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Neighbours Episode 1464 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1464
Australian airdate: 27/06/91
UK airdate: 24/06/92
UK Gold: 11/06/98
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh insists that he wouldn't rip off his parents - he got the money from his special purpose account. Helen tells him off - the special purpose account was supposed to be for school things. Lucy comes in and Helen tells her that the earrings are to go back for a refund. She'll also think of an appropriate punishment for Josh.
HELEN: Even if the money is technically yours, this is a very serious matter, Josh.
Toby asks Harold for help with his school project. He needs information on "the old days" for his Social Studies project. Harold tells him that it wasn't so different without TV - he was in the Scouts, and they had bikes, radio, sports etc.
Dorothy drops by with Bouncer - he's been digging her garden again. She leaves him with Toby. Harold immediately starts to sneeze.
Robinsons, the following morning
Lucy is fed up that the earrings have to go back and Helen tells her to stop being so stroppy.
Lucy answers the phone to Josh's mother who's in Singapore. Michael comes to the door, much to Helen's surprise. He's come to invite her out for the day, for a drive in the country and a picnic.
LUCY:(to Michael, sternly) Now you have her back before dark, because we worry if she's out late!
Paul is fussing over Christina and insists he's not going into the office this week. Christina says that he's a work addict and will never stick it out.
Just then, two blokes bring round a chest of files and a fax machine so Paul can work from home! Christina rolls her eyes.
A road
Michael and Helen are having a drive in Michael's vintage car and having a great time. Happy, joyful music plays in the background. Eventually Michael pulls up at a lake and helps Helen out of the car. Apparently he's been scouting the area for a week, looking for the right spot. He sets up a picnic for them.
Helen is feeling very spoilt and feels like she's in an old film(!) Michael admits he's an old romantic at heart.
MICHAEL: Here's to...romance.
They drink a toast.
Coffee Shop
Paul has come in for some lunch and asks how Joe is doing after the incident on the road. Toby comes in and Paul shouts him a nice lunch. Toby is chuffed.
When Paul has gone, Toby continues with his Social Studies questions.
HAROLD: Fire away.
TOBY: Were you always fat or is it just since you got old?
Harold's face is a picture
A lake
Michael and Helen are chatting about her operation. Michael tells Helen she's a beautiful woman, with grace and serenity. Just then, Michael feels an insect in his trousers and Helen says he'd better drop his trousers and have a look - it could be a poisonous spider. She promises not to look(!)
Paul and Christina are playing Monopoly. She teases him about the fax machine and Paul reckons it's only for emergencies! The phone rings and it's Caroline ringing about work. He tells her to handle things - he's staying home with Chrissie. Christina is pleased, but just then the fax machine whirrs!
Lucy is ranting about the earrings (what a selfish cow!). Dorothy comes round to give Josh a birthday present. He's really touched. He opens it to find a really good computer game - one he's wanted for ages. He's chuffed and thanks Dorothy.
Lucy has overheard that it's Josh's birthday and wants to know why he hasn't told anyone. Josh says that there's no point, everyone hates him at the moment.
The lake
HELEN: At least I know you have handsome knees.
MICHAEL: That is a total lie. And you promised not to peep!
They are packing the picnic into the car and Helen says how much she has enjoyed the day. They agree to do it again some time.
Faxes are coming in thick and fast and Paul is on the phone again. He even gets Christina to pass him a file(!) Just then, someone comes to the door - it's Christina's mother. She's shocked to see Paul working and not loking after Chrissie.
Robinsons - evening
Josh is doing his homework when Lucy comes in with a present for him. They discuss their relationship and Lucy says she's not over Glen yet - but it won't be forever and she really does like Josh. Inside the wrapping is a Walkman. Josh is chuffed.
Harold is having a cup of tea with Dorothy. He tells her about Toby's school project and says he's finding the questions personal and not flattering. Apparently Toby has been asking about baldness, plumpness and getting old(!)
Michael and Helen get back just as Lucy and Josh are heading out. Helen says Josh is grounded, but she relents when she hears it's Josh's birthday.
Michael offers to drive Helen to the hospital tomorrow.
HELEN: Thank you very much, you're very kind.
MICHAEL: Kindness has nothing to do with it. I like you very much, Helen.
HELEN: And I, you.
They kiss.
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