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Neighbours Episode 1650 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1650
Australian airdate: 03/04/92
UK airdate: 11/03/93
UK Gold: 26/02/99
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Raymond Webb: Terry Brittingham
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jim sees that Helen's painting is missing from the wall.
Jim is very puzzled about the painting and thinks it must have been stolen. Phoebe and Todd are sceptical - nothing else has been taken. Jim suddenly thinks that it must have been Lou - he was looking at the painting earlier.
Josh comes in and Todd and Phoebe ignore him. He goes through to the kitchen and calls Trish. She's not happy with him - her family are going mental and now she might be expelled. She slams the phone down.
Lou has arrived and Madge tells him firmly that it's only for one night. Lou gives Madge a calendar - she's initially pleased but then sees it's a calendar of nude models!
Madge is still peeved with Faye for stealing her cat but Lou says that maybe Faye needs a bit of companionship.
Caroline tells Paul that they've lost a contract. He doesn't seem too bothered (whereas before he would have gone mental)
Jim tells Todd, Phoebe and Josh not to mention the missing painting to Helen. They usher her through to the kitchen so she won't notice the painting being missing.
Phoebe pulls Todd into the laundry room - she reckons she saw Lou carrying a long tube: it could be the painting.
Lou is visiting Faye to make amends with her for using her to make Madge jealous last time he was in Erinsborough. He's also trying to get Faye to invest in the car yard(!)
Just then, Jim comes round to have a word with Lou about the painting. He says he doesn't know anything about it. Jim wants to look inside the tube.
The tube is full of calendars and Jim is very embarrassed for suspecting Lou. Lou is forgiving and tells Jim there's no hard feelings. Faye picks up a calendar and flicks through it in horror. Lou says when he buys the car yard he'll clean up their act. Faye says that she'd like to see the business portfolio and the trading figures for the last five years.
Caroline is leaving for work, leaving Christina and Paul to spend the day together. Paul is interested to hear that Caroline has got his money back from Rosemary and then says he's going out for a walk.
Jim is finally telling Helen that the painting is missing. But it turns out that Helen has sold it - to help to finance the search for Glenn. Jim is stunned and Helen apologises for the trouble she's inadvertently caused between Jim and Lou.
In the living room, Phoebe is telling Todd that she's allowed to have a barbecue to make up for all the trouble she's been in recently.
Madge comes round to catch up with Helen. Helen warns Madge not to let Lou overstay his welcome.
The Office
Paul has popped into the office to grill Caroline on her plans for the cheque from Rosemary. Caroline is thinking of investing it in a race track and has arranged a meeting with the owner. Paul invites himself to come along with her, just so he can have look.
Lou has cooked Madge a lovely breakfast in the hope of getting around her(!) He's pushed the boat out and got champagne and roses!
Back garden of the Robinsons
Josh is trying to make up with Phoebe and Todd but they don't want to - because Josh didn't tell on Trish himself, Toby did it.
JOSH: Toby? What did you do, torture him? I told him not to tell anyone.
Phoebe is not impressed but Josh says he just needed time to make a decision. Just then Trish comes up so Todd and Phoebe leave. She's still not happy with Josh and moans on at him. Josh says that maybe she deserves to be expelled for being so horrible. She tells Josh that he's dumped.
Race Track
Caroline is talking to the owner about the race track and its running costs. Paul is messing about with a car, much to Caroline's displeasure. The bloke appreciates Paul's enthusiasm though. Paul starts to take over the negotiations and starts telling the bloke what he thinks the price should be, leaving Caroline out in the cold!
Josh is on the phone to his mother saying that there's nothing left for him in Erinsborough - he wants to come back to Mildura.
Madge tells Lou that she hasn't changed her mind about him only staying one night. He lays a guilt trip on her saying that he doesn't know what he's going to do now and generally makes her feel very guilty. She finally caves in when Lou starts talking about sleeping rough(!) She insists that there's no "funny business" though!
Lou decides to go over to Faye's for a little chat about the business.
Race track
Paul has got Jim down for a go on the cars! Christina is also there and is trying to calm a sulking Caroline down.
CAROLINE: He made me look like an office junior!
Jim and Paul are having a lot of fun on the track.
PAUL: I'm a natural winner!
<<1649 - 1651>>
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