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Neighbours Episode 1864 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1863 - 1865>>
Episode title: 1864
Australian airdate: 04/03/93
UK airdate: 05/01/94
UK Gold: 23/12/99
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Margaret Alessi – Bev Gardiner
Patron – Androo Allen
Maitre’d – Justin Parslow
Summary/Images by: Graham
Margaret measuring Rick!
Bert Willis telling Gaby he'd like to see her get together with Wayne.
No. 22
Margaret Alessi serves Rick and Debbie with some afternoon tea. Looking at Debbie, she adds that Rick is going to keep her company while she watches her soaps this evening, and then it's early to bed! Debbie smirks at Rick! Margaret goes on that there's a Lego display at the mall on Sunday, and she thinks Rick will enjoy that.
DEBBIE (giggles at Rick): That sounds like fun to *me*!
Margaret leaves them to it. When she's gone, Debbie laughs that she's a bit extreme, but kind of sweet. Rick sighs that there's got to be a way to get rid of her.
Office at Lassiter's
Philip is talking on the 'phone in the reception area, asking the person on the other end if he can get back to him before the end of the day. Julie walks in, followed by Hannah. Philip hangs up and demands of his wife:
PHILIP: Where the devil have *you* been?
JULIE (airily): My, aren't *we* snappy this afternoon! I've been to lunch.
HANNAH: Hi, daddy!
PHILIP: Hello, button.
Turning to Julie, Philip goes on wearily:
PHILIP: Julie, you really must be in the office; I can't manage everything on my own.
JULIE (tersely): I *do* have things to do my*self* - like shopping for your dinner... picking up your dry-cleaning...
PHILIP: Yes, and I appreciate all of that, but you really should—
JULIE (interrupting): And I have to find somebody competent to mind Hannah after school.
Hannah asks if she can go to the Coffee Shop. Julie tells her to go, but not to wander off. When she's gone, Philip asks Julie if Helen or Debbie can look after Hannah. Julie retorts that she doesn't like to burden Helen, and Debbie has schoolwork.
JULIE (snaps): It's not easy being a working mother.
PHILIP (rolling his eyes): Can we have a bit more emphasis on 'working', please?!
JULIE (mutters): Yes, all right - but what's so urgent it takes precedent over our baby daughter's welfare?
PHILIP: Well, filing, for a start - I can't find a thing; and I've some dictation in there [he indicates his office] for you - *when you're ready*...
As Philip goes to head into his office, he adds:
PHILIP: Oh - and did you make sure Brad got the licence renewal on the Waterhole?
JULIE (snaps): It's all taken care of - I'm not *totally* incompetent.
PHILIP (curtly): Good. The old licence expires today. Without that renewal, we're up the creek.
With that, Philip marches into his office and slams the door shut. Left alone, a look of concern crosses Julie's face. She tiptoes over to the main door, opens it quietly and heads out.
Brad is wiping a table down when Julie dashes in and asks him if the licence renewal has gone in. He replies quickly that it's cool. He then goes to the bar, picks up some sheets of paper and starts looking at them carefully. Gaby comes in and Julie tells her that she really should think about taking her job back at the Waterhole, as she doubts Philip will be able to find anything else for her. With that, she walks out, leaving Gaby pulling a face behind her back! She goes to the bar and asks Brad for a gin sling, heavy on the sling. Brad puts down the papers he's looking at and asks what's up.
GABY (sighs): Dear old granddad and his plans for my future happiness.
BRAD: What - he's decided to cut you out of the will?!
GABY: Worse! He's decided the one thing I can do to brighten his last days is to go out with Wayne Duncan. He's sicker than we *thought*!
Brad assures her that Wayne is cool - and it's not as if either she or Wayne is hanging with anyone; they should just try and get it on. Gaby, however, retorts that she's not doing it. Brad points out that she's got to; the old boy's going to cark it.
GABY (sighs): Maybe I can make up an excuse - like I'm going to become a nun!
BRAD: No, that's been done.
GABY: I could tell him I'm getting engaged - to somebody *human*. That would be simple.
BRAD: Why don't you just tell him the truth?
Gaby smiles at him wearily. Brad doesn't notice that a member of bar staff has put a tray down on top of the licence renewal papers...
No. 22
