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Neighbours Episode 1876 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1875 - 1877>>
Episode title: 1876
Australian airdate: 22/03/93
UK airdate: 21/01/94
UK Gold: 10/01/00
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Thomas: David Schofield
Goran: Carl Lindgren
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Gaby sees Phil giving money to a woman, then walking off with her. She is shocked.
Rick is stressing that his parents will get there before Aunty Margaret. He is thinking of doing some more backpackers tours to cover the cost of the phone bill - but he'd have to wag school, which is probably a bad idea.
The phone rings and it's Margaret. Apparently her husband has an important dinner coming up and she wants to change her flight. Rick is horrified and feigns illness so that she will come sooner. Margaret says she'll come to Ramsay Street as planned so she can look after him.
Wayne is stressing that Julie will tell the principal that he's having an affair with a student. Helen says that Julie is just a student herself. Jim suggests having a word with Annalise, but Wayne is reluctant, in case he's seen with her outside school. Phil has contacted Fiona though, so maybe she will help (even though she's not much of a role model)
Annalise tells Phil off for "stirring things up" with her mum. Phil says he promised he'd keep an eye on Annalise. She stomps off, saying she can take care of herself.
When she's gone, Gaby tells Phil in a hostile voice that Julie has rung several time. He asks Gaby to duck out and get some flowers for Julie.
No.32, the following morning
Phil wakes Julie, who is sleeping on the sofa. She was up late doing her assignment and is very tired. Helen comes round to give Julie a letter that was delivered to No.26. She's concerned that Julie has taken on too much with school and the family etc.
Debbie is getting ready for school, and Rick comes to call for her - they want to go to the Coffee Shop before school.
Phil hugs Julie and she thanks him for the flowers.
Mr.Knotts tells Mr.Duncan that he's received a complaint about him and Annalise. Duncan assures the principal that Annalise made advances which he declined. Knotts doesn't seem to believe him and observes that there was a similar incident at Wayne's previous school - he'll be ringing Wayne's previous principal to check up!
Wayne leaves, and Annalise comes in. Mr.Knotts asks Annalise if she's had a relationship with Wayne. Annalise says it was just a student- teacher relationship.
KNOTTS: (awkwardly) Have... you... indulged?!
ANNALISE: (innocently) Indulged in what, sir?
Mr.Knotts continues to splutter that he wants Annalise to deny their relationship with Mr.Duncan so she intimates that they have had a relationship, without actually saying so.
Rick and Debbie are waiting anxiously for Aunty Margaret to arrive. She finally does, and Rick hugs her, remembering to cough a bit. He says he's feeling better now. She thinks the house looks pretty good, and tells them that she enjoyed meeting Andrew and Chrissie. Rick asks her not to tell his parents about her trip, as they've had a rotten holiday themselves(!)
Mr.Knotts doesn't believe Duncan's denials about a relationship with Annalise. Wayne is not happy, but the principal suspends him until further notice. Wayne is horrified, saying everyone will think it's true!
Benito and Cathy arrive home and hug everyone. Cathy asks if everything is OK and Rick stops Margaret revealing she has been away too. Debbie tells them about Julie going back to school.
Gaby asks Phil in a barbed voice if the flowers worked as a "peace offering". He is confused by her hostility.
Helen doesn't understand why Jim wants to see Jill again - Helen thinks she has an ulterior motives. Jim says he just feels sorry for her, having had a breakdown and living in a dingy flat.
Wayne storms in and tells them that he's been suspended. Helen and Jim are horrified that the principal has taken Annalise's word over his. Wayne vows to "shake the truth" out of Annalise.
Cathy is about to drive Margaret home. Since that would give the sisters- in- law a chance to talk about what's really been happening, Rick feigns illness to get Cathy to stay, so Margaret heads off to get a cab.
Rick sighs in relief. Just then Benito finds some postcards from Margaret - Rick tells him they are old ones. He also sees that his whisky bottle level is low, so Rick tells him that Aunty Margaret likes a drop at night(!)
Coffee Shop
Fiona and Annalise are having coffee. She tells Annalise off for getting involved with a teacher. Just then, Wayne rushes up. Fiona sends Annalise off while she has a word with Wayne.
When she's gone, Fiona tells Wayne that he should be ashamed. He insists that Annalise is lying - she seems to think it's funny, or is trying to impress the other kids. Or maybe she has a hang- up about older men. Fiona says that she knows Wayne's "type" and walks off.
Coffee Shop
Fiona comes in and marches up to Annalise. She sits her down and asks her angrily why she's always getting tangled up with older men.
A new backpacker (Thomas) turns up at the door, and Rick tries to turn him away. Thomas doesn't have much English, but explains that Goran told him to come. Rick insists that Goran has gone, the hostel has closed, and pushes Thomas out of the door to go try the YMCA.
Cathy decides to go over to see Pam.
Gaby comes round to see Phil - she has a dentist appointment in the morning. She's surprised to hear that Phil isn't home yet. Julie waxes lyrical about how lucky she is to have Philip.
Wayne is fed up that nobody believes him over the Annalise thing, other than Helen or Jim.
Jim comes in and Wayne gives him a message that Jill Weir rang. He goes to ring her, but Helen says he'd be better not to.
Cathy comes back from Pam's to find the house quiet. She goes up to her bedroom, which is in darkness, and starts getting undressed.
Benito enters, goes upstairs, and starts to get undressed himself. He turns the light on and Cathy jumps - who is she in bed with?
GORAN: Allo?
BENITO: Who the hell are you?!
<<1875 - 1877>>
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