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Neighbours Episode 1457 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1457
Australian airdate: 18/06/91
UK airdate: 15/06/92
UK Gold: 02/06/98
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody is testing Todd on his school work. He gets all the answers right and Helen is very impressed. Todd is quietly confident about his History exam but Cody insists he has to keep studying. She pretends to set up a gameshow to liven things up a bit!
Helen has come to visit Christina and finds Paul sleeping on a bench outside her room. They both go in to see Christina together.
Christina is lying quietly in bed feeling a bit washed out. There's no change in her condition yet. Helen suggests that Paul comes home with her for an hour to have some breakfast, but Paul doesn't want to bump in to Jim or Glen. They agree to go to the Coffee Shop.
Harold has brought Dorothy a present - some muffins. He's off to Tim's funeral later. He's horrified to hear that Dorothy is going back to school today - she's only just out of hospital! - but he commends her on her fighting spirit.
Coffee Shop
Helen and Paul sit at a table outside the Coffee Shop and wait for it to open. Paul feels guilty about Christina's condition - he's taken all his recent stresses out on her lately.
PAUL: Oh Gran, if she loses this baby, I don't think I'm going to be able to live with myself. I am so looking forward to this child, an opportunity to be a proper dad for the first time!
Helen tries to reassure him. Paul swears that he'll balance work better after this - what's the point of having money and possessions if you have noone to share them with. Helen tells him pointedly that that's exactly why Jim invited Glen to stay with them - to keep his family together. Paul doesn't buy this.
Harold rushes up and says that the Coffee Shop is closed this morning because he's going to Tim's funeral. Helen suggests that they go back to No.22 for breakfast instead.
Cody is still testing Todd on schoolwork as they swing on the swings. Todd is very stressed - passing the year rides on this exam and he doesn't want to have to repeat.
Coffee Shop, later
Harold is back from the funeral and Helen is having a cup of tea at a table outside. Helen is helping out at the office for a while and Harold offers her a lift to and from work while she's there. Just then, Michael Daniels comes along and sees Helen there. He sits at her table for a chat. They discuss their injuries and Helen is very frustrated at not being able to drive. Michael advises her to have the operation on her ankle - a friend of his had it and it was a complete success.
Paul is back visiting Christina. There is some good news - the bleeding has stopped, but she could still lose the baby. She's having an ultrasound soon.
A road
Michael is giving Helen a lift home in his vintage car. They are having a great time. He pulls up in Ramsay Street and invites Helen out to dinner. She says she's having a few family problems, but she would like to soon. Michael gives Helen his card.
Helen has come to see how Dorothy got on at her first day back in school. Apparently she only took one class, but then she had to invigilate Todd's test. She asks Helen to tell Todd to come over and see her later.
Christina has had her scan, and it's good news - the baby is fine! Paul hugs her tightly.
Todd and Cody are in high spirits - the exam went really well for Todd.
Harold has come to tell Helen about a herbal ointment he's heard about - in fact he's bought her a jar. Also, he's brought her a film to watch. Harold waxes lyrical about having good neighbours around you. Todd and Cody come in beaming. Helen gives Todd the message to go and see Dorothy.
Harold is trying to get rid of all his doubts about his faith, but he's finding it difficult. Helen suggests they talk it over over a cup of tea.
Paul has brought Christina some flowers and some baby things. He's also put a trust fund together for their baby. Apparently Christina has to get plenty of rest when she gets home. Paul says he'll be spoiling her rotten soon.
PAUL: The only thing that matters to me now is you...and our baby.
Dorothy tells Todd that he's done very well indeed on his test - in fact, he got 95%. She's suspicious that he's cheated.
DOROTHY: You tell me how you managed it, Todd.
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