Debbie and Rick are doing their homework, but Rick has a distant expression on his face. Margaret walks over to them with some washing. Rick says to her quickly that Uncle Frank must be missing her dab hand with the iron. Margaret, however, tells him that Frank's shirts go to the laundry - so what's *she* supposed to do?! She then starts ranting about the fact that her and Frank's anniversary is just days away, and he's obviously forgotten - and that's another reason why she's there in Ramsay Street: to let Frank fend for himself - not that he'll probably even notice she's gone. Rick, looking thoughtful, announces that he and Debbie are going for a walk. Debbie looks surprised!
No. 26
Wayne opens the front door to find Cameron and Gaby on the step. Gaby says curtly to Wayne:
GABY: Don't get the wrong idea - I'm only here because of granddad.
Cameron adds that they *both* are: Bert wants to do something for Wayne as a sort of thank you for getting him and Unc(?) back on speaking terms again. He then tells Wayne that Bert is offering him an all-expenses-paid night out at a posh little country inn - and included is the company of one of Erinsborough's loveliest ladies: Gabrielle Suzanne Willis! Wayne's face drops!
GABY: Yeah, well, I'd rather dine with *Dracula*, myself.
WAYNE (muses): Probably the only guy who'd willingly go out with you...
GABY (gawping at him): Huh!
Cameron appeals to them to cool it. Gaby mutters at Wayne:
GABY: I suppose I can put up with you - to please granddad.
WAYNE: Don't do me any favours!
Cameron points out that it's a free meal - and who knows? Bert might just get his wish. Gaby glares at Cameron as Wayne says:
WAYNE: Which is what?
GABY (curtly): That *he* won't owe *you* and *I* won't owe *him*.
Cameron asks Gaby and Wayne what they say. Gaby and Wayne just shrug at each other!
Coffee Shop
Rick is talking on the 'phone to his Uncle Frank, wishing him a great trip. He hangs up, turns to Debbie and lets out a loud cheer!
RICK: Yes! By tomorrow night, my house will be an Aunty Margaret-free zone!
Debbie, sitting at a table with Hannah, warns him it's not going to work. Rick, however, insists:
RICK: Have some faith.
ANNALISE (joining them): So what's the scam?
HANNAH: Tell me, too!
Rick, however, gives Hannah some money to leave them to it, and she takes it and runs over to the jukebox. When she's gone, Rick and Annalise sit down with Debbie, and Rick explains:
RICK: Uncle Frank's going to call Aunty Margaret and ask her to come away with him. All she has to do is say 'yes'.
DEBBIE (dismissively): Oh yeah - and she's really going to do *that*.
RICK: Look, I've got a plan. It's a little tricky, but...
ANNALISE: Well if you need any help, I'm in.
Debbie, however, turns and glares at her and says pointedly.
DEBBIE: I think *not*.
Ramsay Street
Cameron is dressed in a chauffeur's outfit and is walking round a limousine. Wayne joins him and remarks that old Bert doesn't do things by halves, does he?! Cameron looks at Wayne's casual clothing and comments that he hasn't made much of an effort. Gaby joins them, wearing a long black dress.
GABY (looking at Wayne): I thought we were going to dinner, not a rodeo.
WAYNE: And I knew one of us would over-dress. Better you than *me*.
GABY: You—
Cameron interrupts them quickly and tells them that their chariot awaits - complete with champagne.
GABY: Good. I'll *need* a drink.
WAYNE: If it'll keep you from talking, be my guest!
Cameron opens the back door and Wayne goes to climb in.
GABY (tersely): Excuse me: ladies first.
WAYNE: Let me know when you see one...
Office at Lassiter's
Philip emerges from his office and asks Julie how things are going. She smiles that the filing is finished and so are the letters she's typed. She hands Philip some papers and he has a quick look through them before putting them back on her desk.
JULIE (curtly): I've gone to the trouble of typing them, Philip; the least you could do is sign them.
PHILIP (nods): Right.
Brad walks in suddenly and says to Philip:
BRAD: G'day. We've got problems, boss.
JULIE (curtly): Didn't anyone ever teach you to knock?
Philip asks Brad what's up. Brad tells him that Kev's called in sick and Suzie's not at home, so they're down a Waterhole worker for the night.
JULIE: Can't you manage on your own? Pulling a few beers can't be *that* difficult, surely?
Philip tells her that it's darts night - Brad will be flat-strapped. He adds that he'll find someone, and Brad thanks him. He then holds out some papers and explains that it's the glassware order. Philip smiles that Julie will take care of that.
JULIE (tartly): Course. I've got nothing *else* to do.
