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Neighbours Episode 1824 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1824
Australian airdate: 03/12/92
UK airdate: 10/11/93
UK Gold: 28/10/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Drunk: Rick Fletcher
Customer 1: Brenda Palmer
Customer 2: Bruce McBrien
- "Symphony No.8" by Ludwig Van Beethoven
- "Say Goodbye" by Indecent Obsession
- "Bury Me Deep In Love" by The Triffids
- "Back Again" by Stars
- "Do You See What I See?" by Hunters And Collectors
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Pam quizzes Jim about Carol, who he's taking to the dinner instead of her.
- Julie rants at Pam, saying if she thought less about Jim and more about Doug, perhaps Doug wouldn't have played around behind her back!
Number 22
Rick creeps down the stairs but Benito catches him trying to sneak out. Rick pretends he was just answering the door, but as there's no-one there, Benito tells him to close the door to stop the draught!
Benito accuses Rick of trying to see Debbie. Rick protests his innocence, but Benito doesn't buy it. Benito tells him that as the Martins are moving house, Debbie won't have time to see him anyway.
RICK: What? Where are they going?
BENITO: What difference does it make? *You* won't be visiting them!
Rick is annoyed. Benito tells him that he thinks the break-in is tied in with Marco, but he's not sure how. He tells him that Cameron is investigating, and insists that Cathy should not be worried any further about the situation. He asks Rick to come to him if he hears anything on the grapevine. Rick huffs that he has no-one else to talk to since he's been banned from seeing Debbie.
Benito says that if he's bored, he can come and work for him at the car yard! He thinks some hard work will be just the thing to take his mind off his troubles. Rick does not look overly pleased at this!
Number 28
Pam is miserably sitting alone. Brad and Gaby happily arrive home. They play down the dinner when they see that Pam is a bit down. Pam says she's been thinking things over, and Brad and Gaby apologise for going out.
Pam says she understands it's awkward for them. She's upset that Doug got involved with Jill, and it gets her mad even thinking about it. Pam says if that hadn't happened, she wouldn't have got as close to Jim as she did. She feels that she's not much better than Doug for letting that happen.
Brad and Gaby try to reassure her.
Number 26
Jim is packing up some stuff for the move. Brad goes to see him, and they talk about Pam and how down she is. Jim says that if Doug and Pam won't save their marriage, it's up to Brad and Gaby to do it for them. He tells Brad to give them a nudge in the right direction. Jim says that he'll have a word with Doug, if Brad speaks to Pam. Brad happily says he'll go and speak to Gaby.
BRAD: Thanks a lot, Mr Robbo!
Brad rushes out.
Number 30
Phoebe is trying on her wedding dress that Gaby has made. Phoebe is marvelling at how the baby has grown, and Gaby says that she's left plenty of room in the dress. Gaby is still smarting a bit at not getting the bar manager's job.
Toby bursts in saying that he can't find Bouncer anywhere. Dorothy says that he'll turn up. Toby answers the door to Stephen and everyone panics about him seeing the dress. Phoebe covers up and Stephen comes in.
Stephen says that Helen's recommendation was great, and they've got somewhere to get married now. Phoebe doesn't know who can give her away. Toby coughs loudly.
TOBY: What's wrong with me?!
Phoebe is surprised that Toby would want to, but readily agrees. Gaby leaves for work and Bouncer strolls in, carrying Gus the guinea pig in his mouth! Everyone is appalled and Dorothy is upset that Bouncer has killed Hannah's guinea pig. Toby reasons that he must've been hungry!
Gaby and Brad are chatting. A drunk customer yells at the bar about getting a drink. Brad takes offence at him calling him a bozo! Gaby tells him to ignore him. Brad marvels at how drunk he is so early in the day and wonders how Gaby copes. Gaby grumbles at how Philip hasn't given her the bar manager's job. Brad can't believe that Gaby has too much to do, and he hasn't got anything going on.
The drunk squares up to Brad and Gaby tells the drunk that he's had too much already. The drunk smashes a glass on the floor and Brad tells him to cool it. The drunk threatens him and despite Gaby's warnings, Brad threatens him back, saying that he can handle the situation.
