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Neighbours Episode 1790 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1790
Australian airdate: 16/10/92
UK airdate: 23/09/93
UK Gold: 10/09/99
Writer: Steve J. Spears
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jill Weir: Lyn Semler
Lindsay Steiner: Jane Longhurst
Stanley Pizarro: Vince D'Amico
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad tells Toby that he must stop gambling - he saw what it did to Doug and Doug only just got out in time. Toby promises not to gamble again and begs Brad not to tell Dorothy.
LINDSAY: All I want to know is one thing. I want to know from your own lips why you and your husband abandoned me when I was born. I have to know. Ever since I found out I was adopted, my mind's just been filled with rage. I can't go on like this.
CATHY: I know. It must have been a shock.
LINDSAY: Of course it was a shock! One minute I'm a normal person, the next I find out that my parents, the people I *thought* were my parents, have been lying to me for years! And that you and my f...your husband...I mean, I know he wasn't your husband then...why you both threw me out like dirty washing the moment I was born!
Gaby is sewing at the kitchen table again. Beth answers the door to Pam and directs her to the "lingerie factory" in the kitchen(!) Gaby tells Pam that she loves living at No.32 and Beth rolle her eyes. Pam awkwardly leaves after buying some lingerie.
CATHY: Lindsay, giving you up was the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my life. And hardly a day's gone by since then that...I haven't thought about you. I want to show you something. And please, don't think it's corny.
She goes to a drawer and brings out a pair of baby bootees.
CATHY: I knitted these for you when I was pregnant. And I was never given the chance to give them to her.
She gives them to Lindsay, who is touched. She hugs Cathy and starts to cry.
LINDSAY: You know, the funny thing, and the sad thing? All my life I've never even considered having children. Because my family...the family who raised me are muscular dystrophy carriers...I thought I was too.
CATHY: And now?
LINDSAY: Now I don't want kids! When I found out I was adopted...they all started at me to have a family.
CATHY: Why don't you? Oh, look at us.
She goes to get them some tissues.
LINDSAY: The thing is...now I'm terrified of being a mother. It doesn't even help that I've found my real roots. Bill's been and on at me ever since...I want kids, it's safe now, you can have kids. On and on. I couldn't cope. Can I ask a favour?
CATHY: Anything.
LINDSAY: Can I have some more tissues?!
She sits down.
LINDSAY: It's all so hard. When I couldn't have children, I wanted them, now I can, I'm petrified! How do I put my life back together?
Toby is poring over his gambling system again. Hannah pops round and is interested to hear it can make you super- rich(!) He tells her not to tell anyone.
Ramsay Street
Gaby and Brad are seeing Doug off to the convention. Gaby tells Doug that Pam bought some lingerie from her, so he'll have a good homecoming(!) Doug looks a bit sad. Pam comes over, but Doug ignores her and gets in the taxi.
Beth tells Brad that she's fed up - Gaby is a total slob and she's driving her crazy. She wants Brad to have a word with her.
Gaby comes in and tells Beth off for moving her things. Beth is speechless.
Cathy thinks Bill must love Lindsay very much - he married her even though he wanted children. Lindsay admits that Bill cried when she told him she was a carrier of the MDG gene. After she found out she was adopted, she realised she was terrified of having children, and said a lot of hurtful things to him.
CATHY: Why don't you tell him?
LINDSAY: It's too late.
CATHY: Never!
LINDSAY: You sound like you're talking from experience.
CATHY: Well, I am! It's never too late to talk things out. Or at least to try to talk.
LINDSAY: Bill always stood by me in the bad days. When we were happy...we were so happy.
CATHY: Why don't you stay and have dinner with us? Benito would love to sit down and really talk to you.
LINDSAY: No. Thanks. But you're right. I owe it to Bill to be honest about my feelings.
CATHY: You will come back and see us?
LINDSAY: I don't know.
Cathy doesn't push it, and they walk to the front door with their arms around each other.
Pam comes round to return a book. Jim asks if Doug would mind if she comes to the vintage car club dinner with him tonight? Pam agrees.
Hannah is telling Michael about Toby's gambling system. Michael suddenly looks interested. Hannah says it's meant to be a secret and Michael promises not to tell(!)
Beth cajoles Brad into talking to Gaby for her. She says the mess is only temporary and Beth is being very unreasonable(!) In the end, Brad tells them both to grow up and stalks out.
Benito is surprised to hear that Lindsay has been around. Cathy says now it's time for her to make peace with their adopted family and get her marriage back on track.
CATHY: If she needs us...she now knows where we are.
New Sheraton Hotel
Doug is having dinner on his own when he sees a mate...Stan. Stan hasn't brought his wife because he wants to "check out the talent"
Coffee Shop
Michael sees Toby and asks about his gambling system. He tells him he's going to be Toby's partner. He's got fake ID, so he can place the bets...for a small percentage. If Toby says no, Michael will tell Dorothy!
Toby shows Michael a horse that's running this afternoon.
Beth and Gaby are talking reasonably now. However, it doesn't work very well, and they end up arguing again.
Helen is surprised to hear that Jim is taking Pam to the vintage car club dinner. She doesn't think it's a very good idea - it might give Pam the wrong idea, and he hasn't cleared it with Doug. Jim says he'll go and see Pam and sort it out.
New Sheraton Hotel
Stan is trying to convince Doug to have some fun with the ladies, but he doesn't want to. Stan introduces him to a woman...and it turns out to be Jill! Doug says hello and then says he'd better be going.
Michael shows Toby their winnings. He says his percentage will be 100%(!) If Toby doesn't agree, he'll tell Dorothy.
New Sheraton Hotel
Doug rings Pam from his hotel room. Unfortunately, Jim has let himself in and answers the phone while Pam is in the bathroom. Doug hears him and puts the phone down.
DOUG: Pam...how could you?
There's a knock at the door and it's Jill. She enters the room.
JILL: I thought you'd be lonely at this boring old convention, all by yourself. Without your wife.
DOUG: Me? No...I...
JILL: I'm lonely, too, Doug. Need some company?
<<1789 - 1791>>
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