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Neighbours Episode 1557 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1557
Australian airdate: 05/11/91
UK airdate: 02/11/92
UK Gold: 20/10/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Guy tells Dorothy that he starts work with the Council next week - as a recreational officer. Toby comes in and asks Dorothy if anything has come for him in the post - she gives him a postcard of the entrance to Singapore Harbour. Toby hopes Joe will ring him when he gets to London. Dorothy suggests carrying on their imaginary tour of Europe tonight.
Surf Shop
Brad shows Paige a surf board - it's one of the ones that was ripped off from his garage - and the bloke who brought it in reckoned he bought it in Paige's shop! Paige says she's never seen the board before and says the bloke was probably looking for a better deal on the repair work.
Josh tells Helen that he won't be home for dinner - he's going to Phoebe's birthday party. He's not too keen though as it's a family thing. Suddenly he realises he was meant to meet Phoebe at the Coffee Shop after school, but luckily Phoebe comes in at that moment and isn't cross with him. She gives him a tuna quiche she bought him at the Coffee Shop. Josh gives her a wrapped birthday present, but Phoebe tells him to wait until the party tonight. She's really glad that Josh is coming.
Dorothy and Toby are dressed in French berets and they are strolling around "Paris" sampling meats and cheese that Dorothy has laid out on the living room table. Dorothy tells Toby about the Louvre and then they retire to the "Left Bank" to have a picnic on the banks of the Seine. Toby tries some Brie and doesn't look very impressed(!) After their meal, Dorothy suggests they could go to Venice!
Surf Shop
Brad is searching for a record of the sale of the board, but he can't find one. Paige says the last guy he had working at the shop was Gary Fisher, and he was a bit dodgy. Brad says he'll call the cops - he lost all his equipment and Doug lost his tools too.
Josh tells Phoebe that he's going to check out a kick-boxing class - just to keep fit, not to hurt people. On her way out, Phoebe stops to talk to Todd. Todd is talking to a friend on a computer chat program (Mmmm in a home in 1991, that seems rather unlikely!) Phoebe asks Todd if Josh really wants to come to her party tonight - she doesn't want him to do anything he doesn't want to. Todd tells her that Josh is looking forward to the party.
PHOEBE: Do you...do you think I'm weird?
TODD: ...No. Just different, that's all. Now that I've got to know you, I like it, you're interesting.
PHOEBE: And what does Josh think about me?
TODD: He likes you a lot.
PHOEBE: I'm so glad he's coming tonight. It's going to be the best birthday I've ever had.
Dorothy and Toby are using the settee as a gondola to cruise through Venice! Dorothy explains that there are no cars in Venice, everyone uses boats. Toby wonders if Joe will make it to Venice on this trip - he wishes he was there with them. He asks Dorothy if he can go out and kick the football.
Helen is sketching while Todd talks to "Fred" on the computer. During the course of conversation, it turns out that Fred is a girl - her real name is Rebecca.
Josh comes in and tells Helen he's definitely going to Phoebe's party tonight, although he's a bit scared of meeting all of the family. Todd tells Josh that Fred is a girl and says she reminds him a lot of Cody - same sense of humour and same way of looking at things.
Surf Shop
Brad and Paige are having lunch in the back of the shop. While they're talking, the phone rings and it's the police - they went round to Gary Fisher's place, but apparently it was a false name and address. Brad asks Paige if Gary had a girlfriend - they found a half pendant necklace in the garage. Paige thinks that's a bit of a long shot.
Dorothy and Helen are chatting about her afternoon with Toby. Dorothy doesn't think that Toby enjoyed the imaginary tour of Europe - she's not sure how to handle a boy his age. Helen thinks Dorothy is being a bit hard on herself - she has turned her life upside-down to care for Toby after all.
DOROTHY: I've always felt, deep down, that little boys should be grown in tanks until they're twenty-one!
Dorothy invites Helen to stay for dinner and finish off the French goodies.
Toby comes around to tell Todd that Helen is having dinner with Dorothy. Then he asks Todd if he knows of any odd-jobs going so he can earn some money.
Josh comes into the kitchen and says he feels really sick - like there's a couple of live snakes in his stomach. He goes off to lie down for a while.
Helen and Dorothy are reminiscing about their European tours. Dorothy says she and Winnie have talked about doing South America, but she's happy where she is at the moment. Toby comes in and tells Dorothy he's not very hungry and decides to go off to bed early.
Surf Shop
Brad and Paige have been working late. As Brad is leaving, Guy pops in to invite Brad for a drink. He wants to see the "spunky boss", but Paige is out the back.
The phone is ringing, but Todd just misses answering it. Josh stumbles into the living room and is appalled to hear that it's after 10pm. He's writhing in pain and very upset - Phoebe will be really upset. The phone rings again and Josh answers it. It's Phoebe.
PHOEBE: You're a creep, Josh Anderson! If you didn't want to come to my party, you could have just said so instead of pretending!
JOSH: I wasn't pretending...
PHOEBE: You didn't even ring or anything...that's so...so cruel! Letting me think you really liked me, stringing me along like that. Especially after I told everyone you were coming and everything. I've made a complete fool of myself!
JOSH: It wasn't like that...
PHOEBE: Well I hope you're satisfied now...I bet you two have had a great laugh about this.
JOSH: Phoebe...
PHOEBE: I'm never going to forgive you for this, Josh.
She bangs the phone down. Josh calls her back, but she's taken the phone off the hook.
JOSH: I've blown it. I've blown it, totally.
<<1556 - 1558>>
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