Outside Lassiter's
Jim stops Doug, asking if they can chat. Doug thinks Jim has come to gloat! Jim says he wouldn't do that and apologises for what's happened. He admits that he's had feelings for Pam but it's in the past. Doug tells him that he can quit the 'it's all over' routine because he knows they've been at a charity bash together. Doug marches off.
Jim yells after him and insists that Pam didn't go and he took someone else to the dinner. He wants to talk but Doug has to get back to work. Jim says he'll buy Doug a drink in the Waterhole after work so that they can talk things through but Doug can't see the point. Jim says he won't know unless he tries, and Doug reluctantly agrees.
Gaby comes rushing over, calling for Doug and Jim to help her in the Waterhole because Brad's about to punch someone.
Brad is behind the bar, and has given the drunk a non-alcoholic smoothie. Gaby, Jim and Doug burst in and are surprised that there's no trouble. The drunk (who is now not very drunk at all, haha) says that after this drink, he's going home. Doug leaves.
Jim says that he's going to chat to Doug, and suggests that Brad and Gaby speak to Pam. They grin.
Number 30
Dorothy, Toby, Stephen and Phoebe are looking at Gus' dead body. They're upset for Hannah, as she really loved him.
DOROTHY: One thing's certain - Julie'll blame me.
TOBY: I forgot about her.
DOROTHY: Now we're next door neighbours, things can only get worse.
Dorothy peers at Gus and wonders if they could buy a lookalike, as Hannah probably won't notice the difference. Phoebe doubts that they could find an identical one. Stephen thinks that they should clean him up and put him back in the house, so it looks like he died of natural causes. Toby is sceptical about it working, but Dorothy thinks that they don't have too many options!
Car Yard
Rick is washing cars. Benito comes over, looking unhappy.
RICK: What's up, Dad? You look like...your usual self!
Benito says she's been talking to Cathy, and she's got a cheap quote for re-naming Daphne's to the Hungry Bite. Benito is fuming because Lou's pulled the wool over his eyes, as he got three astronomical quotes for the car yard, because he obviously wants to keep the yard as Carpenter's Cars!
A customer and his wife stop Benito and ask "Mr Carpenter" what his best buys are. Benito snaps that his name is Alessi! The customers list out what they want, and Benito shows them some cars which they don't like - they're the wrong colour, or they're foreign.
Benito gets huffy and tells them to look around for themselves as they obviously don't like anything he's got to offer! Rick panics and pulls him back, and tells him to cool it! Benito is having none of it and has a rant at the customers about their "high standards" and walks off.
The customers are appalled and decide to go to visit Phil Friendly's car yard. Rick grabs them and asks them to listen to him before they go.
Number 30
Phoebe is cleaning Gus up and Toby thinks she picked up a trick or two from her family's funeral business! Dorothy is unsure about the idea, but is less keen when Toby suggests telling Julie the truth! Dorothy worries that Hannah will have already missed him, but Toby thinks they might be ok as the Martins are moving house, so they must have lots to do.
Pam knocks at the door. She tells Dorothy she's not looking for an argument and Dorothy happily lets her in. Pam says she's come to apologise, but Dorothy says that her love life is none of her business. Pam says she hasn't got a love life - neither Jim nor Doug want anything to do with her!
DOROTHY: What are you going to do?
PAM: I wish I knew.
Car Yard
Rick is explaining all of Benito's woes to the customers, trying to drum up some sympathy for him. The customers go to one side to discuss the issue between themselves, and Rick drags Benito out of the office. Benito is reluctant, but he's pleased when the customers decide that they want to buy a car.
Number 28
Pam is talking to Brad about not feeling sorry for herself any more. Gaby comes home, looking glum - she's sick of doing both her job and the bar manager's duties at the same time.
BRAD: Haha, good old Phil-baby, eh?
Pam thinks that Philip should promote Gaby and be done with it. Gaby agrees - she knows he's taken it on himself, but it's obviously too much for him with running Lassiter's too. She realises that he knows this himself, and that's why he's letting her pick up all of his slack at the bar. Pam thinks there's no flies on Philip!
