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Neighbours Episode 1581 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1581
Australian airdate: 09/12/91
UK airdate: 04/12/92
UK Gold: 23/11/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen asks Gaby to marry him.
Gaby is very shocked, but Glen says that he loves Gaby and he's been thinking about this for a while. Gaby thinks it's all about the competition from Guy, but Glen says it isn't - he loves Gaby and wants to get married.
GLEN: I'm not going to give up. Until you say yes.
Christina is wishing that Paul would come home - she misses him terribly. There's a knock at the door and it's Pam, come to return something. She tells them that the dinner party was a disaster - Mr Perfect ended up getting together with Faye, not Brenda! Now Faye is taking him to the Barrier Reef and Brenda is devastated! But at least Faye is leaving the Willis household(!)
When Pam has gone, Caroline opens a letter and shows it to Christina. She says Paul isn't going to like it.
Gaby gets back to Guy's place having been for a walk. She tells him that she had it out with Glen and Guy says he feels a bit sorry for Glen - it can't be easy, seeing them together.
GUY: However much Glen cares for you, I care just as much. I didn't like to say it before, didn't seem right the way things were, with Glen not knowing - but I can say it now without going behind his back.
Gaby decides to go home and have a sleep.
GUY: Will I see you tomorrow?
GABY: I've got a few things that I have to sort out.
GUY: I'm a patient man.
No.22, the following morning
Christina is feeling great this morning, having talked to Paul on the phone last night. Apparently the letter was a nomination for Paul as "Erinsborough Businessman of the Year". Caroline thinks it might just depress Paul, so they should be careful. Caroline answers the phone to Prue at the office - they've lost a booking for 30 rooms because a flight has been cancelled. Christina says the loss could tip the company over the edge, but Caroline says there's nothing they can do.
Pam and Doug are looking forward to having their house back - although Faye didn't actually sleep in her bed last night! (Oo-er!) Gaby comes out in her dressing-gown and tells them she had a rough night.
PAM: Why couldn't you sleep? What's the matter?
GABY: Glen proposed last night.
Pam and Doug are utterly speechless.
DOUG: That's proposed...as in getting married?
GABY: Mm-hmm.
Doug gets excited that Glen has finally got his act together and congratulates Gaby, but she says it's not that simple. Pam agrees that it is a bit sudden - she went on a date with Guy and came home with a proposal from Glen!
GABY: I know. It's all a mess, isn't it?
Outside No.22
Christina is ranting and raving about the lost hotel bookings claiming that the airline should pay the cost of the rooms. Caroline says that isn't how it works. Christina wants to ring the airline, but Caroline says that would be really silly - the airline puts a lot of trade their way. Caroline tells her leave it to her - after all, she's paid to manage the hotel!
Glen and Guy have both sent Gaby flowers and chocolates. Pam tells her not to rush her decision - flowers die in a week, but marriage is for life. But they'll support her whatever she decides - they just want Gaby to be happy.
Glen has come around to visit Christina and Andrew. He awkwardly holds Andrew, and then tells Christina he loves kids and is looking forward to having some of his own in the near future - then he tells her that he's proposed to Gaby! Christina congratulates him.
GLEN: If there's something really important in your life, you've got to go for it, you know?
CHRISTINA:(thoughtfully) Yeah, you're right!
GLEN: Hanging back's for losers. Fight for what you want, that's what I say.
Christina says he's helped her decide something, and immediately goes to the telephone. She dials a number and calls the head of the airline.
Doug is hinting that the Whitsundays is a great place for a honeymoon(!) He thinks Gaby should at least thank Glen for the flowers. There's a knock at the door.
DOUG: That sounds like Mohammed coming to the mountain!
Guy pops around to ask if Gaby wants to go out tonight. She ushers Doug out to the garden, and then tells Guy that Glen has asked her to marry him. She's says she has to think about it because if she says no it'll be the end of her and Glen forever.
GUY: Gaby, don't rush into anything. I'm not just saying that for myself, I'm saying it for you, too.
GABY: I know.
GUY: And I won't hassle you. If it goes Glen's way I'll just have to live with it I guess. Whatever you decide, I'll always be your friend.
They hug.
Outside No.22
Christina has rung the airline and hopes she's done the right thing. Glen sees Guy coming out of No.28 and goes over to him. Guy tells Glen that Gaby's not ready to get married, but Glen is is confident to the point of arrogance.
Faye has left the house! Doug is still banging on about Glen's proposal. Gaby hasn't seen Glen all day but just then he comes to the door.
GLEN: This proposal business...like you said last night, it all happened in a bit of a rush. Can we go somewhere and talk?
GABY: Alright. Won't be long, Dad.
Caroline comes in and apologises for their altercation this morning. Christina says that's fine and she rang the airline anyway. Caroline is horrified, but Christina tells her that Lassiter's will be the hotel of choice for his stopover staff from now on. Caroline is confused - it's a fantastic business opportunity, but she doesn't understand how Christina managed it. Christina says airily that she agreed to refund the airline's deposit for the rooms for the cancelled flight. She had intended to blast the man, but she remembered Paul handling a similar situation once, so decided to be reasonable. Caroline tells Christina she's really proud of her, but it was a terrible gamble! Christina says she won't be doing it again - anyway, she couldn't handle the strain!
Lassiter's Lake
The rotunda is decorated and all lit up - Glen got Todd and Josh to do it. They walk along, and there is a table set in the Rotunda, complete with candles.
GLEN: I'm not trying to pressure you.
GABY: Really?
GLEN: I just wanted you to know how I feel. I know I've been a jerk at times, but if you marry me, I'll make it up, I promise.
GABY: Glen, you shouldn't have done all this.
GLEN: Maybe I haven't got a hope in hell, but I had to give it my best shot. So, if you want to choose Guy, at least I'll know.
GABY: Guy is a lovely person. But it's you that I'm in love with.
GLEN: Is that a yes?
GABY: I had a funny feeling months ago that we'd end up getting married.
GLEN: Did you?
GABY: I did.
He produces a ring.
GLEN: Here. This belonged to my grandmother.
He slips it onto her finger and then they kiss.
<<1580 - 1582>>
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