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Neighbours Episode 1534 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1534
Australian airdate: 03/10/91
UK airdate: 30/09/92
UK Gold: 17/09/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Coffee Shop
Gaby quickly walks on, so doesn't see Doug break away from Brenda.
BRENDA: Doug, I knew you felt the same way about this as I do! This is wonderful!
DOUG: Brenda...
But they are interrupted by Guy coming out of the kitchen.
BRENDA: Guy! You should have knocked!
GUY: Before coming out of the kitchen?!
DOUG:(to Brenda) Look, Brenda, we've got to talk!
BRENDA: Later. When we're alone.
She heads off to the kitchen.
GUY: Sorry I interrupted!
DOUG: Why didn't you come out sooner, mate?!
GUY: Getting out of hand?
DOUG: You've got to talk to her for me!
GUY: You can do your own dirty work, mate! You did get yourself into it!
DOUG: Well how did I know that she was going to take me seriously?!
GUY: You're playing with fire, mate. Naughty, naughty...
DOUG: Look, I don't want her to get hurt...tell her I've got to go, will you? I've got to have more time to think!
Lucy is studying and moans at Josh for watch the TV loudly. Lucy can't seem to get motivated in her study, and doesn't understand why Josh gets on so well with Dorothy. Josh tells Lucy to just get her head down.
Todd and Brad come in and say that they've met a couple of girls who want to meet him. Josh says no - he wants to win the bet!
In the kitchen, Todd tells Brad that he doesn't want to take Phoebe out - she's weird.
Brenda tells Guy that Doug kissed her - a full on pash. Brenda thinks it proves how Doug feels about her - and he's only staying with Pam because of the kids. Guy warns her that Doug might not feel as strongly as Brenda does.
Brad is telling Pam over dinner that Phoebe collects snakes. Gaby is distracted and playing with her food.
Just then, Doug comes in. Gaby isn't impressed when he kisses Pam hello.
GABY: You disgust me, Dad.
PAM: Gaby!
DOUG: What have *I* done?
GABY: You know *damn* well. I couldn't believe it. That my own father could be such a lowlife.
PAM:(confused) Gaby, what's all this about?!
GABY: If you had any sense, you'd leave him! I'm going out.
Everyone looks confused.
DOUG: Don't ask me. I only live here.
Josh tells Lucy that she'd study better if she had a goal in life. She thought she'd found her niche with modelling, but that hasn't worked out. She can't think of any job she wants to do now. Josh advises her to talk to the careers advisor at school.
Todd tells Josh that he and Brad are off to play basketball, and then to the hamburger bar - apparently Trish Longley will be there and she's been asking after Josh. Josh momentarily looks interested, but then says that if she wants to see him, she'll have to dream on!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Doug is loading up his ute when Gaby comes along.
DOUG: You're running late, aren't you? Want a lift?
GABY: *Not* from you!
Brad overhears this and looks puzzled.
Gaby sees Guy and they agree to meet up for lunch later.
Guy goes over to Doug and tells him that Brenda thinks Doug is madly in love with her and that he's going to leave Pam for her! Doug is horrified and insists that Brenda kissed *him*. Guy says he's been flirting for weeks, and now Brenda has taken it seriously - he'd better tell her quick.
DOUG: How do I let her down easy?
GUY: I don't think there's any way to do that. Whatever you say, it'll cut her up.
Lucy has made a list of interests and job descriptions. Apparently her hardware advert has made it into the paper - with a picture of Lucy wrapped in a shower curtain.
Josh heads off out, telling Brad and Todd that there's something he wants to check out. They offer to come with him, but he says he wants to be on his own. They are suspicious, and decide to follow him!
Coffee Shop
Brenda tells Guy that Caroline called him - to see if he's free tonight. Guy is pleased. He tries to tell Brenda that she's making too much of this thing with Doug. Brenda says that Doug is everything she wants in a man, so Guy shouldn't spoil it for her.
Just then, Gaby comes in and Guy invites her to another show. She agrees.
Josh comes in, looking at his watch and counting. After nine seconds, he opens the door and Todd and Brad almost fall in. Josh has basically given them the run- around! He's got some leaflets for Lucy on a career in advertising. She is pleased and says she'll look into it.
Just then the phone rings, and he says he'll take it on the other extension. Todd and Brad try to listen in, but Lucy quickly puts the extension down. Josh grins at Todd and Brad. They vow to follow him again - it'll be easier in the dark(!)
Ramsay Street
Lucy is having a chat with Guy who has agreed to teach her the guitar. Brad comes over and chats to Guy about the cross- country run - he might enter himself for $500! Guy suggests they could be running partners, but Brad reckons he's fit enough as he is. However, he agrees to train with Guy just in case.
Gaby is clearly very upset and angry. Pam begs her to tell her what has happened.
GABY: He's a creep, mum, a dirty, rotten, creep.
PAM: I won't have that sort of talk, Gaby! Your father's worked hard and he's taken care of all of us! How dare you call him names.
Gaby has started to cry.
PAM: What's wrong?! What's happened?!
GABY: I don't want to tell you.
PAM: Well, you're going to have to. We can't go on like this.
GABY: ...He's having an affraid.
PAM: An affair? Who with?
GABY: Brenda Riley.
PAM: Oh, no...I know he flirts with her, but it's harmless.
GABY: Not anymore.
PAM: Why, what makes you say that?
GABY: I saw them kissing.
PAM: ...(laughs) Must have been a joke!
GABY: It was the full thing, Mum, not just mucking around. I didn't think Dad would ever do something like that. I thought he loved you too much!
Brad and Todd are dressed in black and are getting ready to follow Josh. He says he's going over to Dorothy's house to study - to use the quiet house while she's away. Todd observes that Josh is a bit dressed up for studying(!)
When Josh has gone, Todd and Brad watch him go over to Dorothy's through the window. Todd has got a spare key that Dorothy gave to Jim, so plans to go over in a few minutes and find out what's going on! Brad says he'll bring his polaroid camera.
Guy is heading off on his date. Brenda hopes it's not Gaby Willis. Guy warns her again not to get her hopes up with Doug.
Doug comes in to find Pam hasn't made dinner.
DOUG: What's going on here? First my daughter abuses me, now my wife turns.
GABY: You make me sick.
DOUG: I've just about had enough of you, young lady!
GABY:(to Pam) Will you be alright if I go out for a while?
She heads off.
DOUG: Will someone tell me what's happening, what is it, kick Doug Willis week?
PAM: Are you having an affair with Brenda Riley?
DOUG: Of course not!
PAM: Don't lie to me, Doug.
DOUG:(firmly) I'm *not*. Listen, it's all in Brenda's mind. I flirted with the woman a bit, I didn't realise she'd take it seriously. I just didn't realise!
PAM: So that's all it is, just more of your stupid flirting.
DOUG: Yeah, what else?
PAM: Then how come Gaby saw you kissing her? Or was that all in Brenda's mind, too?
DOUG: Oh, hell...it wasn't me, it was her, she kissed *me*. I was so surprised I suppose I sort of let it happen.
PAM: You just...'sort of let it happen'? Great. And what else did you 'sort of let happen', Doug?!
DOUG:(firmly) *Nothing.*
PAM: Oh, I can't believe you anymore. I can't believe a damn word you say.
Todd and Brad laugh that Josh can't be doing much studying with the lights off. Todd opens the door with his key and he and Brad dash in. Brad takes a photo with his polaroid camera and they dash out again.
Brad and Todd come in, laughing. They watch the polaroid developing - but it's not Josh on the photo, it's Guy!
TODD: Look who he's with!
Brad looks shocked.
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