Brad says that he and Gaby are taking Pam out for dinner. Pam says they don't have to, but they point out that they took Doug out the night before and their parents deserve equal time. Pam happily runs off to get ready. Brad and Gaby are pleased that their plan is coming together.
Number 30 - Back Yard
Dorothy helps Toby to climb over the fence into Number 32. She passes him the box with the guinea pig in, and tells him to leave Gus on the grass, away from the fence. He does so and carries the empty box back to Dorothy.
Number 32 - Back Yard
As Toby passes the empty box back to Dorothy, Jim opens the back door and calls out to them. He wonders what they're doing in Julie's back yard. Dorothy and Toby claim that Toby's frisbee/soccer ball came over the fence and he came to collect it.
DOROTHY: I'm just here to keep an eye on him because he's afraid of the dark.
TOBY: (appalled) I'm not afraid of the dark!
Jim says he's off to see Doug at the Waterhole and asks if Toby wants to walk through the house. Toby says he'll jump over the fence again! Jim wonders what's in the box, and Toby says it's a surprise! Jim smiles and goes back into the house.
DOROTHY: Poor Hannah. Poor Gus!
They take one last look at the dead guinea pig on the grass!
Number 22
Rick is complimenting Benito on his sales technique - treating them like dirt is the way to go! Benito is still stunned that they bought a car each and not just one! Benito says that now he's had some success, he feels that he can be honest - he was starting to think that he wasn't cut out for the motor trade!
RICK: No?(!)
Benito is pleased that he now knows he's got what it takes. Benito is pleased with Rick too and offers him a treat. Rick is happy, thinking it'll be a drop of the Debbie ban...but it's an offer for Benito to teach him the art of selling cars. Rick is not overly impressed.
Rick thinks Benito should change the name of the yard to "Alessi and Son" but Benito realises that Carpenter's Cars has a good reputation for them to cash in on. Benito says that he's going to let Lou think he's pulled the wool over his eyes so he doesn't know quite what he's working with.
RICK: You know, Dad, sometimes you're not as dumb as you look.
Benito winds up a teatowel.
RICK: You wouldn't. You wouldn't.
Benito hits Rick with it.
BENITO: I would. And I did!
Gaby, Pam and Brad are sitting together. Jim and Doug walk in, "surprised" at who is there. Pam realises that she and Doug have been set up. Doug is surprised that Jim was in on it, but Jim says it's for a good cause. Doug sits down.
Brad, Gaby and Jim leave. Jim stops Brad and says that Philip is still working at Lassiter's and wants a word with Brad. Brad is surprised but goes to drop in. Gaby asks why Philip wants to see Brad, but Jim doesn't tell her.
Doug and Pam uneasily talk. Doug says he's tired of the hotel life. Doug says he's pleased that they've been set up as they do need to talk. Pam agrees. Doug says there's no need to put it off any longer - they need to work out how they're going to divide things up. Pam is shocked to realise that Doug is intent on divorcing her.
Number 30
Dorothy can't believe she took part in the Gus deception. Toby thinks they've got away with it. Stephen and Phoebe chat about the wedding and Toby wants to know if he can go to the buck's party! Stephen says that Lou has got something special planned - and Toby can't wait to see it.
DOROTHY: I shudder to think.
Stephen reckons it'll be fine, and Dorothy bans Toby from going! Toby sulks!
Number 28
Brad arrives home.
GABY: So what did "Phil-baby" have to say for himself?
BRAD: Ohh, he's not a bad guy.
GABY: Well, he's a pretty pathetic bar manager, I can tell you that much.
Brad says that Gaby's problems are over - Philip has admitted that he's bitten off more than he can chew with the bar manager's role. Gaby is stoked, especially when Brad says that Philip's decided to get a bit of the old Willis magic in on the act.
Brad corrects her - it's not Gaby who's got the job, but Brad! Philip heard what happened with the drunk guy at the bar, and decided that Brad was the best person for the job. Brad excitedly tells Gaby that he's her new boss.
BRAD: So from now on, I'd like a little more respect, if you don't mind. You can start by calling me sir, hahaha!
Gaby is appalled.
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