Brad hands her the papers. She then sits down at the computer and Philip asks her if she's all right there. Julie retorts that if Gaby can manage, *she* certainly can. Philip leaves her to it. Julie starts pressing buttons on the keyboard slowly.
No. 22
Debbie and Rick are back doing their homework, listening as Margaret talks on the 'phone, saying to Frank that she promised Cathy she'd mind Rick.
DEBBIE (to Rick): All right, brilliance - what are we going to do *now*?
As Margaret continues talking, Rick reaches into her handbag, which is on the living room table, takes out her address book and alters the contact telephone number for Cathy in Italy! On the 'phone, Margaret tells Frank that a promise is a promise: she can't see anything changing overnight, but if it does, she'll call him. She adds that she'll miss him. With that, she hangs up and sighs at Rick and Debbie that that's just like a man: waits to invite her along until she can't possibly accept. Rick insists that she could go: he'd be OK. Margaret, however, sighs that his mother made such a big deal out of getting her over there.
RICK: That was just so you wouldn't be on your own with Uncle Frank away.
MARGARET: Yes, but...
RICK: Come on - why don't you call mum? She'd hate you to miss out.
He quickly grabs Margaret's address book for her. As she, Rick and Debbie head over to the 'phone, Debbie asks Margaret where Mr. Alessi is taking her.
MARGARET: To Hawaii. Oh, it will be lovely to see Andrew and Christina again...
Margaret dials the number for Italy, but then remarks that that's funny: the number isn't in service. She hangs up and goes to dial again. Rick, however, suggests quickly that she faxes instead: that way she'll even get his mum's permission in writing. Margaret muses that she would, but she's not very good with those machines.
RICK: It's no problem: you write the message and I'll send it for you.
Margaret sits down with a sheet of paper. Rick gives Debbie a surreptitious thumbs-up!
Country Inn
Cameron brings the limo to a stop and tells Wayne and Gaby that they're there. The three of them climb out and Gaby looks around. She looks impressed.
GABY: Isn't it great, Wayne?
WAYNE: Very nice.
CAMERON: Ah-ha! ... You two just agreed on something. Looks like gramps knew what he was about, locking you up in the car for a few hours!
GABY (coldly): One friendly word is not a declaration of undying affection.
WAYNE (coolly): Just as well. Being affectionate with *you* would be like rooming with a rattlesnake...
Cameron suggests quickly that they proceed to dinner!
Office at Lassiter's
Julie is typing on the computer, slowly. Hannah is sitting on the floor, near the door. She moans:
HANNAH: Mummy, when are we going home? I'm hungry.
JULIE (sighing wearily): Why didn't you get something at the Coffee Shop?
HANNAH: You didn't give me any money. I want to go home.
JULIE: Not 'til I'm finished here.
HANNAH: I'm *bored*.
JULIE (snaps): For heaven's sake, Hannah, stop whinging. Go and make a start on your homework and give me some peace to finish this.
The door to Philip's office opens and Philip sees Annalise out, thanking her for agreeing to work at the Waterhole that evening. As she goes, Debbie and Rick come in and Debbie asks Philip if they can have a favour.
PHILIP (rolling his eyes!): How much?!
RICK: No - nothing like that. Aunty Margaret's been trying to fax mum in Milan, but our machine keeps playing up. Can we use yours?
Philip nods that that's fine. He walks over to the machine and picks up a sheet of paper that's lying on top of it. Picking it up, he says in surprise;
PHILIP: Jules, how long has this been here?
JULIE (mutters): A while. I haven't had time to look.
Philip then hands the sheet of paper to Rick and remarks that it's addressed to his mum. Rick says quickly:
RICK: *That's* what Aunty Margaret was doing wrong: pressing the pre-set buttons instead of dialling properly...!
Philip leaves them to it. Rick looks at the sheet of paper he's brought with him. It includes the wording 'Margaret, I'm happy... you have arranged... Frank to meet up... time in Hawaii' and purports to be from Cathy Alessi. Rick starts feeding it into the fax machine.
Restaurant at the Country Inn
Gaby and Wayne are sitting at a table, and Gaby comments to Wayne that the pork sounds good. Wayne, however, retorts:
WAYNE: Bit rich for my blood.
GABY: More a steak-and-chips man, are you?
WAYNE: I'm just an old hick from the sticks.
GABY: Ride 'em, cowboy!
Gaby then asks him what he's going to have.
WAYNE: I'll think I'll try the sweetbreads.
GABY: Interesting choice. Not crazy about heavy, doughy things myself.
