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Neighbours Episode 1871 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1870 - 1872>>
Episode title: 1871
Australian airdate: 15/03/93
UK airdate: 14/01/94
UK Gold: 03/01/00
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Mark: Joel Marrocco
Karen: Uyen Vu
Mr Knotts: Simon Hughes
Jill Weir: Lyn Semmler
Louise Baker: Katrina McEwan
Note: This was Louise's first appearance, and later on her surname would be given as Barker. In fact the whole episode is a bit weird, since Katrina McEwan originally played Debbie Martin, with Lyn Semmler as her mother Loretta Martin.
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Pam tells Julie that there's a rumour going round that Wayne is having an affair with Annalise.
Helen has told Jim about the rumour but she is convinced that there's nothing in it. Jim thinks Helen should maybe tells Wayne, but she hopes the rumour will just die away. She'll have a word with Julie.
Just then, Wayne comes in and is a bit confused by Helen and Jim trying to "act normally" around him(!)
Rick, Debbie and Julie are studying. Rick and Debbie aren't too thrilled with Julie's company. Hannah tries to get Julie's attention, but she rushes off to get dinner, so Hannah quietly takes some of her notes!
Coffee Shop
Stephen and Phil talk about their various initiatives to improve takings. Phoebe is worried that Phil is taking all their customers.
No.32, the following morning
Julie is packing her bag for school but thinks there's something missing. Helen comes in for a word with Julie. She asks Julie to keep the rumour to herself in the interest of fairness. Julie agrees, but says the truth will come out without her help(!)
When Julie and Helen have gone, Phil sneaks out of his bedroom to make a phone call.
Coffee Shop
Wayne shows Stephen a leaflet about a competition Phil has got going to win a weekend at the Lassiter's Hotel - it's a weekly prize for Brasserie customers. Stephen says they can't possibly compete. Phoebe scowls at Wayne, but Stephen says she has to be nice to all their customers - they need all the customers they can get.
Hannah comes in and is shocked to see Phil there. She's obviously skiving off school. She says there's no problem, so Phil offers her a lift.
Julie is looking for her homework and can't find it. There's a bit of giggling going on, so after the lesson Wayne tells Annalise she needs to grow up a bit. Julie overhears this and tells Wayne his behaviour is terrible, then storms out!
Julie sees some girls smoking and confronts them, threatening to report them. Debbie is mortified.
Coffee Shop
Julie is shocked to see the Coffee Shop is serving wine - they don't have a licence! Phoebe starts to explain that it's fake, but Stephen decides to wind Julie up. She storms out, vowing to "stand up for what's right".
Jim asks Wayne how Julie is getting on at school. He tells them that she's a bit hot and cold towards him which is rather confusing. He mentions the incident with Annalise and tells them a girl as mixed- up and manipulative as her doesn't belong in the classroom. Jim and Helen are surprised to hear this. When Wayne has gone, Jim tells Helen that Wayne's dislike of Annalise seems to be conclusive.
Annalise tells Debbie off for spreading the rumour about her and Wayne. Debbie says Annalise had better be careful - if any adults find out, both she and Wayne will be in big trouble.
The Office
Julie barrells in to tell Phil about Stephen serving wine at the Coffee Shop. Phil looks at her in confusion and tells her the wine is non- alcoholic. Julie says that just promoting the idea of alcohol as trendy and cool is bad enough, but Phil says it's not illegal, so there's nothing he can do. Julie says she'll take the matter into her own hands!
Julie and the rest of the class are waiting for Wayne. Julie tells the class off for messing about, but they don't listen and decide to play a prank instead. When the teacher, Mr Notts, arrives, Julie warns him that the chair doesn't look safe, and he realises the kids did it. He gives the whole class detention. Julie says she doesn't care as she has something she wants to speak to Mr Notts about anyway!
The Office
Phil asks Helen about the Annalise/Wayne rumour. Helen says there's nothing in it, but Phil says he should really contact Annalise's mother. Jim comes in and backs up Helen's opinion.
Coffee Shop
Stephen and Phoebe are worried that the books are down again today. Mr.Notts comes in and asks them about the wine and they immediately guess that Julie has been on to him. He agrees that they are glamourising drinking and now the School Council are considering banning students from leaving the school grounds during the school day. Stephen and Phoebe are shocked - the schoolkids make up a huge part of their custom!
Hannah asks Debbie if she'll play with her when she gets home, moaning that she doesn't have any friends. Debbie is distracted with moaning about Julie, however.
A road
Jim crashes into a car which has stopped very suddenly in front of him. The driver gets out looking upset and stressed, and Helen recognises her as Jill Weir.
<<1870 - 1872>>
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