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Neighbours Episode 1514 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1514
Australian airdate: 05/09/91
UK airdate: 02/09/92
UK Gold: 20/08/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Michael Daniels: Brian Blain
Dr McIntosh: Glen Perry
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michael confess to Helen that he's a bigamist.
HELEN: You lied to me. Everything you said was a lie.
MICHAEL: No. No, not everything. You don't understand...
HELEN: Understand! (trying not to cry) I can't understand anything other than you deceived me. Our marriage is a lie!
MICHAEL: There are things you don't know...things about Louise that...
HELEN: I don't want to hear about her! I wish I'd never met you! Michael, will you please leave.
MICHAEL: I know there's no excuse for what I've done, but if you would let me explain...
HELEN: Michael, please go!
MICHAEL: Helen, I love you, that's not a lie, it will never be a lie, I will always love you.
HELEN: Don't say anything else. Don't hurt me any more!
MICHAEL: Let me explain, just come home...
HELEN: Home? This is home. Michael, if you care for me, please, please go.
MICHAEL: Alright. But this is not over. It won't be over until you hear the whole truth.
Helen is left, shell-shocked.
Gaby is discussing the launch of the boutique with the rest of the family and Doug offers to do the renovations for her. Adam is missing Gemma and is scared the separation will break them up.
PAM: No reason it should break you up, love.
BRAD: Yeah, except when she finds another guy!
Adam is thinking along these lines too, but Brad says he'd be free and there's more to life than women!
Todd and Lucy are comforting Helen. Jim has been to Michael's place to pick up Helen's stuff. Apparently Michael broke down and Jim felt kind of sorry for him. Helen asks Lucy and Todd to keep out of the situation - it's up to her now.
TODD: Still think he should be flattened.
LUCY: So do I!
Jim asks Helen if she'll go to the police, but she thinks she'll see her solicitor privately instead. She doesn't understand how this has happened, but she doesn't want to talk to Michael and tells Jim not to let him around if he turns up.
Helen reminds Jim that it's Paul's birthday tomorrow.
JIM: Yes, I know.
No.22, the following morning
Christina has decorated the room with balloons for Paul's birthday and tells him that Caroline is covering at Lassiter's today so he can have the day off. He starts opening his presents which are a pair of shoes and a model Porsche. He says the Porsche is just what he needs to inspire him - he'll put it on his desk to remind himself that he's working towards being able to afford a new one. Christina is taking Paul to lunch today and has invited a few people over for drinks too.
CHRISTINA: I'm just letting you see how it's done for my next birthday!
Dorothy, Jim, Helen and Pam are sitting with Josh while the doctor takes his eye patches off. He warns him that things might be blurry at first, but things will get better later. He takes off the bandages and puts some drops in his eyes.
DOCTOR: Now. Blink a few times and look around.
JOSH: I can't see.
DOCTOR: Remember what I said. It may take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust, I know things are blurry now.
JOSH: No, they're not blurry. I can't see anything but shadows. There's no shapes, there's no colours, just shadows that don't mean anything.
JIM: Doctor?
DOCTOR: Blink a few more times, Josh. Try to focus.
JOSH:(upset) I can't see. I can't see anything.
Josh has got the bandages back on his eyes and is desperately worried that his prognosis is permanent. But the doctor says it may be that the treatment will just take a bit longer in his case. Josh wants to go home, but the doctor says he's better off in the hospital.
Outside the room, Pam follows the doctor out and asks him to re-consider letting Josh go home. The doctor agrees, as long as Josh comes in for out-patient appointments.
DOCTOR: By the way, Sister Willis. I'm very disappointed to hear that Adam is dropping out of University. I think he would have made a good doctor. But, I suppose he has his own reasons.
Pam looks shocked.
Gaby is using Brad as a dress-makers dummy while she hems a woman's coat(!) Adam is still missing Gemma.
Todd comes in and looks at Brad in surprise.
TODD: Oh, Brad! Definitely your colour!
He tells them the bad news about Josh's sight and Brad rushes off to visit Josh.
Lucy is helping Josh to drink a cup of tea when Brad and Todd arrive. They assure him he'll be OK, and in the meantime, they'll help him out.
Helen comes into the room.
HELEN: Oh, hello, you must be Brad, I've heard a lot about you.
BRAD:(worried) Already?!
They laugh and then Helen and Lucy head off for drinks with Paul. Jim gives them a card to give Paul from him.
HELEN: Can't you two set aside your differences, just for one day?
JIM: It's not that simple, Helen!
LUCY: You and Paul are the most stubborn men I know!
Gaby, Doug and Adam have joined Christina and Paul for drinks already. Dorothy arrives and Paul is touched that she has got him a gift. Todd and Lucy arrive, and then Helen. Paul asks her how she's holding up. She says she's OK, but they won't talk about it today. She gives him Jim's card. Paul isn't impressed.
In the kitchen, Paul tells Christina that he thinks it's about time they got a better house in a better area - he feels they've outgrown Erinsborough.
PAUL: There's nothing for us here anymore.
Josh is telling Brad the history of Paul and Jim's quarrel. Brad thinks Lucy is good-looking, but he'd rather be free - girls stop you doing the things you want to do!
Todd comes back and tells them about the party. Josh is very frustrated by his blindness. Brad suggests that they go out for a spin in Adam's Beetle. They ask permission from Jim who isn't sure, but finally relents, Brad and Todd to look after him. Josh stumbles off to his room.
Dorothy and Helen are back from the party. Helen hates Jim and Paul's estrangement and wishes they could sort it out. Dorothy tells Helen that they need to field a candidate for the by-election who will fight for Erinsborough High. They intend to prove that the school is needed.
There's a knock at the door and it's Michael.
MICHAEL: Helen, I have to talk to you, can I come in?
HELEN: Michael, I'm not interested in anything you have to say.
MICHAEL: If you let me explain, you might be able to understand...
HELEN: What explanation can there possibly be that can make any difference? You told me you loved me, but you've hurt me more than anyone else has ever done. I want you to go away (starting to cry) and stay away and please don't come back.
She shuts the door and burst into tears.
HELEN: Oh, Dorothy, I loved him so much.
She sobs.
Paul is in a strop about Jim ignoring his birthday but Christina cheers him up a bit. She asks him if he's serious about moving and he says he is - he thinks the house is too small and they haven't even got a swimming pool. Christina doesn't want to move - she likes the move and they've got a family network in the street for when the baby comes. Paul tells her they don't have to move if she doesn't want to. He might buy a vineyard instead.
Gaby has got a name for her boutique - "Gabrielle's". She thinks it's a great name for a boutique.
Pam comes in looking fed up and tells them that she's heard that Adam is dropping out of Uni. Doug is appalled.
Shopping Centre
Brad and Todd are leading Josh around. He's wearing sunglasses to hide his patches. Just then, a lady trips over and drops her shopping and Brad and Todd go to help her. Josh flails about, lost, and bumps into people. Then he accidentally wanders on to the road. We hear a car brake sharply.
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