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Neighbours Episode 1846 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<1845 - 1847>>
Episode title: 1846
Australian airdate: 08/02/93
UK airdate: 10/12/93
UK Gold: 29/11/99
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Cliff Ritter: Ian Lawless
Summary/Images by: Graham
No. 24
Annalise tells Lou quickly not to go jumping to conclusions: Cliff is just a friend. Lou retorts that he can see *that* - and a very good friend too, by the looks of it. Annalise thanks Cliff for 'helping her with her assignment'. She guides him to the door, Cliff saying as she does so:
CLIFF: You want to spend some time with your granddad. I can dig it.
He heads out and Annalise tries to give Lou a cuddle. Lou, however, pushes her away, snapping that it's not going to work this time; he *knew* it was too good to last. Annalise tells him to sit and relax and she'll go and change and they'll talk about it then.
No. 28
In a darkened lounge room, Doug is telling Pam and Gaby that he'll pick up a generator tomorrow. Pam asks in annoyance what they're going to do in the meantime. Doug smiles that sitting there in the dark is rather romantic, but Pam retorts that she can't see anything romantic in having the power cut off. Brad emerges from his room and goes to move the TV in there, but Gaby stops him. Doug reminds his son that they're supposed to be proving they can live *without* electricity, but they're all determined to sit around, whinging. He goes on that when he was a kid, they had to amuse themselves - and he suggests they play charades. Brad mutters that it sounds like *great* fun. Doug says he'll start. He begins to mime a book title with five words... then ten words, then 15 words. He eventually announces that it's the Dictionary! Pam growls at him to go and get that generator - *now*!
No. 24
Annalise sits down with Lou and tells him to speak to her. Lou sighs:
LOU: What's there to say, except it's over?
ANNALISE: Over because of one little kiss?
LOU: It didn't look so little to *me*. In fact, if I'd come in any later, you'd have disappeared down his throat.
Annalise insists that Cliff is just a friend; *Lou's* the man she loves. She adds irritatedly
that she can't believe he's acting like this; she thought he was a modern man. Lou retorts:
LOU: So did I, Annalise, so did I - but I guess when it comes to relationships I'm just the old- fashioned type, with old- fashioned values, like trust and honesty.
Beth and Cameron arrive home suddenly with pizza. Annalise marches off to her room, leaving Cameron to ask Lou what's up. Lou tells him and Beth that he and Annalise are history - he came home and caught her with another man. He murmurs sadly that he shouldn't have thought a beautiful girl like that would be interested in an old fogey like him.
No. 28
Phoebe turns up and tells Pam and Doug that she can't get Hope down because of the noise of the generator in the back yard. Doug offers to move it to the other side of the yard and Phoebe nods that that would be great. She heads off again, leaving Pam to growl at Doug that that does it: she's paying the electricity bill tomorrow even if she has to use the credit card.
No. 24
The next morning, Beth is muttering darkly to Cameron that she reckons it's a good thing Annalise made an early start this morning. Lou emerges from his room and Beth offers to make him some breakfast, but he murmurs that he's not hungry. He has some water and then heads back to his room. When he's gone, Beth tells Cameron that she feels terrible: if she'd never asked Annalise to stay, she never would have met Lou and Lou wouldn't have fallen madly in love with her and she'd never have hurt him. Cameron, however, assures her that she's not to blame.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is telling Jim that she'd just got Hope down again when the Willises decided to start up that generator. She heads out as Benito comes in and hails Jim at the counter, asking what the racket was last night at the Willises'. Jim says he'll have a word to Doug about it. Benito then walks over to where Lou is sitting drinking coffee and he asks him if he can expect him at the car yard today, as he wants Lou's opinion on the books; Lou's accountant mate dropped them round this morning. He goes on:
BENITO: I had a look through them myself. It appears there's about $3,000 missing. Do you know anything about it?
Lou stares at him.
No. 24
Beth is wiping up dishes. Annalise is hiding behind the kitchen door and she waits until Beth has finished and has gone to her bedroom before creeping into the house and heading to her *own* room. Unfortunately, Beth emerges from her room again, spots her and snaps:
BETH: You've got some nerve showing your face back here.
ANNALISE (retorts): Yeah, well, I *live* here.
BETH: After what you've done to Lou, do you really think he still wants to share a house with you?
ANNALISE: Yeah, well, that's for *him* to decide, not you.
BETH: Just give me back the ring.
ANNALISE: What ring?
BETH: The one you swindled out of Lou, you two- timing cheat.
She grabs at Annalise's ring finger and tries to pull the engagement ring off. The two of them are engaged in a struggle when Brad walks in and asks if this is an audition for Wrestlemania! Annalise glares at him and Beth and then pulls the ring off her finger and throws it onto the floor. Beth snaps at her to get her stuff and clear out.
No. 28
A short time later, Brad and Beth walk into No. 28, Brad telling Beth that he still thinks she was a bit tough on Annalise; it's lucky he turned up when he did. Doug and Beth go to head off to work. As Doug opens the front door, Jim is about to knock and Doug lets him in. Jim tells him that he's got to do something about the generator: the whole street's complaining. He goes on that it has to go - it'll drive them all mad. Doug retorts that they need power. Jim tells him tersely to pay his electricity bill like everybody else.
Coffee Shop
Benito says to Lou in astonishment:
BENITO: But that's outright *stealing*.
LOU (insists): Listen, I'm no thief. It was only a few thousand and I have every intention of paying it back.
BENITO: But you shouldn't have taken it in the *first* place.
LOU: What can I say? I made a mistake.
Benito asks if there's any left, but Lou tells him that there's not a brass razoo. Benito gasps:
BENITO: What on God's earth did you spend it on?
Lou replies that it was on Annalise, mainly. He then asks Benito what he's going to do. Benito replies that he *should* go to the police and have Lou charged - but it's better for the business and the partnership that he doesn't. He then tells Lou that starting from now, he comes to work every day, puts in the hours and draws half his wages until the money is paid back.
No. 24
Cameron is mopping the kitchen floor when an upset- looking Annalise emerges from her room with a large bag. Cameron asks what's going on and Annalise cries that she's leaving; Beth chucked her out. Cameron hands her a tissue and tells her to try and see it from Beth's point of view: Lou's Beth's friend and when *he* hurts, *she* hurts. Annalise cries that she didn't do anything wrong; it was just a silly mistake. Cameron offers to call her a taxi, but Annalise cries that she hasn't got anywhere to go. She sobs:
ANNALISE: What am I going to do?
CAMERON (gently): First, dry your eyes. I might be able to help.
ANNALISE (gratefully, through her tears): Really?
No. 28
Doug asks Brad if he disconnected the lead he had hooked up to next door. Brad nods that he did. Doug says he doesn't want to give Jim any more excuses to complain. Pam arrives home and Doug asks her if she's been shopping. Pam, however, retorts that she's been to pay the electricity bill - but when she went to pay by credit card, she got knocked back because they're over the limit, which is very strange because she seems to remember writing a cheque for that a couple of weeks ago. Doug, looking sheepish, murmurs that he forgot to post it. He then assures Pam that they'll be OK - they'll get used to the generator. Pam, however, points out that he'd better go and buy some petrol, then, or hasn't he noticed the silence? Doug says he'll go to the garage and get the jerry can. He heads out, leaving everyone looking annoyed.
No. 30
Cameron is asking Phoebe if Annalise can move in until her mother gets back. Phoebe sighs that she and Stephen were getting used to having the place to themselves. Cameron tells her that Annalise could babysit and help out around the house, and pay her share of the rent. Phoebe says she'll talk to Stephen. The 'phone starts ringing and Phoebe answers it. Dorothy comes on and Phoebe talks to her for a few moments. When she hangs up, she tells Cameron that it looks like they'll need the extra money: Dorothy and Tom have found a house and the removalists are collecting the furniture tomorrow, which means she and Stephen will have to fork out for some more or go without...
No. 28
Pam is ranting at Brad and Gaby that this is another harebrained idea that their father has jumped right into without giving it proper thought. Brad says he can understand where he's coming from: a lot of people live in solar- powered houses. Gaby, however, points out that their house isn't *geared* for it. Brad asks what they're going to do. Pam sighs that they've got to find a way to get through Doug's thick headó. She breaks off as Doug comes in with a jerry can and asks:
DOUG: *Whose* thick head?
Pam snaps at him that this whole electricity business is out of hand; they're sick of cold showers and wrinkled clothes and barbecues and limp lettuce leaves. Doug asks her what she's trying to say. Pam snaps:
PAM: We're not trying to say *anything*. We're *demanding* that you get the electricity put back on or else.
DOUG: Or else what?
PAM: Or else we'll all move into Lassiter's - and believe me, the bill we'll run up there will cost you a damn sight more than having the power reconnected!
No. 30
Annalise is cooing over Hope on the lounge room floor as Cameron says to Phoebe quietly that he really appreciates what she's doing. Phoebe replies that she still has to check with Stephen - but as long as Annalise pays the rent... Cameron says he has to be off. Annalise goes to the door with him and thanks him for his help; if it wasn't for him, she'd probably be spending the night on a park bench. Cameron reaches into his pocket and takes out some cash, which he hands to Annalise and tells her that it'll tide her over with the rent for a while. Annalise thanks him, gratefully.
Beth and Doug are sitting at the bar and Doug proposes a toast to electricity! Beth asks him what made him change his mind about paying the bill and Doug explains that he'd rather be robbed blind by the power company than have the family whinging in his ear! Lou comes in and Doug asks what he can get him. Lou retorts bluntly:
LOU: Shotgun and a blindfold.
He sits down and Doug tells him that he's sorry about what happened between him and Annalise. Beth smiles at Lou that she got the ring back for him. She holds it out and Lou takes it, but at that moment Benito comes in and grabs it, saying *he* paid for half of it and it'll decrease Lou's debt considerably.
Ramsay Street
Doug pulls up in his ute outside No. 28. Jim is standing outside No. 26 and Doug walks over to him and tells him that he can sleep easy tonight: he's unhooked the generator. Jim muses that he's finally paid the bill, has he? Doug insists that he just wanted to make a point: someone's got to show the electricity company that they can't just go around over- charging people. With that, he rejoins Beth, who says she might call in and see Brad before she heads home. She then says to Doug:
BETH: So, you really gave the power company what for, huh?
DOUG: Sure did! Told them I was paying under protest. There was no way my bill could be that high.
The two of them head towards the garage, where Brad is polishing his surfboard - surrounded by several heaters set on high! Doug stares at them and exclaims that it's like a sauna in there. Brad explains that he's got to get his boards dry. Doug asks him how often he does it. Brad replies innocently:
BRAD: All the time. Why?
Beth bursts out laughing as Doug stands there rolling his eyes.
Lou is sitting with Jim. As Gaby hands him another drink, she warns him to take it easy if he's planning to drive home. She walks off, leaving Lou to comment to Jim bitterly that he'd probably be doing everybody a favour if he got in his car and drove off a cliff. Jim tells him he needs to snap out of this. Lou, however, retorts that he knows everyone's saying that he's an old fool who got taken for a ride. Jim assures him:
JIM: What happened to you could happen to *anyone* - especially on the rebound, like you were with Madge. We all want to feel young, so we look for someone who helps *make* us feel young. The thing is, when it doesn't work out we've got to pick ourselves up and get on with our lives.
LOU: My life is a disaster. Don't think I'm over- reacting: just take a look at the facts.
JIM: *What* facts?
LOU: Two broken marriages, two broken engagements, a business partner who doesn't respect me, and I can't say I blame him. 'Lou Carpenter... this is your life...'
No. 30
Annalise is talking on the 'phone, telling Phoebe to go out and have fun - or drop Phoebe off and she'll babysit. Someone knocks on the front door suddenly and Annalise tells Phoebe that she has to go. She hangs up and opens the door to Cameron, who tells her that he got her message. He asks what's wrong. Annalise replies that it's nothing - everything's fine, thanks to him. She invites him in and he tells her that she should thank Stephen and Phoebe. They sit down on the couch and Cameron asks where Stephen and Phoebe *are*. Annalise explains that they're out furniture- shopping, and Phoebe just rang to say that they're eating out. She then moves closer to Cameron as she says:
ANNALISE: That's why I wanted you to come over - to show you grateful I really am...
With that, she gives Cameron a kiss on the cheek. A look of astonishment crosses his face.
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Cliff Ritter, Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1846
Cliff Ritter, Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman

