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Neighbours Episode 1546 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1546
Australian airdate: 21/10/91
UK airdate: 16/10/92
UK Gold: 05/10/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug is still banging on about having another baby, saying it'll be easy as they've had loads of practice! Pam despairs.
Brad rushes in and tells them they've been robbed. His business is finished before it even got started.
Paul and Caroline rush in looking for Christina. Melanie pops over and tells them that Christina has gone out - she's gone to her parents' place. Paul rings Christina's parents to leave a message. Melanie says that first Christina and Rosemary were going to the bank. Paul realises this must mean Rosemary already has the cheque. He'll just have to stop the cheque.
Melanie is reading through the list of things they need for their trip. Joe says he's put the travellers' cheques in a book on the shelf but now he can't find it.
Pam is off to work and Doug is moaning about having to do chores. Brad is brooding at the table - the thieves even took his designs. Doug asks if anyone he knows might have done it. To make matters worse, Brad left the garage unlocked, so the insurance won't cover the theft. Brad has found one thing on the garage floor though - a clue.
Rosemary answers the door to Paul and Caroline. Paul immediately starts ranting at Rosemary for ripping him off. He wants to know the real story behind the financial position of her company. Rosemary admits that the executives were sacked for incompetence - there was a bit of a cash-flow problem for a while, but things are looking up now. The company is sound and Paul will get a healthy return. She never said that Parkside were involved, just that she *hoped* to get them interested. She didn't need to talk to them when Paul agreed to the deal.
PAUL: How can I possibly trust you after all of this?
ROSEMARY: Well, that's up to you, isn't it.
Helen comes into the room and asks what's going on. Paul still isn't convinced by Rosemary's words and storms out.
No.26, the following morning
Rosemary and Helen are chatting about the hotel deal - Rosemary told Paul everything he asked for. Besides, she's not having problems anymore, the business is fine now. Helen thinks Paul will be harder to convince though. Maybe she could invest instead of Paul if he backs out, then Rosemary could keep things in the family. Rosemary says that the deal with Paul is strictly business, and besides, she has plenty of other interested parties - the deal will go through with or without Paul.
Joe is looking for the travellers' cheques. He's unpacking all the books in all the boxes. Melanie suddenly has a thought - maybe Bouncer stashed them in his kennel. But Joe has already checked there and anyway, it was definitely in a book. An old book, like an atlas...or an old street directory. Melanie has thrown it out, but it should be in the bin out the back. Joe panics, saying he took the bag to the tip yesterday! He races off to retrieve it, saying there's people constantly scavenging at the tip.
The Tip
Joe arrives in his combi. He looks in horror at thousands of bags and wonder where to start looking.
The police have been to make a note of the theft. It seems that some of Doug's tools have been stolen as well. Doug is not impressed. Brad says he'd better ring around his customers and see if they'll wait until he can save up enough to start over. Doug offers to lend him some money, but Brad says he wants to do it by himself - he'll win the race and get the prize money.
Helen tells Paul that she'd like the hotel to stay in the family, but Rosemary won't let her invest. Helen offers to underwrite Paul's investment, and he would get a foot in the North American door. Paul relents and says he'll stay in the deal. And Helen doesn't need to under-write it, he's got it covered. Caroline thinks he's made the right decision.
The Tip
Joe is poking through bags with Bouncer as a helper, but he just keeps finding bones(!) Eventually Joe gives up, but Bouncer starts barking at a bag - it's the right one, and the travellers' cheques are in it. Joe starts yelling for joy!
Joe comes in, very smelly from the dump.
JOE: Mel, I have been digging through hundreds, thousands, millions of garbage bags. I fear for the planet, you know.
Melanie tells him that she's had the travellers' cheques cancelled by the bank and they're going to issue new ones. So the old ones are now worthless. Joe looks down at the travellers cheques in despair.
No.26, evening
Caroline has arrived for dinner, but Paul is running a bit late because Christina isn't feeling too good and he's taking her a meal in bed. Helen pops off to the shops, and Rosemary sits down with Caroline. She thanks Caroline for encouraging Paul to stick with the deal. Rosemary thinks Caroline has a lot of long-term vision.
ROSEMARY: Have you ever worked overseas?
CAROLINE: Not so far.
ROSEMARY: Would you like to?
CAROLINE: Yes, some day.
ROSEMARY: Look, I badly need a right-hander I can trust and the more I see of you, the more I think you just could be it. Are you interested?
CAROLINE:(surprised) Rosemary...I don't know.
ROSEMARY: I can put together an irresistible salary package. But you'd have to start right away. So, are you in?
Caroline looks stunned.
Doug has written Brad a cheque to get his surfboard business going. Brad vows to pay him back after he wins the race. Doug suddenly tells Pam that he's having second thoughts about having another kid(!) Pam says she's been on the maternity ward and thinks that maybe it's not such a bad idea after all.
Doug reckons Pam might be right - they might still be going through teenage hassles in another 18 years. He's decided not to be selfish(!) and that Pam deserves to have her own life.
PAM: Doug, do you mean that?
DOUG: Of course I do.
PAM: Ohhhhh I love you. I know what it must mean to you to give it up.
Paul, Caroline, Rosemary and Helen are having dinner. Paul says he's right behind the deal now. Caroline is forced to tell Paul that Rosemary has offered her a job in the States.
ROSEMARY: It's logical, Paul, Caroline's not using anywhere near her full potential at Lassiter's!
PAUL: My God, you are amazing. Here I am, putting in a fortune to bail you and your company out and you go behind my back, poaching my staff!
ROSEMARY: Paul, this is the twentieth century. Caroline can works for whoever she chooses!
PAUL: Yes, that's right, and she's very happy working for me!
ROSEMARY: That's not the impression I get.
Helen tells them not to argue - it's Caroline's decision.
PAUL: That's right, Gran. And I for one am very, very fascinated by what that decision will be.
<<1545 - 1547>>
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