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Neighbours Episode 1879 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1879
Australian airdate: 25/03/93
UK airdate: 26/01/94
UK Gold: 13/01/00
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Shelley Clayton: Linda Ross
Vet: Androo Allen
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Beth and Brad are still fighting over Brad's history with Lauren.
- Julie tells Hannah that "Holly" is a bad influence on her.
- Gaby accuses Phil of cheating on Julie.
Phil starts to laugh and Gaby tells him off. Phil shows her into the inner office.
PHIL: The Blue Rose is not an escort agency. Nothing like it.
He takes a file out of his cabinet and shows her.
GABY: What is it, then?
PHIL: It's a detective agency. I hired the Blue Rose people to try and find my son. They're specialists in tracing runaways.
GABY: Michael?
PHIL: Yes.
Phil explains that if Julie finds out, she'll be upset, and asks Gaby not to say anything. Julie had a very hard time with Michael, and Phil doesn't want her to suffer anymore. But he loves Michael, and he has to know he's alright.
Gaby smiles sheepishly. Phil explains that he went to Sydney to follow a lead, and also talked to some street people in Melbourne. Gaby admits that she followed Phil, and apologises for her behaviour. He laughs it off, and can see how Gaby misunderstood.
PHIL: I'm just glad you didn't go blabbling to anyone.
GABY: Yeah...(!)
PHIL: I can't begin to tell you how important it is to keep this to yourself. I'm juggling the future of my marriage with my duty as a father and it's not easy.
GABY: I won't say a word.
Brad is talking to Stephen about Beth. Stephen tells him to stop holding out on Beth - he's only told her half the truth about Lauren.
STEPHEN: Look mate, you might kid yourself, but you can't kid me. The one you really want is Lauren.
BRAD: No way!
STEPHEN: Think about it.
BRAD: No way, man, I love Beth, period.
Phoebe and Beth are discussing Brad. Beth isn't sure that she can trust Brad - she can't marry him until she's sure.
Lou comes over and asks the seriously if they'd be interested in buying a left- hand drive car(!)
Gaby has explained to Helen that she made assumptions about Phil that weren't true. Helen is still curious about what led Gaby to think Phil was being unfaithful. Gaby just says there's been a bit of fighting and Julie being busy and stuff.
Hannah has found a note from the school in her bag, saying she's been misbehaving in class. Hannah blames it all on "Holly".
When Hannah has gone to her room, Julie tells Phil that this Holly- person is a bad influence. Phil wonders if Hannah is playing up because Julie isn't spending as much time with her as usual. Julie doesn't think so.
Lou is sorry to hear that Chukkamental (the horse) has colic. Lauren heads off for a shower.
Brad comes in looking for Beth. Cameron tells him she's gone home.
When Brad has gone, Cameron asks Lauren if she knows what the fight between Brad and Beth is about. She says she doesn't.
Helen has popped around for a cup of tea with Julie. She asks how everything is, and if everything is alright between her and Philip now that Julie is so busy. Julie starts to look worried and wonders if she's neglecting Phil.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Phoebe and Stephen tell Beth that they're going to carry on job- sharing.
Lauren comes in and Beth sneers at her a bit. She invites Beth to have a coffee with her, but Beth says she has to go.
Julie comes in and kisses Phil, saying she hopes he isn't feeling neglected. She sits on his lap and suggests they go out together tonight. Phil says he can't - he has an important business meeting. They could do it another night though.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Stephen are discussing the Brad/Beth/Lauren triangle. Stephen explains that the Beth/Brad engagement was a mistake in the first time. Phoebe hopes they can work things out - like she and Stephen have.
A house
Julie bangs on the door and tells a woman that she's concerned about her daughter Holly's influence on Hannah. The woman says Holly would never carry on like that, and anyway, she's never heard of Hannah! Julie is not impressed, saying Hannah has been round to her house several times. The woman insists that Julie is mistaken, and slams the door in her face.
Lou is on the phone trying to sell his left- hand drive cars for export to Vanuatu(!)
Lauren is going to the stable to take care of Chukkie overnight. Cameron says he guesses their date is off then(!)
Lou comes off the phone and Lauren tells him that she's not sure she wants to get serious with Cameron. Lou advises her not to build Cameron's hopes up if she's not sure.
Phil and Julie are asking Hannah about her behaviour. Hannah insists that all the bad behaviour was done by Holly, and accuses them of never believing her. She runs out.
Coffee Shop
Julie asks Pam if she's seen Hannah. Gaby rushes in and asks if they've seen Phil. Julie says that Phil has an important meeting, so Gaby covers for him.
Cameron comes to see Lauren with a flash of tea. She's walking the horse around a paddock - he's not responding to treatment. Cameron sympathises and says she's very dedicated to the horse. If Chukkie doesn't respond to the next dose of medication, he'll have to be put down. Lauren is very sad at the prospect.
Coffee Shop
Lou and Doug are discussing Benito. Doug says having a business partner is difficult. He thinks Benito bosses Lou around too much. Apparently Lou has off- loaded the left- hand drive cars, but at a loss(!) Lou says he's done some creative accounting to hide it!
Brad comes in and Doug taunts him a bit about Beth. Lou tells Doug to go easy on him.
Back garden of No.32
Julie and Pam are looking for Hannah. She is hiding under the house.
Ramsay Street
Julie and Pam keep calling for Hannah. Pam reassures Julie that Hannah won't have gone far.
The vet says Chukkie is finally responding to treatment and Lauren is very relieved. She decides to stay for a few more hours, and Cameron says he'll stay with her. Lauren is surprised. Cameron kisses her but Lauren backs off.
CAMERON: Lauren, I know I said we'd take it slow and that I'd leave it all up to you, and I'm not going back on that, I'm not. But, living in the same house, being with you every day, seems like it's taking forever. I think...I love you. And I need to know if you feel the same.
LAUREN: Cameron, I...
CAMERON: You what?
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