) I was probalby something minor that blew up because of all the anxiety.
LAUREN:(to Brad) I'm sorry I put you through all this for nothing.
BRAD: That's OK.
LOU: I'm just glad you two are off the hook. Now you can get on with living your lives.
LAUREN: Yeah. Great.
Coffee Shop
Doug and Stephen are discussing Brad's forthcoming stag party. Wayne comes in and enthusiastically joins in and says they have to do something. Doug tells him not to get carried away. Wayne says they just need debauchery, depravity and over- indulgence(!) Stephen points out that Brad is teetotal and isn't really into strippers. Wayne says the secret of a bucks night is in the prank - he's going to come up with something original for Brad.
Doug has come to see what the pregnancy test result was. Lou tells him it was negative and Doug is very relieved.
LOU: That's no thanks to Brad, is it?
DOUG: Now, hang on a minute. You can't put all the blame for this on Brad!
LOU: Oh, he should have had more sense!
DOUG: He didn't force Lauren, you know!
LOU: No, but he's the one engaged to be married, he should have controlled himself!
DOUG: Well...if you want to look at it like that, what was Lauren doing fooling around with her best friend's fiance? If she was sick of Cameron, she should have looked elsewhere!
LOU: I hope you're not implying my daughter plays around!
DOUG: Obviously not, or she'd have known to take precautions!
LOU: Well, Brad should have made sure he used a condom!
DOUG: Well, he didn't plan it, it just happened!
LOU: He's a thoughtless young lad, he could have ruined Lauren's life!
DOUG: Don't you point the finger at Brad!
They are both shouting now. Lou calms things down and says at least Lauren isn't pregnant.
DOUG: Let's face it, they've both been as stupid as each other.
LOU: Yes, well, you'll get no argument from me on that. Oh, strewth, Doug. When I think what could have happened...
DOUG: She doesn't know it, but Beth's the real victim in all this.
Lou nods.
Beth is happily trying on some wedding shoes. Wayne comes to the door and informs them that he's organising a bucks night for Brad. Gaby and Pam think it's a dreadful tradition. Doug and Wayne wind them up, talking about outlandish possibilities(!)
Coffee Shop
Phil orders a doughnut, and then another three(!) Stephen says he can't serve him as he's on a diet. Benito comes over and backs Stephen up, but Phil just takes the doughnuts and wraps them up, telling Stephen to shut up and put it on his tab(!) He then sees his personal trainer coming, so rushes through the kitchen and out of the back door(!)
The personal trainer comes in looking for Phil and Stephen and Benito wordless point in the direction of the kitchen(!)
The Office
Phil comes in, takes his messages off Gaby, and then hurries into the inner office, telling Gaby he's only at home to Paul or anyone equally as important(!) Then he rushes into the inner office and shuts the door.
The personal trainer comes in and bangs on the door of the inner office.
PERSONAL TRAINER: Philip, I know you're in there! Come out so we can start our training session. Phil, you can run, but you can't hide, I'll always find you!
Gaby says he can't force Phil to get fit, but the personal trainer says he'll just have to break the door down! Gaby gets on the phone to security. He manages to run at the door and open it. Phil is hiding under his desk(!)
Coffee Shop
Brad is deep in thought. Stephen asks him if he's OK. Brad says he's worried about letting Beth down, but Stephen says it's just nerves. Brad isn't sure he's good enough for Beth.
The Office
Phil is having the personal trainer removed by security(!) When he's gone, Phil says he hopes he's got the message, but he's not convinced.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Beth warns Wayne not to do anything too drastic to Brad at his stag party. He tells Stephen quietly that his plan is to spike Brad's drink. Well, brilliant(!) Stephen looks doubtful.
Lauren is back from the doctor's. They don't know what's wrong with her, so they've done a blood test. It'll be a couple of days until the results come through. Lauren is a bit down - she had sort of got used to the idea of having a baby. Now she somehow feels that she's lost something. Lou is also feeling a bit flat. However, they both know it's for the best that Lauren isn't pregnant.
LOU: Would you have gone ahead, then? Would you have had the baby?
LAUREN: Yeah. At least I would have had something.
LOU: Lauren...you are over Brad, aren't you?
LAUREN: Finished ages ago.
LOU: That's not what I asked you, honey. Now, I know you must have loved him to break up with Cameron and go as far as you did, but are you still in love with Brad?
