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Neighbours Episode 1502 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1502
Australian airdate: 20/08/91
UK airdate: 17/08/92
UK Gold: 04/08/98
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe and Toby are doing a spot of cookery in the kitchen. Toby is quite good and knows what all the terms mean because Kerry taught him. Joe is less good but is trying his best.
Melanie's laugh is heard, followed by Melanie herself with Simon in tow. They've been for a great night out and are in a very good mood. Joe offers them some coffee.
In the living room, Simon asks Melanie to move in with him. She is speechless.
Paul is still holed up at the Willises, talking to Christina on the phone. He moans about the inconvenience. Apparently Josh has isolated himself in his bedroom at No.26 but Pam is more worried about the hospital - she could have passed it around there. The blood tests should be through tomorrow though so they'll know for sure exactly what Pam has then.
Adam comes in but Doug bustles him out. He's pleased to see Pam and Doug, and Brad too, but they explain they're quarantined. Adam will have to stay at Dorothy's. Adam isn't very keen(!) but Pam says she's already sorted it, so she doesn't want him messing Dorothy around. Just then, Brad's basketball ricochets off the TV and the next thing smoke rises from it!
Melanie is awkwardly trying to explain to Simon why she doesn't want to move in with him. She thinks they could have a long-term future, but she's been really hurt in the past and is anxious not to jump into something she can't handle. But she's really happy when she's with Simon, she just doesn't want to lose perspective. He tells her it's fine - but he won't give up trying.
Doug is handing Adam some clothes and Adam hands in some medication. Pam tells them that they all need shots - in the bum! Paul is very unimpressed!
Dorothy lets Adam in and offers him a drink. He doesn't look like he's normally a sherry drinker(!) Dorothy is happy to repay Pam's kindness when she was ill by putting Adam up.
ADAM: I just don't want to intrude.
DOROTHY: Oh, you're not intruding. Bouncer and I are just good friends! Anyway, I'd be glad of the company.
Dorothy offers Adam a smoked oyster and he looks rather nervous about it. He decides to go off to the spare room for a sleep.
The lamingtons are rather burnt, but Joe says it'll be fine with icing and coconut on it(!) Toby explains to Melanie that they're having a lamington drive in school. Melanie offers to give Toby a hand. Joe glowers in the background and then takes Toby off to bed.
Willises, the following morning
Brad is trying to make breakfast quietly this time, but soon ends up waking Paul who is sleeping on the sofa. They have a chat over cereal.
Gaby gets up and says she still feels OK, but they don't know what the incubation time is. Pam gets up and says it could be a few days. Paul says he's got too much work to do to stay in the Willises for a few days. Brad offers to be the morale booster!
Adam goes into the bathroom. He strips off his pyjamas rady to have a shower. Unfortunately, Dorothy is also up and walks in on Adam naked!
DOROTHY:(to Bouncer) The things you see when you least expect it!
Brad and Doug are having an arm-wrestle and Gaby is cheering them on. Doug says he's not feeling too well - maybe the flu is coming on. Brad offers Paul an arm-wrestle too, but he's not keen.
Melanie has baked Toby some sponges and they're much better than the last lot. She helps Toby with the icing. Joe says Melanie should be off on her date with Simon, but Melanie says she'll cancel it. Joe looks pleased.
Doug, Paul and Brad are setting up a Scalectrix track(!) Paul asks Gaby what she's doing next. Gaby says her parents want her to go to University, but she's not keen - she did some business courses in Japan and would like to put what she learned into practice. Brad explains that he was on a basketball scholarship in the USA, but he doesn't know what's next now.
Joe, Melanie and Toby are just finishing off the lamingtons and having a great time. Joe wipes some icing off Melanie's face and is a bit overcome. He decides to take Toby and Bouncer out for a walk.
Dorothy apologises for walking in on Adam this morning. He's still really awkward around her. She shows him some pictures of an African tribesman who wanted to marry her as his 83rd wife. Adam looks rather stunned(!)
Just then, there's a phone-call for Adam.
The Willises and Paul are enjoying a Scaletrix tournament. Pam is feeling a bit better, but Doug is not feeling very well. Adam comes in and says he's had the results of the blood tests - it's not Bahgee flu, it's just common or garden flu. Paul is not impressed that he had an injection in his bum(!) but says he's really enjoyed his time with the Willises - it really loosened him up.
PAUL: It's been so long since I was a part of a happy family, I'd forgotten what it's like. Thanks for that.
PAM: Well...it's not too late to mend some fences with your own family, Paul.
PAUL: Er...I doubt that Pam. I doubt it.
Simon comes around to see Melanie. He has something to discuss with her. He was worried when she cancelled their plans today, but she says she's not trying to dump him. Simon tells Melanie that they have more going for them than just living together. He gets out a ring.
SIMON: I love you, Melanie. Will you marry me?
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