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Neighbours Episode 1536 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1536
Australian airdate: 07/10/91
UK airdate: 02/10/92
UK Gold: 21/09/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Mandy Smith
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Melanie is staying at Chrissie's house tonight so the groom won't see her the night before the wedding. Joe is picking up the hire suits for himself and Toby today and hopes that Christina won't give birth during the service(!) Joe asks what Melanie is wearing, but she won't tell him. She just hints that what she's wearing is "very her"(!)
Joe tells Melanie that he thinks Glen and Doug are up to something diabolical - they've been acting too innocent.
Caroline and Paul are pleased that bookings have picked up at the hotel. Caroline says she'll take care of the fire alarm drill today. Apparently Christina is sleeping in this morning as she's tired. They talk about the business with the police. Paul thinks the policeman is bluffing, but he's not taking any chances and is going to shred a few documents he'd prefer nobody else saw.
Doug tells Glen that Guy and Lucy are an item. Melanie comes in and tells them that Paul has given her the day off! It's her hen night tonight and asks Glen and Doug to make sure that Joe is in a fit state to get married tomorrow.
DOUG: We'll look after Joe.
MELANIE:(pleased) OK, see ya!
Coffee Shop
Paul runs into Joe and they agree to let bygones be bygones and Joe will still get the gardening contract. He's very pleased and invites Paul to his bucks night.
Caroline comes in and tells Paul that the reception is in trouble - the caterers have cancelled. She'll have to try to find another place.
Helen tells Melanie that Madge can't make it to the wedding as she's still devastated about Harold - but she's going to ring Melanie later.
MELANIE: I just want everything to be perfect.
HELEN: I've seen a lot of Ramsay Street weddings in my time, I'm sure yours will be up there with the best of them!
Melanie hopes there won't be any omens, like the broken figure on Helen's cake(!) She's got Joe to make a wooden figure just in case.
Dorothy pops round to let Melanie know she's back. Helen rolls her eyes and says she's just on her way out.
Caroline is still phoning around about the reception. Christina has gone back to bed for a rest before the wedding.
Helen pops round and tells Paul to make himself scarce - there can't be any men at the hen party. Caroline tells her about the reception problem and Helen groans. They decide they can't tell Melanie.
A bar
Doug, Glen, some random extras and Joe are having a drink and playing pool. Joe looks at Glen and Doug suspiciously and thinks they may have spiked his drink, so they all swap drinks madly(!) Joe says he knows there's something brewing, but they insist there isn't(!)
Helen has saved the day - Caroline is booking a marquee for Melanie's reception and they can put it up in the garden of No.22 and Lassiter's staff will do the waitressing etc.
Just then, Melanie's laugh drifts into the room and they agree not to tell her about the marquee until later.
Christina is giving the hen party a miss, as she's still resting. Dorothy asks Caroline if she's organised "their surprise" - something that will ruin her image as a responsible councillor(!) Helen looks like she's sucked on a lemon.
A bar
A woman comes over to ask Joe for a light, and Joe mistakes her for a stripper. However, she's not a stripper as it turns out and the woman throws a drink at him(!)
A barman wheels in a massive cake and Melanie is very excited. It's not a male stripper, though, it's a live pig(!) Melanie is chuffed and cuddles the pig, but it runs off and they end up chasing it madly around the pub!
A bar
The random extras have headed off, leaving Glen, Joe, Doug and Paul behind. Joe hasn't had a drink all night so suggests they come back to his place for a beer, but Doug and Paul say they're done for the night. Glen and Joe head off.
DOUG: It's working like a charm!
PAUL: I don't reckon he suspects a thing.
DOUG: You sure you know the signal?
PAUL: We go back to Ramsay Street, wait for Glen to turn the Mangel lights on and off three times, and in we go for the pay- off!
They laugh.
DOUG: This is going to be a beauty!
Glen and Joe are having a beer. Joe is surprised that nothing diabolical happened during the bucks night and heads off for a shower. When he's gone, Glen opens the curtains and flashes the light three times. Presently, he lets Doug and Paul in with "all the gear"
DOUG: Geronimo!
They rush into the shower and pull Joe out in the nude!
Melanie's hen night has warmed up a little bit now that Helen has stopped sniping at Dorothy. They've told Melanie about the new reception venue and she's fine about it, thanking them for averting disaster. Dorothy wonders what the boys are doing to Joe.
Helen says they'd better go because it's closing time, but Caroline says she'll organise a lock- in - she is the manager after all!
Lassiter's Complex
Joe is wearing a purple shiny dress and is handcuffed to the bridge at Lassiter's. They finish things by spraying sparkly hairspray in his hair and on his legs. Paul, Glen and Doug kill themselves laughing and take photos.
JOE: Help! Help me! Police!
Melanie is behind the bar making cocktails when she accidentally sets the fire alarm off. Caroline rings reception and tells them to tell everyone it's a drill. She suggests they evacuate the bar quickly!
On the way out, they see Joe handcuffed to the bridge!
MELANIE: Joe! Joe, what have they done to you?!
JOE: Mel, would you get me out of here?!
Glen and Doug are still laughing and wander off. Paul, meanwhile, is haranguing Caroline about the "fire drill". She dismisses the staff professionally, and then Glen and Doug uncuff Joe. Melanie bundles Joe off.
JOE: You'll keep, Robinson!
Melanie is cleaning red dye off Joe's neck. He reassures her that everything is going to be fine tomorrow. Suddenly, Melanie says she has to go - it's nearly midnight.
JOE: Listen Mel, I've never been one with words, but you know...I really want to say...I really love you, Melanie.
MELANIE: Joe, I really love you, too. So much. See you in church.
They kiss.
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