LAUREN: Dad, the guy's about to marry someone else. What good would it do me to be in love with him?
She heads off to her room.
Doug tells Brad he's heard about the negative test.
DOUG: Looks like you got away with it, after all.
BRAD: Yeah, lucky, hey?
DOUG: Yeah, it's that alright...luck. It would have been a disaster if Lauren had been pregnant. The lives that would have been turned upside- down.
BRAD: Yeah, I know, I blew it.
DOUG: How you could be such an idiot is beyond me. To risk your engagement like that, for what, a fling, a one- night stand?
BRAD: Yeah, well, it happens.
DOUG: Yeah, well, it damned well better not happen again. I want you to swear to me there'll never be anything between you and Lauren.
BRAD: No, it's over!
DOUG: You'd better keep it that way!
BRAD: What do you want me to do, sign in blood?! Look, I know I made a mistake, a *huge* one. But I've sorted it out, now. I love Beth heaps. I really do.
DOUG: Yeah, well, that's what I want to hear.
BRAD: I just feel like I should tell her what happened. Give her a chance to back out if she wants.
DOUG: Listen, sunshine, you've been blessed with a second chance. It'd be madness to throw it away. It'd only hurt Beth if you tell her.
BRAD: Yeah, I guess. I just wish I could make it up to her somehow, you know?
DOUG: You can. Forget the past, concentrate on being a good husband. And never, ever give her a reason to doubt your love.
BRAD: Thanks, Dad. You know, you're pretty good at this relationship stuff.

The Office
The personal trainer (Arnie) has broken into the office and surprises Phil(!) He insists that Phil has paid him to keep trying. Phil gets out his cheque book to pay him off, but Arnie won't hear of it!
Brad pops over to say hello to Beth (someone is covering him at work). He has brought her some cherry liqueurs. Beth asks if Brad is feeling guilty(!) She asks him about the stag night and hopes that they won't get too carried away.
BETH: I've been having nightmares that you won't make it to the altar.
BRAD: Hey, I'll be there. No- one could keep me away, even a few drunk mates.
BETH: Brad, please be careful. For my sake?
BRAD: Yeah, yeah. I'll make sure they don't get too out of control.
BETH: You'd do that for me?
BRAD: Hey, I'd do anything for you.
They kiss.
BETH: No wonder I love you so much.
BRAD: Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?
Beth looks confused.
BETH: Brad, why do you say that?
BRAD: Just giving you the chance to back out and wait for someone better to come along. Someone that deserves you more than me.
BETH: ...Oh...you're joking. Brad, don't do that to me! Why would I want someone else when I've already got the perfect husband?!
BRAD: You reckon? I do love you Beth, and I want to marry you more than anything else in the world. You know that, don't you? And I'll do my best to make you happy. You'll never be sorry you said yes.
They kiss again.
Beth and Brad are still kissing when Lauren, Pam and Gaby come in. They've come to do Beth's dress fitting. Lauren is not very impressed at Brad's presence. Pam gives Brad and Beth a present from the nurses at the hospital - satin sheets! Gaby pours them all a glass of champagne and suggests a toast to the bride and groom.
PAM: To my son, and my beautiful daughter- in- law- to- be, may all your troubles be little ones, and may you live together happily ever after.
They drink a sip of champagne and Brad heads off. Lauren looks fed up.
Arnie and Phil are running. Phil is completely knackered and after a while falls to the floor claiming his knee has gone.
Ramsay Street
Pam and Gaby invite Cathy to Beth's hens night tomorrow. Pam asks Benito what's planned for the stag night. He intimates that some wild things are planned(!)
Coffee Shop
Stephen tells Doug, Wayne and Lou that Brad isn't in the mood for a wild night. Brad himself comes in and he says he definitely wants a stag party, the usual strippers etc.
Stephen goes to the bar to get a round and Stephen asks Brad if he's sure. Brad says he was just in a funny mood earlier in the Coffee Shop earlier.
Phil limps in, saying his knee will be out of action for months. Phil tells Arnie it's all his fault - he can't keep pushing people. He'll call Arnie when he's fit to return training. Arnie slinks off. When he's gone, Phil laugs and does a little dance.
He picks up a pint of beer and starts to down it!
Pam and Gaby are worried about Brad's stag party. Gaby says they'd better thwart the plans, whatever they are.
No.28 (Garage)
Brad is having a bit of a crisis. He throws the surf board he's working on to the floor, then sits down and starts to cry.
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