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Neighbours Episode 1492 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1492
Australian airdate: 06/08/91
UK airdate: 03/08/92
UK Gold: 21/07/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe is in a very bad mood this morning following his failure with Melanie the previous night. Melanie raves on about Simon Hunter and says how interesting he is. Joe tries to steer her away from him, but Melanie won't have it - she really likes Simon and he's the man Madame Zolga described!
Glen is appalled to hear that Karen hasn't got a doctor and hasn't booked into the hospital either. He suggests he takes her over to see Chrissie to chat about things. He doesn't mind if Karen tells Chrissie the truth about the baby's parentage.
GLEN: You need looking after and that's what I'm going to do.
Christina is playing classical music to the baby (Mozart's 40th Symphony to be exact!) Caroline suggests playing the baby some INXS for a change(!)
The Office
Melanie is listening to Simon's voice on the tape banging on about cisterns as if it's poetry(!) Caroline thinks she's mad but suggests that Melanie gets him in to replace some of the taps in Lassiter's!
Christina is telling Karen and Glen about talking to the baby in the womb. They look rather puzzled(!)
Christina is surprised to hear that Karen is moving in with the Robinsons and Karen admits that Glen is the father of her child.
Coffee Shop
Joe is still in a rotten mood. Glen comes in and he tells him crossly about Simon Hunter. Glen points out that Simon might not be available - or even interested.
Glen tells Joe about Karen's pregnancy and asks if he has any work to throw his way. He tells Joe he has to do the right thing and marry her but Joe thinks this is a very bad idea if Glen doesn't love Karen.
JOE: Do the right thing and help her out, sure, but...don't marry her!
The Office
Glen is asking Caroline if she has any work, but she says she can't really give him anything with Paul around. Simon comes in and Melanie introduces him to Caroline. Caroline suggests that they all talk about taps over lunch(!)
Coffee Shop
Caroline suddenly realises that she has "another meeting" and leaves Simon and Melanie together. Joe is not impressed(!)
He goes over and takes their order sulkily. Then he puts the juke-box on very loudly(!) Simon shows Melanie some of the company's brochures and over the course of conversation she finds out that Simon wishes he could type, so she offers him some lessons! They agree to meet up after work.
Christina is showing Karen all the clothes she has bought for the baby. Karen looks a bit downcast, especially when Christina rather patronisingly tells her that a stable family is very important for a child.
Ramsay Street
Toby is sulking on the street with Bouncer. Glen comes up to talk to him.
TOBY: It's like a mad-house in there. Melanie's giving some bloke typing lessons and won't even speak to me and Dad's in an even worse mood that he was before!
They get talking about Joe and Toby says that Joe is his best mate - but Glen mustn't tell him!
Joe is exasperated by Simon's typing lesson and skulks around the kitchen making dinner. He's even less impressed when Melanie invites Simon to dinner!
Melanie is setting up a lovely table for dinner. Joe is really fed up and Melanie is quite peeved with him. Simon arrives and brings Melanie a little present - a musical toilet-roll holder!
Simon makes pleasant conversation with Toby and Joe but Joe is quite hostile!
Caroline and Christina are discussing Glen's imending paternity. Also, a boy is coming round to spend the day with Christina and Paul - he's one of the children who went through the pre-natal learning programme.
Karen admits that she was a bit envious of Christina - she's got everything she needs. Glen tells Karen that maybe they should get married - they get on well and maybe they'd become more than that in time. Karen accepts.
Simon thanks Joe for dinner and decides to head off. He says he'll ring Melanie when he's ready for his next typing lesson.
When Simon has gone, Melanie is upset and tells Joe off for being rude to Simon. She says if he's rude to her friends, she'll have to move out.
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