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Neighbours Episode 1544 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1544
Australian airdate: 17/10/91
UK airdate: 14/10/92
UK Gold: 01/10/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen tells Lucy that she could help out with her art workshop so she can earn money to pay back the cost of the plate. Lucy agrees.
When Helen and Lucy has left, Todd reminds Josh that tomorrow is the day - he has to go on a date with Phoebe and kiss her. Josh looks rather worried.
Christina is ranting at Paul that he's always crying off pre-natal classes for business meetings. This time he's meeting the bank manager, but Christina isn't impressed. Paul promises to come next time. Christina says if he doesn't, she'll put "Father Unknown" on the birth certificate!
Art Workshop
Helen is a bit disappointed with the turnout for her art workshop but decides to start anyway. Dorothy is one of the pupils, much to Lucy's displeasure. Helen asks everyone to sketch a figure and Lucy will be the model. Helen sits Lucy down and gives her a plate to hold, telling her to stop scowling(!)
Josh is helping Todd on the computer.
JOSH: Landers, you have to start thinking like a computer!
TODD: Yeah, just like you need to start thinking like a human being!
There's a knock at the door and Todd says it's Phoebe - Todd claims he rang her and asked her to come over! But he's just winding Josh up, it's really Gaby, come to see Glen. She's brought him her favourite book - 84 Charing Cross Road. It's in return for him lending her The Little Prince.
Art Workshop
Lucy is still holding the plate up while the students sketch. She moans to Helen that her arms are tired. Helen ignores her and finishes off the class. Dorothy tells Lucy she hasn't finished yet(!)
Finally, Helen and Dorothy confess that they know about the plate and she accuses them of being cruel.
LUCY: I'll need to be in traction for weeks!
Helen and Dorothy laugh.
No.22, the following morning
Christina tells Paul that the midwife has asked Caroline to be her support partner. Paul isn't happy but Christina says that Caroline has been to three classes and is therefore more qualified. Paul insists that it's his job, but Christina says he's not involved enough and the midwife might not even allow him at the birth. Paul looks shocked.
Lucy is still moaning about the art workshop, but Helen tells her to wear it. Paul comes in looking worn out and tells Helen that Christina wants Caroline to be her support partner.
Glen answers the door to Gaby - he's running late. Gaby invites him to a gig at the Town Hall tonight. It's a band called "The Dirtbags". Lucy pipes up and says that the band is fantastic, so Glen says she can go. Gaby doesn't look pleased!
Josh reluctantly goes over to talk to Phoebe who has her head in a book - "The Female Eunuch". Josh invites her to lunch at the Coffee Shop, but Phoebe refuses. Josh walks off. Todd tells him he should have been more persistent and he'll have to go back and try again(!)
The Office
Christina comes in looking for Caroline. She's surprised to find that Paul is reading through baby books. He's suddenly quite keen on the baby stuff and says he'd like to discuss some things with the midwife.
Coffee Shop
Josh is having lunch wtih Phoebe while Todd and his mate watch from a distance. Josh is struggling to make conversation with Phoebe. She asks him if he still breeds mice because her snakes like to eat them. Across the room, Todd and his mate encourage Josh to kiss her. Josh tells Phoebe that she's intelligent and well-read.
PHOEBE: So's Mrs Burke, but you wouldn't want to have lunch with her!
Josh suddenly kisses Phoebe on the cheek and Todd's mate is forced to pay Todd out on his bet(!) Phoebe tells JOsh she'll call him tonight.
Ramsay Street
Gaby tells Lucy that she thinks she came on too strong with Glen - she thinks he's the old-fashioned type and wants to do the asking himself. Lucy reckons she should go for the full works, like being very sexy. They see Glen working on his car, and Lucy tells her to give him the "I've got something in my eye" routine. Gaby isn't sure, but decides to do it anyway. Glen rolls his eyes to himself but has a look anyway. He says he can't see anything in her eye and advises her to wash them in cold water.
Down the street, Lucy says that maybe Gaby should give up, but she says it's not in her nature(!) Phoebe comes up the street, and asks Lucy if Josh is home yet.
Josh isn't home yet, so Lucy makes them a drink. Phoebe asks Lucy if Josh has said anything about her. Lucy says carefully that she's sure that Josh would like her better if he knew Phoebe better. Phoebe says she's not the sort of girl that people fancy, but Lucy tells her she shouldn't care about what dorks at school think. Phoebe does care though. Maybe she should try not wearing her glasses. Lucy says that glasses are cool, but encourages Phoebe to let her hair down.
PHOEBE: Do you think Josh wouldn't be so embarrassed by me if I tried to look like everyone else? Wishful thinking, eh?
LUCY: It isn't that, Phoebe. There's something you should know.
Paul is massaging Christina's shoulders and asking her if he can be her support partner - he promises to come to all the classes from now on. Christina relents and says he can be her partner, but he can't break any more promises.
Lucy has told Phoebe about the bet and Phoebe is crying. Lucy comforts her, saying she's not a freak, and she should stop hiding behind her books. Phoebe says it wouldn't make any difference and puts her glasses back on.
Just then, Josh comes in and is shocked to see Phoebe is a) there and b) crying.
PHOEBE: You would have to be one of the lowest, insensitive jerks I've ever come across!
JOSH:(downcast) I'm sorry.
PHOEBE: How could you do this to anyone? People have feelings you know.
JOSH: I can explain...
PHOEBE: But I guess you wouldn't care about that. Just so long as you and your sick mates can have a good laugh! Well, I hope it was worth it, you disgust me, Josh Anderson.
She storms out.
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