Gaby Willis, Doug Willis, Pam Willis in Neighbours Episode 1846
Gaby Willis, Doug Willis, Pam Willis

Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1846
Lou Carpenter, Annalise Hartman

Pam Willis, Phoebe Bright, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1846
Pam Willis, Phoebe Bright, Doug Willis

Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1846
Beth Brennan, Cameron Hudson

Jim Robinson, Phoebe Bright in Neighbours Episode 1846
Jim Robinson, Phoebe Bright

Benito Alessi, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1846
Benito Alessi, Lou Carpenter

Beth Brennan, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1846
Beth Brennan, Annalise Hartman

Beth Brennan, Doug Willis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 1846
Beth Brennan, Doug Willis, Jim Robinson

Benito Alessi, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1846
Benito Alessi, Lou Carpenter

Cameron Hudson, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 1846
Cameron Hudson, Annalise Hartman

Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1846
Doug Willis

Phoebe Bright, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1846
Phoebe Bright, Cameron Hudson

Pam Willis, Gaby Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1846
Pam Willis, Gaby Willis, Brad Willis

Annalise Hartman, Hope Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 1846
Annalise Hartman, Hope Gottlieb

Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1846
Doug Willis, Lou Carpenter

Jim Robinson, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 1846
Jim Robinson, Doug Willis

Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 1846
Brad Willis

Jim Robinson, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 1846
Jim Robinson, Lou Carpenter

Annalise Hartman, Cameron Hudson in Neighbours Episode 1846
Annalise Hartman, Cameron Hudson

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