WAYNE (sarcastically): They're not 'bread' bread, Miss. Sophisticate; they're the pancreas of calves.
GABY (looking disgusted): You're joking. How could you eat *that*?
WAYNE (chuckles): I couldn't!
GABY: You creep!
Office at Lassiter's
Philip emerges from his office into the reception area and Hannah tells him that she's finished her homework.
PHILIP: Good for you, button!
Philip then moves over and stands behind where Julie's still working on the computer. He puts his hands on her shoulders, leans in and kisses on her the neck, and smiles:
PHILIP: And what about you, huh?
JULIE (snaps): No - and I *won't* if you keep interrupting me.
Philip takes a step back. He then notices some boxes on the floor and picks one up. He asks what's in them. Julie replies that they're Waterhole glasses.
PHILIP: Who ordered them?
PHILIP (muses): Eight-dozen sherry glasses for the Waterhole?
JULIE: What's wrong with that?
PHILIP: Ninety per cent of our trade's beer.
JULIE (growls): Use them in the dining room or the brasserie. For heaven's sake, Philip, can't you think for yourself once in a while?
A bemused grin crosses Philip's face! The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Julie says to Philip curtly:
JULIE: Could *you* get that?
Philip does as he's told!
PHILIP: Lassiter's. Philip Martin speaking.
He listens and then says wearily:
PHILIP: Yes, she's my secretary...!
He listens again before then saying apologetically:
PHILIP: I'm sorry you feel that way... Of *course* we value your custom. If there's anything I can do to make amends-- ... Fine. Goodbye.
With that, he hangs up, looking annoyed. Looking at Julie, he says curtly:
PHILIP: You dealt with a Mr. Callaghan today?
JULIE: Several times. Is he still going on about that leak in his shower?
PHILIP: He just called to say that because of the way you spoke to him, he's taking his business elsewhere.
JULIE (shrugs): No great loss.
PHILIP (angrily): Julie, the man manages staff accommodation for a major airline. We're going to lose thousands of dollars because of your rudeness.
JULIE (gasps): *Mine*? You should have heard the way he spoke to *me*.
PHILIP (tersely): This is a service industry; you have to be *tactful* when you talk to clients.
Julie switches off the computer, stands up and yells at Philip:
JULIE: Nothing I do is good enough for you, is it?
Philip, however, looks horrified and says:
PHILIP: Did you exit that program?
JULIE: What?
PHILIP (tersely): There's no automatic back-up on that programme. You just wiped out the entire file - not only your own work, but all of Gaby's as well.
JULIE (dismissively): Well it's too bad, isn't it. Come on, Hannah. I've had more than enough for one day.
With that, she storms out, taking Hannah with her. Philip stands there, looking worried.
It's night-time. Brad is clearing a table when Annalise walks in and announces that she's the new barmaid.
BRAD: You're not old enough.
BRAD: We've all heard *that* before.
ANNALISE (sighs): Look, I don't want to buy a drink; I just want to serve them.
BRAD: Show me some ID. It'd gotta be something with a photo on it.
Annalise takes out a card and hands it to Brad. He stares at it and says:
BRAD: That means you're 18 on... hey, that's today! Today's your birthday?
ANNALISE (coolly): Don't make a big deal about it. My *mum* didn't. In fact, the whole day's been the pits.
Brad shakes her hand and wishes her a happy birthday!
BRAD: Now you've got to work, eh? Bummer!
No. 22
Margaret is taking dinner out of the oven when Rick and Debbie come in. She invites Debbie to join them. Rick asks cautiously if his mum has called yet. Margaret replies that the fax arrived about twenty minutes ago.
RICK: What did she say?
MARGARET: She said that she had no objections to me leaving you.
RICK: Magic! I- I mean that's magic for you and Uncle Frank. Have you told him yet?
MARGARET: No... I think I'd better stay.
Debbie tells her quickly that she doesn't want to miss out on Hawaii. Margaret says it was very generous of Cathy to say she could go, but she promised to look after Rick and she doesn't feel she can go back her word.
RICK: You could - really, you could!
MARGARET: No, Ricky. As much as I'd like to, a promise is a promise. I'll stay.
Rick looks at Debbie in disappointment.
No. 32
Julie is tidying the magazines on the coffee table as Hannah stands with her and sighs:
HANNAH: Do I have to go to the office *every* day?
JULIE (snaps): I hope not.
HANNAH: Who's going to look after me, then?
JULIE (sighs): I'll work something out.
HANNAH: I could stay by myself.
