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Neighbours Episode 1532 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1532
Australian airdate: 01/10/91
UK airdate: 28/09/92
UK Gold: 15/09/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: David Morgan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
A dodgy alley
Toby and Bouncer are wandering around. Toby wonders what he'll do for food as he doesn't have much money. Just then, a street kid attacks him and tries to take his money, but Toby is rescued by an old man. He advises Toby to go home, but Toby says he hasn't got one. He suggests that Toby comes with him and his name is Mr Cassidy. But the best thing Toby could do is to go home. Toby decides to go with the old man.
A road
Dorothy, Melanie and Joe have been driving round looking for Toby without success. Dorothy says they'd better call the police.
Caroline is pondering what to do. Helen pops round to see how Caroline is, and tells Paul to upgrade security at Lassiter's.
Dorothy is off to round up some volunteers. Joe is beside himself and apologises to Joe for being jealous about Melanie and Paul, because he loves her so much. She hugs him and they kiss. They head off to look for Toby.
Dorothy has come to ask Helen to help to look for Toby - he's been gone since this afternoon. Helen agrees, and leaves a note for the family.
A dodge alley
Toby and Bouncer are eating baked beans with Mr Cassidy. Toby doesn't like baked beans much. Mr Cassidy doesn't like soup kitchens and prefers to look after himself.
Toby explains about the family arguments and Mr Cassidy thinks Toby should give them another chance. In the background, sirens are wailing. Toby lies down to sleep under an old blanket.
Caroline says that Paul will have to be really careful tomorrow - after that it'll all be over.
A dodgy alley, the following morning
Someone has stolen Mr Cassidy's bread. He accuses Toby at first, but it seems someone else crept by in the night. Mr Cassidy explains that Toby will end up on the other side of town, messed up on drugs. He advises Toby again to go home. Toby says he can't live with them.
Dropoff point
Paul is meeting the dodgy bloke to hand over the money. He checks that the money is in the briefcase and then tells Paul it was nice doing business with him. Just then, the police rush out of a nearby shop and arrest the dodgy bloke.
A dodgy alley
Toby gives Mr Cassidy some food that he bought at the shop. Mr Cassidy says Toby is too soft for the street. He sits down, and then wails that he's twisted his ankle. Toby says that they could go to a doctor - and he knows somewhere he can stay until he gets better.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Helen are having coffee. Helen wonders if she should ring Charlene and Scott in case he's gone to see Madge. She's spoken to Mary Crombie and neither she or Ben haven't seen him. While she was at Ben's house she saw a postcard in the letterbox - from Harold. It must have been posted just before his accident.
Joe is making some coffee for himself and Melanie. Joe is very worried and says Toby could be a hundred miles away by now. Just then, Toby arrives, with Mr Cassidy and Bouncer in town. He explains that Mr Cassidy needs help. Melanie takes him off to the bathroom to find a bandage.
Joe tells Toby that he and Mel have got back together - partly because of him, but he can't run away and scare the life out of them all! But they'll talk about that later. Right now, he has more pressing matters - will Toby be his best man?! Toby is chuffed!
JOE: Are you glad you're home?
TOBY: Yep, being a street kid's not much fun.
JOE: I'm glad you said that mate, because I could not go through that again.
TOBY: I know I'm sorry.
BOTH:(hugging) Good on you, old man!
Caroline is pleased that Paul helped the police to catch the thief. Paul says he probably wouldn't have kept the money anyway as his conscience was bothering him. He asks her not to tell Chrissie about it (providing the police let it go, of course)
Melanie rushes in to tell Dorothy and Helen that Toby has been found. She can't stay though, as Toby has brought a tramp home for dinner(!) She thanks them for their help.
When she's gone, Helen says she'd better be off. Dorothy offers her a drink. Helen says that their quarrel isn't behind them - she hasn't forgiven Dorothy for the art workshop business.
Joe, Melanie, Toby and Mr Cassidy have had a nice dinner and are enjoying each other's company. Melanie hauls Toby off for a bath. Mr Cassidy muses that he has a son somewhere, but he doesn't know where. Actually, he hasn't really hurt his leg, he just put it on so that Toby would go home. Joe thanks Mr Cassidy and offers him a place to stay. But Mr Cassidy says he'll go his own way - but he will take a few of Melanie's cakes with him. Joe shakes his hand and tells him to look after himself.
The police have come to talk to Paul - the dodgy guy (McCann) is safely behind bars. He does want to check Paul's statement though - it differs from Caroline's slightly about the amount of money missing. Caroline pipes up and says that her medication must have affected her.
POLICEMAN: I think you had every intention of defrauding the insurance company. Until McCann threw a spanner in the works. I'll be checking with him tomorrow. If I find out that you've put in a claim for the full amount, then that makes you as much a criminal as McCann in my book. And I'll be doing everything in my power to see that you don't get away with it.
Paul and Caroline look at each other, nervously.
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