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Neighbours Episode 1539 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1539
Australian airdate:
UK airdate:
Writer: John Upton
Director: Mandy Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad has made a list of the pros and cons of taking the job and shows it to Pam. The main "pro" is "getting my parents off my back"(!). The cons are numerous, but the worst one is "become boring like Gaby"(!) Brad doesn't think he should take the job - he wants his own business making surf boards. He decides to go straight out to the garage.
PAM: I suppose the world needs its dreamers(!)
When he's gone, Gaby asks what's on Pam's mind. Pam admits she's been thinking about the district nurse job, but she's not sure it's the right time to start something new.
GABY: Go for it. What's to stop you?
Pam sighs.
Josh comes in and innocently asks how Cody is. He's shocked to hear that she's got a new boyfriend. While they did agree to see other people, he never thought it would actually happen. Josh tries to comfort him, saying that Cody is probably just lonely without Todd, but Todd says it's over. Josh says that Todd should do the same - meet other people.
TODD: I love her. I don't want anyone else.
No.24, the following morning
Brenda is eating a boiled egg and asks Guy how she'll ever face the neighbours ever again - she's be known as a home- wrecker. Guy tells her firmly that she can't go on hiding. Brenda thinks she'll end up like the woman in Fatal Attraction(!)
Guy is frustrated that he and Lucy don't get much time together. Brad comes in and asks Guy if he can train with him for the cross- country run. Guy is determined to win the race.
Josh and Lucy are talking about Cody dumping Todd.
There's a knock at the door and it's Trish. She wants to walk to school with Josh, but he tells her he can't - there's only one day left on the bet, and then they can tell the whole world about them. She reluctantly agrees.
Back inside, Lucy has seen Trish through the window and Josh freezes.
LUCY: Was that a girl, or am I seeing things(!)
Brad and Guy are training. Brad is knackered(!). Guy tells Brad that his tracksuit is a present from his father for passing his Recreation Officer exams. But Guy is not very impressed - his father gives him gifts, but doesn't show any real interest in him. Guy tells Brad he's not doing the race for the prize money, he just likes to win.
Josh begs Lucy not to say anything to Todd. He explains to Lucy that when he stopped chasing girls, they all started chasing him(!) Josh tells Lucy that he can't date Phoebe - it would wreck things with Trish. Lucy reluctantly agrees not to say anything to Todd.
Ramsay Street
Pam and Gaby drive up. Gaby has apparently hired a casual to work at the Boutique so that she can have time to work on her designs. As they are getting out of the car, Brenda finally leaves the house. On seeing Pam, she puts on a pair of dark glasses and quickly hurries off down the street! Pam feels a bit awkward.
Gaby goes over to see Lucy who is on her way to school. Gaby tells her that Guy does like to play the field, and she doesn't want Lucy to get hurt. Lucy thinks Gaby is jealous.
Brad comes home from training. He asks Todd if he's opened his letter yet. Brad already knows what's happened as apparently Cody wrote to the Willises about it too. He sympathises with Todd and offers to fix him up with someone else, but Todd is not interested.
Coffee Shop
Guy has brought Brenda some flowers to cheer her up. Brenda is very pleased. Guy tells her to stop being an obsessive nutcase(!) and Brenda takes this well. The good cheer doesn't last though when Brenda says Guy's face is breaking out a bit - he might be overdoing it, or his body is lacking something. Guy isn't happy and tells her to stop fussing.
Gaby tells Pam that Caroline might be able to get her designs into a few boutiques in other cities. Pam is distracted and admits that she's thinking about Brenda. Gaby advises her to break the ice with her. Pam doesn't know what to say to Brenda.
Brad comes in and tells them that he's got another order for a surf board. He tells them that Guy is a fitness fanatic.
Coffee Shop
Trish is having a coffee. She tells Guy (who served her) that her brother might want to enter. Guy writes down his phone number so her brother can call and ask for the details about entering. Josh comes in and sees this. He thinks Guy is trying to crack on to Trish. Trish is not impressed and says she's had enough of Josh.
Lucy comes in and Josh tells her that Guy came on to Trish. Lucy is not happy. She goes over to Guy and calls him a "two- timing sleaze bag". Oh dear.
Brenda stops Guy going off to training as Pam has just come in. She wants Guy to get rid of her(!) but he won't - Brenda will just have to sort things out with Pam. He pushes her out into the shop.
PAM: Brenda, this situation can't go on.
BRENDA:(nervously) No, no it can't.
PAM: It has to be dealt with.
BRENDA: Yes, yes, it does.
PAM: I didn't come here before because...I don't know how to say this.
BRENDA: Well, why don't you just...say it.
PAM: I'm trying, it's not that easy though.
BRENDA: You must hate me for what I did.
PAM: Well...I wasn't happy.
BRENDA: Thought so.
PAM: But on the other hand, I know what Doug's like. He's incorrigible! And...he's sorry by the way.
BRENDA: He is?
PAM: Yes, very. And, well, embarrassed.
BRENDA: Not half as embarrassed as I am.
PAM: I wouldn't say that. Anyway...look, I just think we should put the whole thing behind us.
BRENDA:(surprised) You do?
PAM: Yes. Put it down to experience.
BRENDA: Yes, well sure. Listen, I will steer clear of Doug from now on, and I won't bother the two of you ever again, I promise.
PAM: Oh, no, there's no need for that. In fact, you know, I'm happy that we become good friends again.
BRENDA: Do you mean that?
PAM: Yes, of course.
BRENDA:(overcome) I thought you were coming in here to flatten me(!)
PAM: Really!
She starts to laugh.
BRENDA: Or worse!
Josh is making sandwiches and he and Lucy are moaning about Guy. Todd comes in and overhears that Josh has been seeing a girl. Josh tries to cover up, but Todd isn't buying it. Lucy confirms that Josh has been seeing someone and Josh is forced to admit he's been seeing Trish. Todd is very pleased that he doesn't have to take out "creepy Phoebe". Now he's going to enjoy watching Josh taking her out - and it's going to be next weekend!
Brenda is pleased that she has worked things out with Pam. Guy is still working out madly. Brenda mentions that Lou has rung and says that Lou does love Guy, he just doesn't know how to show it. Guy tells her to stay out of it.
Lucy has come to see Gaby and talk about Guy being a creep(!) She heads off to see her mate Emma. On her way out, she is rude to Brad for mentioning Guy(!)
Pam is distracted, but not about Brenda this time - she tells Gaby that she thinks she might be pregnant!
<<1538 - 1540>>
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