JULIE: No you can't - you're too young.
HANNAH: I'm not staying with Debbie - she *hates* me.
JULIE (retorts): She doesn't hate you; she's your sister.
HANNAH: Yes she does.
JULIE (snaps): Look, I'll *find* someone, all right? Go and wash your hands - dinner will be ready in a few minutes.
Hannah heads off just as Philip comes in from work. He joins Julie and put his hands around her waist.
JULIE (snaps): Don't: I'm busy - as usual.
PHILIP (gently): Julie... I'm sorry you had a rough day - and I know I didn't help matters snarling at you about Callaghan - but it'll be easier tomorrow.
JULIE (coolly): No it won't.
PHILIP: You just need to get back in the swing of things. It's been a few weeks; you're still not over that business Michael put you through.
JULIE (cries): It's not *that*. I don't understand the computer. That new program's totally thrown me. And I can't even organise after-school care for Hannah.
PHILIP (chuckles): Come on, it's not that bad.
JULIE (snaps): Look, I've had enough of the office. Why don't you ask Gaby to work full-time? That will make *everybody* happy.
Restaurant at the Country Inn
Gaby and Wayne are eating dessert. Wayne takes a mouthful of his rich, creamy pudding and muses:
WAYNE: You're just worried about getting fat!
GABY (retorts): I am not!
Gaby goes to give Wayne a shove, but manages to push his dessert over him instead! It covers his trousers, and he snaps angrily that they're ruined. The maitre d' then walks over and hands Wayne a key. He tells Wayne that the chauffeur asked him to hand it on.
WAYNE: What's this?
MAITRE D': The room for you and the young lady, sir. He said to tell you it was part of the deal.
GABY (gasps): No way! Where is he?
MAITRE D': He's gone.
WAYNE: Great. How are we going to get home?
MAITRE D': He said he'd be back in the morning.
Wayne turns to Gaby and mutters that it looks like they're stuck there. He then tells the maitre d' that they'll need *two* rooms.
MAITRE D': I'm terribly sorry, sir, we're fully booked. That's the only room available.
Wayne and Gaby glare at each other.
Annalise puts a tray of empty glasses behind the bar and Brad tells her that she's doing all right, seeing as it's her first night.
ANNALISE (mutters): Thanks.
Brad then asks what it is with her mum not ringing.
ANNALISE (shrugs): She probably did, but if she admits I'm 18 it just makes her feel older, so she'd rather not, I suppose.
BRAD: Far out. Well let me buy you a drink at least.
Brad starts to make a cocktail. He asks for a bit of room and so Annalise moves the tray that was put down on the bar earlier. As she does so, Brad notices the papers that he was looking at earlier. He gasps:
BRAD: Oh hell.
BRAD: I was supposed to put this in.
ANNALISE: Why, what is it?
BRAD: Licence renewal application. Philip is going to *kill* me.
BRAD: It's the last day. We've got no licence. If we serve any more grog tonight, they'll close us down - permanently.
At that moment, a customer comes to the bar and asks for three draught, two light and a scotch-and-Coke. Brad and Annalise look at each other nervously.
<<1863 - 1865>>
Debbie Martin, Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1864
Debbie Martin, Margaret Alessi, Rick Alessi

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1864
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1864
Gaby Willis

Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1864
Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi

Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1864
Wayne Duncan

Rick Alessi, Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1864
Rick Alessi, Annalise Hartman, Debbie Martin, Hannah Martin

Cameron Hudson, Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1864
Cameron Hudson, Wayne Duncan

Philip Martin, Brad Willis, Julie Martin in Neighbours Episode 1864
Philip Martin, Brad Willis, Julie Martin

Margaret Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1864
Margaret Alessi

Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis in Neighbours Episode 1864
Wayne Duncan, Gaby Willis

Julie Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 1864
Julie Martin, Hannah Martin

Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 1864
Philip Martin

Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi, Margaret Alessi in Neighbours Episode 1864
Debbie Martin, Rick Alessi, Margaret Alessi

Wayne Duncan in Neighbours Episode 1864
Wayne Duncan

Annalise Hartman, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1864
Annalise Hartman, Brad Willis

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