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Neighbours Episode 1542 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1542
Australian airdate:
UK airdate:
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy is studying and Helen asks her how it's going. Helen has managed to get her hair fixed from her recent colour disaster.
There's a knock at the door and Lucy tells Helen to close her eyes as it's a surprise. It certainly is a surprise - it's Rosemary! Helen hugs her excitedly and insists that Rosemary stays with them. Rosemary gives her a Mexican antique plate as a present, but Helen doesn't seem to like it very much. Rosemary sympathises with Helen about the Michael thing and says that neither of them have much of a track record with men.
Rosemary asks after Paul - she has cut all ties with the Henson group.
Ramsay Street
Toby is sitting on the pavement outside No.32 with Bouncer, crying. Doug comes along and gives him a hankerchief. Toby tells him about the overseas and is confused that they're taking Sky. Doug says he knows it's disappointing, but explains that Sky is too young to stay with anyone else, and at least Toby will be there for Bouncer. He says Toby could stay with him and Pam if he wants. Toby perks up and decides to try to be mature about the situation.
Joe and Melanie are discussing their trip when Toby comes in. He tells Joe that he's decided not to come to England because of his exams, and Bouncer.
TOBY: I think it'd be best if I didn't go.
He does his best to hide his disappointment. Melanie and Joe are very impressed with him.
No.28, the following morning
Doug asks Pam if she's done the pregnancy test yet, but she hasn't. Doug wants to know whether he should buy cigars(!)
Rosemary is making hash browns for breakfast. Helen asks Rosemary to go to lunch with her, but she has some meetings to attend.
Dorothy pops round and is surprised to see Rosemary there. An awkward silence descends and Dorothy says she'll come back later.
Dorothy inspects the Mexican plate that Rosemary bought for Helen and observes that it is a modern copy. Better hope so, Dorothy, as she accidentally drops it on the floor and smashes it!
Lucy and Dorothy pick up the pieces of the plate. Dorothy is worried that Helen will be upset, just as they've patched up their relationship. Dorothy takes the pieces of the plate, saying she'll have to get it fixed.
Joe and Melanie are relieved that Toby has decided not to come to England. They discuss where Toby will stay when they've gone. Just then, Dorothy pops round and is surprised to hear that Toby is staying behind. But she thinks it's good that Toby won't be missing too much school, or he could end up repeating. She asks them if they have any glue.
When Dorothy has gone, Joe and Melanie continue to discuss Toby's living arrangements. Just then, Dorothy comes back and suggests that Toby and Bouncer stay with her while they're gone. They gratefully accept.
Lassiter's Complex
Pam and Helen meet. Helen tells Pam she's heard from Lucy she might be pregnant, but Pam tells her happily that it was a false alarm. She's very relieved. Just then Lucy walks past and says that it was Gaby that told her.
Coffee Shop
Lucy sees Dorothy. She has stuck the plate back together, but it isn't a very good job. Lucy offers to take the blame for smashing the plate in return for some personal tuition. Dorothy is surprised at Lucy's work ethic. Just then, Helen comes in and Lucy runs over to her quickly and "confesses", and Dorothy makes a sharp exit! Helen laughs and tells Lucy that she didn't like the plate anyway! Lucy says it'll be their secret!
Joe is frantically looking for his passport. Toby says that he can stay with the Willises while they're away, but Joe explains that they've organised for him to stay with Dorothy. Toby is appalled that he'll be living with his School Principal! But he makes the best of it - Dorothy is a bit weird, but he'll cope and at least Bouncer will be happy.
Toby has come to tell Doug that he's staying with Dorothy. He thanks Doug for talking to him last night when he was upset.
Helen is opening some shopping - a vase and some clothes. Lucy is fretting over her studies.
Pam breaks the news to Doug that she's not pregnant after all. He is disappointed - he misses being a Dad now that the kids are doing their own thing. He suggests that now they know it was a false alarm, they could try for a baby for real! Pam looks at him in horror!
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