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Neighbours Episode 1559 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1559
Australian airdate: 07/11/91
UK airdate: 04/11/92
UK Gold: 22/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Caroline is getting ready to go to work, even though it's 4pm in the afternoon. Christina suggests that she rests to get over her jetlag, but Caroline is keen to go in and face Martin. She isn't sure her "new" job is going to work out.
Lucy and Emma are working on their adverts for the agency. They snipe at each other, competitively. Glen tells them off for baiting each other. He reckons they should combine their efforts and make a really terrific advert, rather than two mediocre ones. This doesn't go down to well, and Lucy decides to ask Helen for help with her artwork.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is on the phone ordering some food - she tells Helen that she's had a big order in. Helen offers to help, but Brenda says she'll be fine. Helen tries to buy some tuna quiche, but Brenda quickly puts it under the counter(!)
Helen asks if Josh has been in - apparently he was sick all last night. Brenda looks shifty and guilty, then says she's closing the shop early.
The Office
Paul is surprised to see Caroline in work and tells her to go off and see a movie. Caroline wants to get straight into work though. They agree to get back at Rosemary through business tactics. Paul suggests that Caroline uses Melanie's desk in the meantime and Caroline looks a bit downcast, but makes the best of it.
Martin comes in and mistakes Caroline for the secretary. Before Caroline can get a word in, he goes into the inner office and closes the door behind him.
Lucy and Emma are still sniping, so Emma decides to head home. Glen says that Lucy should be more generous, but she says there's only one job on offer and she wants it for herself.
The Office
Paul calls Caroline into the inner office. Martin ignores Caroline, but she soon shows her worth by giving good input into the conference he's organising. She tries to tell Martin off for treating her like a secretary, but between Martin ignoring her and the phone ringing, she can't get a word in edgeways. She stomps off.
Lucy is trying to get Helen to do her artwork for her. Helen is reluctant, but agrees to help out a bit. Lucy asks her to draw two people drinking out of a software bottle - Helen could use her and Glen as models! Helen starts to sketch.
Christina has been to the doctor and everything is fine with the baby - it's in the right position. Paul hugs her and then answers the door to Brenda. She tells him she's given him the wrong quiche and after a bit of arguing, presents him with an asparagus quiche, saying it's much nicer and that she needs the tuna one for another customer who can't eat asparagus due to it making her come out in a disgusting rash(!) She makes off with the tuna quiche before a confused Paul can react!
The Office
Martin is still under the impression that Caroline is a secretary. He talks about typing and then gives her a bag of shirts that he wants dry-cleaner(!)
Caroline seethes for a bit, then marches into the inner office and presents Martin with her shoes, telling him to get them re-soled(!)
Brenda is trying to retrieve another quiche from Dorothy. Dorothy offers her a sherry and Brenda nervously asks if she can get the quiche back. Dorothy says it's gone - Bouncer has eaten it! Dorothy says that Bouncer is now lying behind the sofa, looking a bit off-colour. Brenda goes over to him, but can't rouse him.
BRENDA: Oh my God! I've done it! I've killed Bouncer!
She holds her head in despair.
Brenda is in shock - it seems that Bouncer was only doing one of his tricks (playing dead!). Dorothy asks what Brenda was so upset about, but she dodges the question. Helen comes over to invite Dorothy to an art exhibition, and mentions that the doctor's diagnosis was that Josh has a virus - apparently there's been one going around the school. Brenda does not look pleased, and tells them how Josh accused her of poisoning her. But then they see the funny side and all start laughing.
Caroline comes in, fuming.
CAROLINE: Do I look like a secretary?!?
She goes on a rant about Martin and how much she dislikes him. Christina reasonably asks if Caroline set him straight and Caroline admits she didn't - she just gave him her shoes(!)
They get on to talking about the pregnancy. Paul is taking Christina out tonight because of the dangers of eating asparagus(!)
PAUL:(to Caroline) So, how was your first day back in the office?
Caroline's face says it all!
No. 26
Helen has finished the sketch of Glen and Lucy which has the (apparently brilliant) copy "Get the feel, Get real, Get fizzed" on the bottom. Lucy is very pleased with it, and hopes the agency will be too.
Emma comes round to show Lucy her finished ad. Lucy apologises for goading her before. Emma shows her the ad and the artwork is pretty good. Her slogan is also, "Get fizzed" with a lot of bubbles. Glen offers to drop them off at the agency.
The Office
Martin comes in to find Paul already there early. Paul tells Martin that there's been a misunderstanding with Caroline and explains what's happened. Martin cringes in embarrassment and tells Paul he'll apologise to her. Paul says he'll have an office by reception cleared out for Caroline by reception, which will be more suitable to her level of expertise than the secretary's desk.
MARTIN: I do think the sooner you move Caroline out the better.
PAUL: Leave it with me.
Unfortunately, Caroline comes in and hears only the tail end of this conversation.
MARTIN: This is going to be awkward, it's inevitable.
PAUL: Oh, Caroline's usually pretty unflappable.
MARTIN: Yeah, maybe. But I'm all for making a clean start. I tell you what, I'll do a real number on her. She won't know what hit her!
<<1558 - 1560>>
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